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How to Boil Water Camping: 14 Genius Methods!

How to Boil Water Camping: 14 Genius Methods!

A hot cup of coffee in the morning, a warm meal at night, and clean water to drink. These are just some of the reasons you might want to boil water camping!

If you are not camping in an RV or have access to electricity, you might wonder just how you can heat up a pot of water on your next camping trip. This post will go through a few of the easiest methods and different ways to boil water camping!

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Why do you need to boil water camping?

There are many reasons you may need to boil water on your camping trip. You may be in a situation where you don’t have much water and need to use your only source of water like a river or lake to purify water for drinking, or you may just be looking for a way to heat water for your morning coffee in the early morning.

If you are planning on boiling stagnant water, be sure the water reaches a rolling boil before drinking it. You can also use water testing strips to ensure it is safe to drink so you don’t get sick!

If you are camping with kids, you will likely want to have warm water at some point, whether to clean off their hands and face or to give them hot drinks to warm up with!

Perhaps you are looking for ways of heating water for washing dishes, or you would like some hot water for your shower. Whatever the case, this list will guide you through different strategies for boiling water while camping!

How to boil water camping

The most common method (and quickest way) to boil water camping is using a kettle or pot over the campfire. This list will give you more ideas of how to boil water on your next camping trip! The main drawback to boiling water over a campfire is if there are rainy or windy conditions that prevent you from getting a fire started. Depending on the weather conditions, this can still be an easy method as long as you keep the hot coals and logs dry!

If you are camping in the cooler months, having warm water can also help you sleep better in a tent! Having a hot water bottle can really help keep you warm during those cool nights.

Make boiling water using a kettle

One of the easiest ways to boil water while camping is to use a kettle over the campfire. We recommend this campfire kettle for boiling water.

There are only a few steps to take and you’ll have plenty of boiled water for your shower, dinner, or for making coffee:

  1. Fill the kettle with water, and set it over a campfire for several minutes. You should place the grate over the campfire so you have a place to rest the kettle on.
  2. Once the water begins to boil, you can take off your kettle from the heat source. Be sure to use a fireproof glove so you don’t burn yourself!
  3. Make sure not to leave your boiling water unattended while it is on the fire! Also, make sure that there are no other flammable objects nearby.
  4. Let the water cool a bit before using it so you don’t burn yourself!

Use an electric kettle

If you are camping in an RV or have access to electricity at your campsite, consider using an electric kettle to boil water.

Electric kettles boil water very quickly and most are designed to boil water with only the push of a button. They also have a very compact design and don’t take up much space, which makes packing and storing it easy!

PS. Check out our guide for organizing camping equipment to help keep all your camping essentials neat and tidy!

Just like when you boil your kettle over an open fire, it’s important that you use proper judgment when boiling water in an electric device and follow all safety precautions – don’t leave it unattended or too close to flammable objects!

Try a solar powered kettle

Another one of the easiest ways to boil water while camping is to use a solar powered kettle. These boil water with the help of a small solar panel. Just put your water in and place it under direct sunlight for about an hour!

They work best if placed directly out in the sun. If it’s too cloudy or dark, your solar kettle won’t boil water as quickly – so make sure the weather is nice and sunny when using this method.

Keep in mind that when using this method, it may take a few hours for the water to heat up completely, so consider using this along with other methods.

Try a car kettle

If your car is nearby your campsite, consider using a car kettle! Simply plug the kettle into your car’s lighter, USB port, or auxiliary power outlet, and you’ll be boiling water within minutes!

This is a great option for car camping, or if you don’t want to mess around with using the campfire, or are looking for a way to boil water that is flame-free.

Use an internal flame kettle

Another way to boil water while camping is to use an internal flame kettle. These have their own fire source to heat water quickly and from anywhere!

To boil your water, simply place your stove on a flat surface and light it up, or turn the fuel knob! The flame will heat up the bottom part of this camping kettle and boil your water.

Be sure to follow all safety protocols when using these types of kettles. If you are camping with children or camping with dogs, be sure they stay clear of the area so they do not get burned or accidentally start a fire.

Here are some of the most popular internal flame kettles:

Use a Kelly Kettle

A Kelly Kettle can boil water in just 3-5 minutes! Place a handful of fuel such as sticks and leaves and place it in the bottom of the kettle. Light the fuel with a match or lighter, and your water will begin to heat up!

Ghillie camping kettle

A Ghillie camping kettle is very similar to the kettle listed above. Both require you to put your own small sticks and leaves into the fuel canister. This is a great option if you have no access to electricity or power source, or do not want to heat water over the campfire ring.

Use a Jetboil system

A Jetboil cook system is another easy way to boil water while camping. Simply turn the fuel knob counter clockwise to start the fire, and the jetboil stove system will begin heating up your water on top!

Try a Msr Pocket Rocket stove

Another option for boiling water while camping is to use an MSR Pocket Rocket. This option will boil water in just 3.5 minutes. You have the ability to control the power of the torch to boil water, or just heat it up a little bit!

Heat water with an electric pot

Similar to using an electric kettle, you can also use an electric pot to boil water while camping. Simply plug in the pot, boil water and use it for whatever you need!

Of course, you will need to have access to electricity at your campsite for this method to work, so it might not be the best option for all campers.

Boil water using a solar heating bag

Another easy way to boil water while camping is using water heating bags. These are typically used for a solar shower, though you could also use them for boiling water or heating water on your camping trips.

If you use a portable solar water heating bag, it may not bring water to its full boiling point or to a rolling boil, but it should heat the water enough for activities such as showering, washing dishes, or cleaning up.

If you plan on using solar showers to clean up a bit during your camping trip, consider getting a few solar water heating bags so you can use them for different options!

Make boiling water over a camping stove

You can also heat water over a camping stove, portable stove, or gas stove. Not only is a camping stove a great way to cook some yummy camping meals, but you can also use the small fire it creates for heating water up!

Simply place a small pot or traditional kettle on top of the camping stove, fill it with water, and you’ll have boiling water in minutes!

We recommend this camping stove as it is small, compact, and works extremely well for both cooking and heating water.

If you are looking for meals that don’t require camping stoves, check out our list of no-cook camping meals!

Use a charcoal grill

If you don’t have access to camp stoves, you can always use a charcoal grill to heat water. Just like when using other camping stoves, simply place a pot, a tin can, or even a metal water bottle on top of the grill over an open flame, and fill it with water. This will give you heated water in just a matter of minutes!

Use bucket heaters to boil water

Bucket heaters are another easy way to boil water in the great outdoors. Simply fill a bucket of water, and place the heating element inside. This will heat up to 5 gallons of water in just minutes! A bucket heater typically requires electricity, so it may not be a good option for many campers.

Want more?

We hope that these tips help you boil water the next time you go camping! If you are looking for more camping tips, check out our camping guides in the menu!

Be sure to grab our camping planner before you leave so you can keep all your camping details organized for an EPIC camping adventure!

camping planner

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