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Best Tent Under 100 Dollars: Budget Camping Guide

Best Tent Under 100 Dollars: Budget Camping Guide

If you are looking for a good tent without breaking the bank, you’ve come to the right place! This post will guide you to finding the best tent under 100 dollars that is both reliable and affordable!

Maybe you are only planning to go on just one camping trip this summer and don’t want to spend too much money. Maybe you have never been camping before and you want to test the waters before you commit to a more expensive tent. Whatever your reason for wanting a budget tent, you don’t need to sacrifice quality just because you want an affordable tent!

Camping is often expensive, as there are so many things you can buy! However, there are still budget-friendly camping items that are reliable and high quality, all within a price range you can afford!

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Keep reading for a list of the best tents all under 100 dollars!

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Best backpacking tent under 100 dollars

The best tent under 100 dollars for a backpacking trip is this one by Night Cat. For under $60, you can get this quality 1 person dome tent (2, if you are small enough!) The tent itself weighs under 5 pounds so you don’t need to add any more weight to your already heavy hiking backpack. Setup takes only a minute or two so you can set up camp quickly no matter where you are!

This tent is made of high-quality materials and has waterproof tape on every seam to ensure you stay dry even on rainy days. It also comes with a rain fly for an extra layer of protection on those extra stormy days. The inside is spacious for a single person with a sleeping bag and a single air mattress.

Additionally, this tent has foldable fiberglass poles to withstand high winds, while also being easy to fold up back into your backpack so you can carry on with your journey!

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4-season tents under 100 dollars

If you are looking for the best tent under 100 dollars that you can use in all 4 seasons, check out the Clostnature Lightweight tent. This is another cheap tent, coming in at around $90 for a 2 person tent. While this tent only fits 2 people, it is larger than most 2 person tents, and has enough room and floor space for all your camping gear!

This tent only ways 6.4 pounds but can withstand harsh weather throughout the year. The tent has a polyester rain fly, groundsheet, and factory-sealed seams so you can be certain you are safe from all of nature’s ailments. The tent has aluminum poles for fast pitching and a freestanding design. Additionally, this high-quality tent has double doors to offer great ventilation on warm days! Read more about why ventilation is super important for staying warm in a tent during the winter!

If you are looking for a spacious tent that can withstand all the seasons, the Clostnature is a great choice for you!

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One-person tents under 100 dollars

In addition to the Night Cat one-person tent mentioned earlier, Clostnature also makes a one-person tent that is well under 100 dollars! While just big enough for one person to comfortably sleep, this tent has extra space for your camping gear and other important things you need to keep with you.

This tent has D-shaped doors and a large vestibule for easy access and extra storage space for your belongings. Additionally, it has a polyester rainfly and PU5000 coating to ensure you stay dry and protected from strong winds and rain.

The Clostnature is also a great hiking or backpacking tent as it is only 3.7 pounds, and stays compact in its own carry bag. If you are looking for a cheap single-person tent that is also durable and reliable, the Clostnature is a great option to look into!

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Two-person tent under 100 dollars

The Coleman Sundome tent makes our list for the best tent under 100 dollars. The Sundome tent comes in different sizes ranging from a 2 person camping tent up to 6 people, so you can choose the size of the tent that works best for your needs! The two-person tent costs under $50, and has plenty of space for 2 people plus some camping gear.

This tent has an easy setup, taking only about 10 minutes! It is also a very lightweight tent while still having the ability to withstand 35+ mph winds. Additionally, this tent has large mesh windows and a ground vent for good ventilation.

One of the great features of this tent is its Weathertec system and welded floors that keep you dry during extreme weather conditions! If you are searching for a waterproof tent at a reasonable price, check out the Sundome!

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Family tent under 100 dollars

The best tent under 100 dollars for families is the Moon Lence tent. This is an 8 person tent with plenty of interior space for a large group or family. This is an excellent choice for parents camping with their children because the tent has 2 separate rooms! There are 2 large doors, with an inner tent on either side to provide separate rooms. The whole tent can comfortably sleep 8 adults, meaning each inner tent can hold about 4 people with plenty of room.

If you all want to sleep in the same tent, you can use the other side to hold all your camping equipment to keep it organized, or to keep it out of the rain! The inner vestibule has a tie-down door to maintain privacy or to help protect from strong winds outdoors.

If you are camping with your family or two separate parties, this tent might be the best option for you!

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Car camping tent under 100 dollars

Planning to sleep in your car on your camping trip but still want to feel like you are tenting? This Tailgate Awning Tent might check all the boxes for you! It is universal for any size SUV and provides an awning you can hang out under: set up your chairs of the picnic table and be protected from the sun and/or rain and it is big enough to provide shelter for 5-6 people.

When sleeping in your car, the awning unzips so you have ventilation and the fresh air without getting any bugs inside your car. It is also really easy to set up, taking no more than 5 minutes so you can get to your campsite and start enjoying yourself rather than fiddling around with a complicated tent!

If you are looking for a way to sleep in your car while camping while still enjoying the fresh air, this tent is a good choice!

Camping with your dog? They’ll love the safety of sleeping in the car while also still feeling the cool breeze outside!

Best budget tent for heavy rainfall

No one wants to encounter rain during their camping trip, but sometimes it inevitably happens. If you are camping in an area where rain is frequent, you should seek a tent that you can feel confident will keep you dry. The Night Cat Waterproof Camping Tent does just that! This tent comes in 1-4 man tents so you can choose the right tent for you depending on how much room you need.

This tent is equipped with waterproof oxford fabric, waterproof tape on every seam, and a waterproof tarp on the bottom. Fiberglass poles and a rope system keep the tent secure even during the strongest winds and storms. The tent also has large windows for proper ventilation while keeping the bugs out of the tent, and doors on both sides for easy entry.

The tent has enough space for a queen air mattress or two sleeping bags individuals, with some extra room for your outdoor gear. This is a popular tent for those who are brave enough to camp in the strong rain!

Best camping tents for winter conditions

If you are planning to camp in the winter months, you know you will need a durable tent that will keep you warm and dry. The AYAMAYA 2 person camping tent is a great way to camp in the snow without spending hundreds on bigger, more expensive tents.

Coming in at just $100, the AYAMAYA tent has a waterproof groundsheet, polyester fabric roof, polyester breathable walls, and heat-sealed seams to keep you warm and dry. It also has vestibules on both sides for extra storage of all your camping gear and heavy winter equipment.

This tent has 2 D-shaped doors for easy access and ventilation, which is super important for keeping your tent warm during the winter months! This tent is the right size for 2 people, and even has a gear loft in the ceiling for extra storage space!

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Want More?

No matter what time of year you are camping or how many people you are going with, finding the right tent is crucial to a successful camping trip. Having the wrong tent could mean rips or tears, rainwater leaking inside, and not enough room for your whole family inside!

However, camping equipment can get expensive, but these options are super affordable for any camper to enjoy a weekend in nature without breaking the bank!

Don’t forget to get your camping planner before you leave so you can start planning out your awesome camping trip!

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