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30+ Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Women (Practical AND Unique!)

30+ Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Women (Practical AND Unique!)

If you’re in the market for gifts for women who love spending time in nature, look no further! Gifts for outdoorsy women can be hard to find, but we have compiled a list of gifts that she will love! Whether she’s an adventurist or just enjoys going on walks around the block, this list has something for everyone.

These are outdoor gifts for women that they will actually use and enjoy while exploring nature or camping with friends. She won’t just put it on a shelf and forget about it- she will love it every time she pulls it out of her backpack! There is sure to be something perfect for your loved one on our gift guide!

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Practical Gifts for Outdoorsy Women!

If you are looking for the perfect gift for outdoorsy women, this list of practical outdoor gifts is sure to inspire you! Whether she loves hiking, camping, or just spending time outside- these items on this gift guide are ideal for her!

Hiking logbook

hiking log book

One of my favorite gifts for outdoorsy women is a hiking logbook. This hiking logbook will allow them to keep track of all their favorite hikes and trails, and they can even leave some notes about the hike for future reference! It’s an awesome gift that helps them plan out their next trip. Plus, it is less than $5!

Camping planner

camping planner

For women who love camping trips, consider getting them a camping planner! This will help them to plan out their camping trip and all the details that go along with it. They can even keep track of all their favorite campgrounds! Plus, it is less than $5, making it an awesome budget-friendly gift!

Check out our guide for organizing camping gear!

National Parks Pass

A National Parks Pass is one of the best outdoor gifts you can give someone! If the outdoorsy woman on your shopping list frequently visits National Parks (or always talks about visiting them), this will make a great gift idea that they will absolutely love you for!

Visiting national parks can get expensive without the pass, so this will definitely come as huge savings to your outdoor lover! The pass is good for one full year and includes free entrance into over two hundred National Parks across the United States.

Also included with this gift idea are other benefits such as discounts on camping fees and tours at many national parks, so it’s really a fantastic deal that any woman who loves spending her time outdoors will certainly appreciate!

You can always get her a gift card to her favorite adventure park or specific outdoor store!

Inflatable kayak

even our dog loves our inflatable kayaks!

An inflatable kayak is one of my favorite gifts for outdoorsy women. Inflatable kayaks are easy to inflate, and you can take them anywhere! There is no need for a kayak rack on your car or for lots of space in a garage to store it – simply deflate it when you are done using it, and pack it away in its own carrying bag.

This is one of the best kayaks for camping too since it is easy to transport and take anywhere with you!

Maybe even pair this gift with something cute to wear kayaking!


For the outdoorsy gal who is just looking to relax in nature, a hammock is a must have! You can find lightweight, portable ones that are incredibly easy to set up and pack away again. You can also purchase a hammock rack so she can hang her hammock regardless if there are trees nearby!

Rechargeable hand warmer

If the outdoor loving woman on your list is always cold, consider gifting her a rechargeable hand warmer. This is an awesome gift to help keep her hands or feet warm no matter where in nature she is! These charge with a USB so she will have no trouble keeping warm during cooler hikes or camping trips!

Staying warm while camping will also help her sleep better in a tent, making it a perfect gift for outdoor women! Using these in sleeping bags will keep her warm and cozy all night long, and will help retain body heat on chilly nights! You can also use this to charge your cell phone as an added bonus!

This can also be a great way to help stay warm when tenting!

Female urination device

The true outdoorsy woman knows that a toilet is not always available. The female urination device allows her to go anywhere! While this might not be the most sanitary gift, she will love it just the same!

These make excellent gifts for serious hikers, those going on a backpacking trip, or just women who love the great outdoors! It even makes a great stocking stuffer!

Picnic backpack

Picnic backpacks are a unique gift for any outdoorsy girl or couple who loves planning dates in the outdoors! This backpack is a great gift because it holds everything you could possibly need to have an amazing date night in the park, at the beach, or anywhere else!

This picnic backpack comes equipped with plates and utensils, cups for drinks, and napkins. There are compartments built into this bag so all your food items can be organized perfectly which is a huge bonus! The best part about this picnic backpack? It has an insulated compartment for your drinks to ensure they stay cold even while you’re out in the sun!

