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50 Short Travel Quotes You’ll Want to Steal!

50 Short Travel Quotes You’ll Want to Steal!

Are you looking for the perfect caption or quote for a picture you took on vacation? Maybe you are going on vacation and are looking for a travel quote to inspire you. This list of short travel quotes will give you ideas for all types of travel!

Here, you will find travel quotes for adventures, family travel, couples travel, road trips, and going on a beach vacation! No matter where you are going, you’ll find a quote here that fits perfect for your needs!

I love travel quotes because they encourage you to continue to get out and explore, inspire you to open up your mind to the world, and remind you to take time to be mindful and take it all in.

Most of the time, we use short travel quotes to add to our travel pictures, such as on Instagram. Be sure to check out these travel selfie tips so you can take the very best pictures on your vacation!

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Short Travel Quotes for Any Vacation:

If you are looking for short travel quotes that are about travel in general (not specific to a certain type of travel like road trips or beaches), this section is for you! Hopefully these quotes will inspire you and spark some wanderlust in you to get out there and explore the world around you!

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short travel quotes

1. One Life. One World. Explore It!

2. Collect moments, not things.

3. To travel is to live!

4. Travel is the healthiest addiction.

5. Love at first flight!

short travel quotes

6. Live for the moments you can’t put into words.

7. Travel far enough to find yourself.

8. If not now, when?

9. It’s bad manners to keep a vacation waiting!

Adventure Captions for your Instagram!

In this section of short travel quotes, you’ll find quotes that specifically relate to adventuring! Sometimes vacations are relaxing like an all inclusive vacation, though some are more adventurous like a hike through the mountains or a backpacking trip across Europe. Whatever the case, these quotes will make for the perfect hiking captions for your Instagram!

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short travel quotes

10. Let’s wander where the WiFi is weak.

11. Say YES to new adventures!

12. Adventure is worthwhile.

13. Go and see all you possible can!

short travel quotes

14. Live your life by a compass, not a clock.

15. I’m not lost, I’m exploring!

16. Life is short and the world is wide!

17. Jobs fill your pockets, but adventures fill your soul.

Family Adventure Quotes:

Next on our list of short travel quotes are family adventure quotes! Going on a vacation with your family is a way different experience than going by yourself, with a friend, or with a loved one. Whether you are traveling for a family reunion or traveling with your kids, these quotes will certainly resonate with you!

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short travel quotes

18. Kids won’t remember their best day of television.

19. Oh, the places you’ll go!

20. It’s never too early to begin exploring the world!

short travel quotes

21. The greatest legacy we can leave out children is happy memories!

22. Memories made together last a lifetime.

23. Travel in the company of those we love is home in motion!

Couples Travel Quotes:

If you are traveling with your partner or loved one, this section of short travel tips is for you! Traveling with your loved one is such an amazing experience, as you truly get to know each other in a much different way than you would if you had just stayed home! Traveling together helps you grow both individually, and as a couple!

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short travel quotes

24. Love is being with you, anywhere.

25. We were together. I forgot the rest. 

26. In love with you, and the world.

27. Oh darling, let’s be adventurous! 

short travel quotes

28. No matter the view, I want to see it with you!

29. You keep my safe, I’ll keep you wild!

30. Hold my hand, I’ll go anywhere with you!

31. As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was about to happen!

32. Let’s travel together and get lost in beautiful places!

Road Trip Quotes:

This next section of short travel quotes is for going on a road trip! There is something special about taking a road trip- you spend so much time with your loved ones in a car, exploring the world on a much more personal level than simply flying in an airplane. The road is open, and all you’ve got is time!

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short travel quotes

33. There’s no where to go but everywhere!

34. Always take the scenic route!

35. No road is too long with good company.

short travel quotes

36. It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

37. And just like that, we are on our way to everywhere!

38. Making memories one road at a time.

39. Roads were made for journeys, not destinations. 

Inspirational Beach Quotes:

Last on our list of short travel quotes are some inspirational beach quotes! If you are taking a relaxing vacation to the beach, these quotes will make the perfect caption to go with your beautiful pictures! 

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short travel quotes

40. Take only memories, leave only footprints.

41. Life’s a beach- find your wave!

42. Life is simple. Just add water!

43. Let the sea set you free!

44. Sky above, sand below, peace within.

short travel quotes

45. The ocean breeze puts my mind at ease.

46. Life is better in flip flops!

47. Girls just wanna have sun!

48. Seas the day!

49. Meet me where the sky touches the sea.

50. Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few are sandy!

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