Meet the Sailors!

Hello! My name is Erica Sailor and I am the creator and owner of My World Sights! I also created the website which is filled with blogging tips and motivation for online entrepreneurs! 

My World Sights began as a travel blog, then slowly expanded into the health and wellness realm- My World (in)Sights, if you will. These topics combined truly represent two of my biggest passions. Together, let’s travel the world and be healthy doing it!


Life just wouldn’t be the same without this little bundle of personality. Ollie was found roaming the streets as a newborn pup in Puerto Rico. We were lucky enough to be able to adopt him, and he truly is part of the family! Ollie is also a huge traveler, and even spent 23 hours on a road trip with us from New York to Colorado! Anywhere I go, Ollie isn’t too far behind!

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  • Raili TANSKA February 17, 2020 at 4:19 am

    Olli is so lucky to have found such an exciting forever home. And I bet you feel blessed to have him.
    grateful for your follow. Happy travels !

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