Inflatable lounger

Another one of my favorite gifts for outdoorsy women is an inflatable lounger! This one is perfect because it inflates in just seconds and can easily be stored away when you aren’t using it. The lounger also comes with a cup holder for your drink, which makes chilling out that much easier!

These also make awesome gifts for campers, making them perfect to bring along on your next camping trip! All you have to do is inflate the lounger and get ready for an awesome night of stargazing by the fire.


A lifestraw is a must have gift for any woman planning a backpacking trip or a back roading camping adventure. This is a great gift idea because it allows her to drink water from natural sources like streams and ponds.

Lifestraws filter out 99% of bacteria in the water, allowing us humans to drink clean filtered water! This will help keep her safe and healthy during a long trip.

Learn how to boil water while camping for more safe drinking water!

Hiking boots

If you are looking for hiking gifts, consider getting her a new pair of hiking boots! This is the ideal gift for any woman who is always on the hiking trail and exploring new areas. Consider getting her a pair of water resistant boots or ones with extra warmth if she frequently hikes in the winter season!

Hiking socks

Pair the hiking boots with some quality wool socks. Hiking socks are made of a stretchy fabric that moves with you and keeps the feet dry. The best hiking socks will wick away moisture from your skin, so your toes stay warm even when they get wet during an intense hike through rain or snow!

Best Apparel Gifts

Most outdoorsy girls will appreciate some super cute clothes for their next outdoor adventures! Consider getting her a cute pair of yoga pants or leggings. If you know her size, try out a new sports bra. A zip-up hoody or jacket is also always appreciated!

Most outdoor lovers will appreciate outdoor clothing because they are functional and practical for spending time in nature!

Marshmallow roasting sticks

For the outdoor girl who loves camping, consider getting her some marshmallow roasting sticks! These are the perfect tools to roast your favorite summertime treat while camping by a lake or in the backyard. Pair the sticks with a s’mores kit for a perfect gift!

These are great outdoorsy gifts for those who love camping with kids, so they don’t get their fingers sticky or too close to the fire!

Hiking backpack

Another one of our favorite gifts for outdoorsy women is a hiking backpack. Nothing is more important than having a comfortable backpack because you’re going to be carrying it around the whole hike!

Consider choosing a backpack with a water bladder inside so she doesn’t need to carry around a water bottle on her hike. Additionally, choose a backpack with insulation to keep her drinks cold while on her next adventure!

Check out our guide of what to pack for a day hike for more outdoorsy gifts you can stuff the backpack with!

Outdoor fanny pack

If the outdoorsy women on your list already have a hiking backpack they love, consider a hiking fanny pack! This is a great way to hold extra clothes, snacks and supplies while they’re out hiking. It can also save them from having to wear an uncomfortable backpack the whole time!

Solar-powered charger

A solar-powered charger will make the perfect gift for all her hiking and camping trips. This solar charger will keep her phone powered for long stretches of time, and she won’t need to worry about her phone dying when out on an adventure!

Make sure you know these tips for charging your phone while camping!

Hiking poles

Hiking poles make great gifts for outdoorsy women who are always hitting the trails! A good pair of trekking poles can be used to reduce the impact on your joints, while also allowing you to cover more ground. They help keep your balance, keep you from slipping on wet ground, and are great for steeper inclines.

Cooling towels

Cooling towels make the perfect gift for the summer outdoor adventurer. They’re lightweight and compact, making them perfect for storing or packing away in a backpack. You can even find some that are infused with aloe vera to keep skin hydrated on hot days!

Handheld fan

Another one of our favorite outdoor gifts is a handheld fan! If the outdoorsy woman on your shopping list spends a lot of time participating in outdoor activities such as mountain biking, going on a bike ride, paddle boarding, or hiking – a handheld fan will help keep her cool and comfortable during the hot summer months!

These are also great items to take to music festivals or concerts to help keep her cool under the hot, blazing sun, making them the perfect summer essential for outdoor women!

A handheld fan will also help keep bugs away when camping or outdoors!

Water shoes

Outdoorsy women will also appreciate a good pair of water shoes! They are available in lots of fun colors, are super comfortable, and are made with the latest technologies that allow them to be both lightweight and durable. Many are even made with recycled materials!

