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Glamping Packing List: 15+ Essentials for the Ultimate Trip!

Glamping Packing List: 15+ Essentials for the Ultimate Trip!

Have you ever wanted to go camping, but didn’t want to deal with all the bugs and discomforts? This ultimate glamping checklist is for you!

Camping can be super fun and relaxing and is a great way to get outside and enjoy nature and fresh air. However, things like mosquitos, dirt, and sleeping outside on the hard ground can really put a damper on your experience.

Since moving to Colorado, we have had a lot of experience camping all around the mountains. After some trial and error, we have found some things that truly make the whole camping experience comfortable and fun, with a hint of luxury, even with just a tent!

Be sure to read our guide on how to organize camping gear, so you can get your car packed up easier, and keep your campsite neat and organized (also very important for a successful glamping trip!)

If this is your first camping trip or your 100th, you’ll find something on this list that can add to your experience, and make everyone more comfortable and happy!

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Don’t forget to grab your camping planner to keep all your information and plans organized!

Camping vs. Glamping

If you’ve never heard of “glamping” before, it is essentially luxury camping! Think of it like glamorous camping.

Backcountry camping isn’t for everyone- sometimes being outside in the wilderness with nothing but a tent can be uncomfortable and, well, dirty! 

Some of us want to enjoy the nature and spend time outside, but aren’t fond of parting with the things in everyday life that make us feel comfortable.

This is where glamping comes into play! Here, you can have the best of both worlds: spending time in nature like traditional camping, all while having the regular comforts of home.

Even if you are planning to go tenting (RVing can be considered glamping on its own), you can still make your experience comfortable and enjoyable!

A glamping getaway is a great idea especially if you have children. Check out these camping hacks for kids

Glamping is also a great option if you are pregnant but still want to go camping!

Booking the Perfect Glamping Site

If you are looking for a place to go for your glamping trip, check out this booking resource to find budget friendly glamping campsites

You can make practically any campsite into a “glampsite”, but it helps to have a campground that offers some specific accommodations, primarily a restroom (with actual flushable toilets), showers, and electricity.

If your campsite doesn’t have these accommodations (or you are planning a backcountry glamping trip), don’t fret! This glamping checklist will help take care of all your worries.

Here are some general guidelines for booking the perfect glamping campsite:

  •  Ensure there is an electric and/or water hookup (depending on what you think you’ll want/need)
  • Find a campground that is quiet, but still close to stores- in case you forget something!
  • Make sure there is WiFi, if this is important to you
  • View the campground map and choose a site that is as secluded as possible
  • You might even be able to find campgrounds specifically for glamping, so do your research!

Learn how to lock your tent if you leave your campsite for the day!

Glamping Checklist

Now that you know a little more about what to expect and how to find the best glamping site, it’s now time to pack! This glamping checklist will help you find all the best glamping essentials to make your trip fun, comfortable, and luxurious! 

These items will make your camping trip super romantic if you are camping as a couple!

1. Best Glamping Tents

The most important essential on our glamping checklist is a good tent! You’ve probably seen a glamping tent like the one in the picture above. However, tents like these can be super pricy! Outfitter tents are also a great option for glamping!

A tent like this one might be more practical, and is definitely cheaper! I like this one because it has a screen room attached to the tent, which is a great place to hang out away from all the bugs, in the shade, or when it’s raining. 

Whatever shelter you decide on, make sure you are comfortable spending time in it! Here are some general guidelines for glamping tents:

  • Choose a tent you can stand up in – hunching over every time you go inside gets old quick, and makes it hard to change your clothes!
  • Pick a tent with an attached vestibule or screen room. Having multiple “rooms” gives extra comfort and space for organizing camping gear
  • Use a tent that is an appropriate size. We have found that a “4 person” tent is actually a 2 person tent (at least to our standards). Always size up- you’ll appreciate the extra room!
Bringing your furry friend camping with you? Here are some tips for tent camping with your dog!

2. Luxurious Camping Bed

The second essential you need on your glamping checklist is a comfy bed. Sleeping in a tent is no easy feat, so the more help you have, the better! This queen sized camping bed is perfect for sleeping in a tent. 

Air mattresses can be easily blown up, and give you some more cushioning instead of sleeping on the ground. Plus, the mattress is propped up off the ground, which feels more like a bed at home (and helps keep bugs out of your tent!). Don’t forget your body wash!

