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How to Gift a Surprise Vacation: Transform Your Gift into an Adventure!

How to Gift a Surprise Vacation: Transform Your Gift into an Adventure!

Ever dreamed of giving someone a surprise so big it actually involves hopping on a plane? That’s where our Boarding Pass Gift Certificate comes into play. It’s your secret weapon for turning a vacation surprise into something they can hold in their hands the second you spill the beans.

We’ve all been there, trying to find that perfect gift that screams thoughtfulness. It’s tough, right? Well, imagine the look on their face when they realize you’re not just gifting them a new gadget or sweater, but an entire experience. That’s what this boarding pass is all about. You get to design it, adding your personal touches, and then watch as they unwrap not just a trip, but the promise of amazing memories.

Whether it’s for their birthday, your anniversary, or just a spontaneous “let’s make memories” moment, our template is here to kick things off with a bang. It’s about making the gift of travel fun and exciting from the get-go. So, let’s shake up the way we think about gifting. After all, the best surprises start with the unexpected. Welcome to a whole new world of “Wow, you really did that for me?” moments.

Boarding Pass Gift Certificate Template

Customizable Template:  Whether it’s adding in the destination, travel dates, or even flight numbers to add to the realism, you’ve got complete creative freedom. But that’s not all – you can also weave in a personal message, making the surprise even more heartfelt. Whether it’s a witty quip about beach-bound adventures or a sweet note about looking forward to making memories, your words turn this ticket into something truly special. 

Instant Access: The moment you decide this is the perfect gift, it’s yours to create. Right after purchase, you gain immediate access to the template. This means you can go from zero to gifting hero in no time at all, making it a perfect solution for those last-minute gift ideas that need to feel anything but last-minute.

Variety of Styles and Themes: No matter the occasion or your loved one’s taste, our collection has you covered with an array of styles and themes. From holiday-specific designs to a spectrum of color options, choose the perfect boarding pass that aligns with the special moment you’re celebrating. Whether it’s a tropical escape, a city adventure, or a cozy retreat, select a design that sets the tone for the incredible journey ahead. Click here to see more colors and themes!

No Special Software Required: Forget about navigating complicated graphic design software or needing advanced skills. All you need is a free account on, and you’re set to start customizing your boarding pass gift certificate. Canva’s user-friendly interface ensures that personalizing your gift is as enjoyable as it is easy. Learn more about the process here!

Print or Digital Options: Whether you’re all about the tactile experience of a beautifully printed boarding pass or love the convenience of sending gifts digitally, we’ve got you covered. Print your boarding pass at home for a physical gift they can unwrap, or send it through a text or email to catch them completely off-guard. Either way, you’re delivering excitement and anticipation right into their hands.

Creative Ways to Gift your Boarding Pass

  1. Balloon Pop Surprise: Who doesn’t love a good pop? Hide the boarding pass inside a balloon, fill it with confetti for an extra splash, and hand your loved one a pin. The moment they pop it, not only will they be showered in color, but they’ll also find their ticket to adventure fluttering down among the confetti. It’s a playful and memorable way to reveal the surprise.

  2. Treasure Hunt: Turn the surprise into an adventure of its own with a mini treasure hunt. Leave clues around the house leading them to discover the boarding pass. Each clue can hint at the destination or the fun activities planned, building anticipation with every step they take closer to the final reveal.

  3. Box of Memories: Create a box filled with items that hint at the destination but save the best for last. Include things like sunscreen for a beach getaway, a miniature Eiffel Tower for a trip to Paris, or a homemade lei for Hawaii. At the very bottom, place your customized boarding pass. As they dig through the box, the pieces of the puzzle will come together, culminating in the big reveal of the boarding pass that ties all the hints together.

For more ideas, visit our guide on how to gift a surprise vacation!

Get your Boarding Pass Template Today!

Ready to gift a surprise vacation? You’re just seconds away from getting access to our boarding pass template. The moment you decide it’s the perfect way to reveal your big surprise, you can start creating. With instant access upon purchase, you can dive into customizing your boarding pass with all the special details and heartfelt messages in just a few clicks. 

There’s no need to wait or wade through complicated processes; you can edit and print your masterpiece in just minutes. Whether you’re planning ahead or looking for that last-minute gift that doesn’t skimp on thoughtfulness, our boarding pass is your ticket to gifting success. Let the anticipation build from the very moment they receive your unique boarding pass, and watch as your surprise vacation takes flight.

Choose your perfect boarding pass here!

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