Water shoes will help protect her feet while she participates in all of her favorite outdoor interests like kayaking, fishing, boating, or swimming in the lake!

Ice cleats

Another one of our recommended outdoor gifts for hikers is a pair of ice cleats. Hiking in the snow and ice can be a lot of fun, but it can also be very dangerous! Ice cleats will give her the extra grip she needs to make sure that the slippery conditions don’t end up being too much for her to handle.


If the outdoorsy woman on your list is a night own, consider purchasing her a telescope! This is one of the best outdoor gifts for women who love stargazing. With this telescope, she will be able to see stars and planets that are many millions of miles away!


If the outdoorsy friend on your list is into viewing wildlife, a pair of binoculars will make a great gift! She will be able to see the animals who are hiding in the woods and bushes from a safe distance.

Camping chair

Camping chairs also make great outdoor gifts for women! A camp chair is a comfortable place for her to sit and relax at the campsite after long days of hiking or other outdoor activities. There are tons of different comfortable camping chairs available now that will keep her comfortable while sitting around the campfire!

Backpack cooler chair

Backpack cooler chairs are cool outdoor gifts for any outdoor woman who loves going on day hikes or camping. These chairs are great because they can be folded up into a convenient backpack for easy transport! The chair is lightweight and has storage compartments to keep snacks or other items that she may need during the day.

They also have an insulated cooler inside to keep her drink cold or to pack a picnic!

Need more tips to keep food cold while camping? Check out this guide!

Collapsible water bottle

Collapsible water bottles make perfect outdoor gifts for any outdoor woman who does a lot of physical activities outside or who likes going on long hikes. These water bottles collapse into a compact disk for easy carrying and storage. The best thing about these is that they don’t take up a lot of space!

These collapsible water bottles also have a carabiner on them so she can clip it to her backpack or belt loop easily while hiking, biking, running, etc.


umbrella with chairs and tent in campground

For the outdoor woman who loves spending time at the beach or in the sun, the Superbrella is the perfect outdoor gift for her! This umbrella is UPF 50, giving her a safe space to get out of the sun for a bit and protect her skin from sunburn. We’ve used this umbrella both at the beach and at our campsites, and it has been a lifesaver on hot summer days!

Outdoor wine glasses

One of the best gifts for women (regardless of if she is an outdoorsy person or not) is some travel or outdoor wine glasses. These stemless glasses are perfect for bringing some wine or champagne with you as you head out to the beach, mountains, river, etc.

These outdoor wine glasses will be a great gift for all of your outdoorsy female friends on birthdays and Christmas! They’re even dishwasher safe so she can just throw them in her dishwasher at home after she’s used them.

Check out our other travel gift guides that outdoor women will love!

Giant yard games

Giant yard games make great outdoor gifts for anyone who loves to spend time outside. Games like Giant Jenga, Cornhole, or Ladderball are fun gift ideas for all your friends and family! These yard games are great for hosting parties, birthdays, or bringing to the beach.

Giant yard games are also fun outdoorsy gifts for families who want to plan a staycation or a fun family day in the backyard!

Bluetooth Selfie Tripod

One of my favorite gift ideas is a Bluetooth Selfie Tripod. We talk a lot about this gift in many of our other gift guide posts because we just love it so much! This makes the perfect outdoor gift because the outdoor women on your list can take their own selfies or group photos with friends without needing to ask a random stranger on the trail!

Read our guide on taking the best selfies for a complete review of this fun gift for adventurous women!

Camping coffee press

A camping coffee press makes a perfect outdoor gift idea for any outdoor women or coffee lover on your shopping list. Bring this camping staple with you on your next trek and never go without coffee again! These are also great to bring on road trips to make a yummy cup of coffee on the go! You can even pair this with a cute coffee mug and a package of instant coffee!

What’s Next?

We hope that this gift guide gave you plenty of outdoor gifts and gift ideas to choose from for the outdoor women on your shopping list! Outdoorsy gifts are always fun to shop for as there are so many fun and unique ideas out there!

Don’t forget to get your hiking log book before you leave as the perfect addition to any of the gifts on this list!

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