French press coffee maker: Everyone loves hot coffee in the morning. Bring along a portable coffee maker so you can wake up with a warm beverage!

You can also try this single person size mattress. This mattress is also easy to blow up on the go, and you can even wear it on your back like a backpack, making it easy if you have to hike a ways to your campsite. 

Whatever bedding option you choose for your glamping trip, make sure you find it comfortable enough to sleep for a night or two! Don’t forget some comfortable bed linens! 

3. Camping Shower

If your campground doesn’t have a public restroom with showers (or you just want your own private bathroom), you’ll want to consider getting a shower tent.

Shower tents are really easy to set up- they traditionally just pop right up, and all you need to do is stake them into the ground.

Inside the shower tent, you’ll need a solar powered shower bag. This will heat up the water using the sun so you can get cleaned up and feel refreshed from a hot shower!

You can also get a camp toilet to put inside the tent, so you have a private place to do your business.

Shower tents can also be used as an extra place to change your clothes, especially if you cannot stand up in your tent!

Need to heat up water fast? Learn how to boil water when camping!

4. AC and Heater

For added comfort, consider adding AC to your tent! Camping, especially in the summer, can get really hot, which can make you really uncomfortable!

You’ll need an electrical hookup for this portable air conditioner, then you can create a nice cool spot in your tent!

Additionally, you may want to consider getting a heater for your tent for the chilly evenings! Sometimes it can get pretty cool overnight (especially if you are camping in high altitudes), so a heater can help make your tent more comfortable, which will help you get better sleep! 

Learn more tips for how to keep your tent warm here!

5. Comfortable Seats

Another fun essential to add to your glamping checklist is an inflatable couch! Sometimes camping chairs can get uncomfortable, so why not bring your own couch?! They are super easy to inflate, and you’ll have a comfortable spot to relax by the fire pit or just hanging out.

There are also tons of other comfy chair options, such as this hammock chair which many campers swear by! Make sure you bring a few seating options so you can stay comfortable while you are hanging out at your campsite!

6. Glamping Cooking Gear

Cooking while tenting can be quite difficult if you don’t have the proper gear. This grill table will help you keep all your cooking essentials all in one place, so you can cook a nice meal for your family or loved ones.

Simply put your grill on top, store all your essentials in the shelves, and you even have some counter space to prepare meals on.

PS. Make sure you know these tips to keep your food cold while camping! 

Surprisingly, you can even get a camping oven. This helps open up more options for meals to make while camping, that you otherwise couldn’t make using just a grill.

Be sure to check out these no-cook camping meals if you don’t feel like doing any cooking at all!

7. Camping Sink

This is one of my favorite items on our ultimate glamping packing list because camping can get dirty really quickly. Having a camping sink will help keep your hands clean throughout your camping trip.

This sink is awesome because it has its own water and soap tanks, along with a towel holder, so you have everything you need to wash up all in one place!

Put this sink outside your pop up toilet/shower tent for a quick clean up station!

8. Lighting

The last item on our glamping checklist is to add some nice lighting to your campsite. These string lights are a great option to hang up inside your tent to create a cozy atmosphere.

Another option is to get a bunch of tiki lights and place them around your campsite, or around the campfire. This adds a fun and relaxing environment once the sun goes down (and helps you see without always needing a flashlight!)

You can also hang the string lights above between the tiki lights for an awesome campsite!

Other Glamping Essentials

There are a lot of important things you need to remember for your next glamping trip. If you don’t have electricity, you’ll need to know how to charge your phone while camping!

You will also need to remember to pack the following items for your outdoor adventure:

Good sunscreen: You will be spending a lot of time outdoors, so make sure you bring protection from the sun to avoid sunburn!

Water jugs: If you don’t have running water at your campsite, be sure to come prepared with enough water for your trip! You can also bring a refillable water bottle so you don’t need to go through a million disposable cups. 

Effective mosquito repellant: There is nothing worse than being covered in mosquito bites. Be sure to bring insect repellent to save yourself from discomfort!

Paper towels: Let’s face it, camping can get messy! Make sure to bring enough paper towels so you can easily clean up messes.

Extra blankets: Even if you are camping in the summer months, the nights can get cool any time of year. Bring an extra blanket or two so you can stay warm during your glamping adventure!

Be sure to check out this list of things to do while camping at night!

What's Next?

Don’t forget to grab your camping planner to start planning an awesome glamping trip!

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