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What to Pack for Vegas: 15+ Essential Packing Items!

What to Pack for Vegas: 15+ Essential Packing Items!

If you are headed to Las Vegas, you are in for a treat! Las Vegas is super fun, and is one of those places everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime! If you are wondering what to pack for Vegas, this list will help you get organized and pack everything you need!

Growing up, my family visited Las Vegas more than almost anywhere else. By the time I was an adult, I had already visited Vegas about 3-4 times! I then was able to visit again as an adult, and let’s just say it is way different when you are of age!

Before heading on your vacation, make sure you check out this list of tips and things to do in Las Vegas for first timers. This will help you understand what to expect before visiting, and some expert tips and tricks!

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what to pack for vegas

PS. If you are still looking for a hotel in Las Vegas, don’t fret! There are tons of budget hotels in Las Vegas that are located right on the strip! In fact, hotels in Las Vegas are usually surprisingly cheaper than you’d expect!

What to Pack for Vegas: The Ultimate Guide!

Packing for Las Vegas is fairly similar to packing for most other summer vacation destinations, though these items are especially important! Make sure to check out our guide for how to stop overpacking and pack light, so you don’t break the zipper on your suitcase!

The first thing you need to have on our list of what to pack for Vegas is a pair of comfy shoes. Vegas is a huge walking city, so be prepared to be on your feet a lot!

In fact, it might be deceiving how big Las Vegas actually is, especially for first timers. When you look at directions on a map, the hotels seem reasonably close to one another. When you actually get to walking, it is a different story.

On a map, two destinations might seem relatively close to one another, but make sure to always check the walking directions, and you might be shocked to see how far away things actually are! This is because the hotels in Las Vegas are huge, which makes getting your 10,000 daily steps in a breeze!

For this reason, I highly recommend bringing a pair of comfy shoes, like these memory foam sandals. Save your high heels for later at night- your feet will surely thank you!

If you are traveling to Las Vegas in the summertime, you need to prepare yourself for the heat, especially if you are coming from a cooler environment. The heat in Las Vegas is no joke, and can be really dangerous if you are not well prepared!

One time I was in Vegas, I walked outside in the heat for just a bit too long, and came super close to fainting (even though I was drinking water the entire time!)

For this reason, it is super important that you prepare yourself for the heat, and the intense sun. There are many ways you can prevent sunburn and protect yourself from the heat. The two most obvious ways are to wear a cute floppy hat and wear sunscreen.

My favorite sunscreen is Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch sunscreen. I can honestly say that this sunscreen has saved me from so many burns on practically every vacation I’ve been on! The best part about it is not only is it amazing at protecting your skin from the sun’s harsh rays, but it goes on feeling dry, and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy (which I hate from other sunscreens!)

It is understandable you might want to get at least a little bit of a tan. However, the sun in Las Vegas is really intense, so be kind to your skin and remember to take care of it!

Another item on our list of what to pack for Vegas is a few nighttime outfits! During the day, you’ll definitely want to wear something more comfortable as you are walking around sightseeing in the heat. Shorts and a t shirt work perfectly for this.

However, at night time, you’ll probably want to dress up a bit! You might be going to a nice dinner, seeing a show, or going to a night club. Whatever the case, bring some nicer outfits (and now’s the time to wear those heels you’ve been wanting to show off!)

Once the sun sets, you’ll see the crowd make a drastic turn. Everyone’s typical tourist attire quickly turns to more formal dress- so don’t feel like you’ll stick out for wearing your dress and high heels!

Another important item on our list of what to pack for Vegas includes a day bag. When in Las Vegas, you will be spending the majority of your day (if not lounging by the pool) sightseeing. This means you’ll likely be away from your hotel, so you’ll need to pack some things!

We have a comprehensive list of things to pack for a day trip, though here are some more Las Vegas specific items you should consider packing as well:

  • Face oil wipes: As you walk around the hot blistering sun all day, you might want to freshen up! These face blotting wipes will help you soak up some of the sweat that accumulates above your brow!
  • Anti-chafe stick: Let’s face it- chafing happens, especially when it is 100+ degrees and you’ve been walking all day! Throw a stick in your bag and reapply as needed throughout the day to stay dry and comfortable.
  • Cooling body mist: Sometimes you just need a little freshening up. Maybe you didn’t have time to stop back at your hotel before dinner, but feel gross and sweaty from your day out on the down. Use this cooling spray to freshen up and feel more comfortable.
  • Collapsible water bottle: Staying hydrated is SO important generally speaking, but especially when in a hot, dry climate like Las Vegas. Fill up your water bottle at the hotel before you start your day, and fill it up whenever you get the chance!

Another important item on our list of what to pack for Vegas is a cute bathing suit. Depending on how long your trip to Las Vegas is, you will probably spend at least some time at the pool- and you should! The pools at the hotels in Vegas are awesome!

Many hotels often have swim up bars and pool parties (think bubbles, DJs, and tons fun!), so make sure you check your hotel’s agenda if this is something you want to participate in!

You’ll also want to make sure you pack a Cover up for your bathing suit. Many casinos, hotels, and restaurants won’t let you inside in just your bathing suit, so make sure you have either a change of clothes or something to cover up with.

Additionally, make sure you pack a Pool bag! We often have tons of things we want to bring to the pool with us, but no where to put it all. Having a bag makes it much easier to keep everything all in one place. 

If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know just how much I love this selfie tripod! Chances are, when you are in Las Vegas, you will want to take some cute pictures! However, asking strangers to take your picture all the time can be akward, and often times the picture doesn’t come out how you wanted it to.

The selfie tripod allows you to take your own selfies, without needing help from anyone! Simply put your phone on the top, get into position, and take the picture with the small Bluetooth remote. Read more about how to take the vest vacation selfies here!

The best part is, the tripod folds up really small so it is easy to carry in your purse or backpack. We use this exact tripod on every vacation we take, on hikes, at parties, and just for fun!

One of my favorite items on our list of what to pack for vegas is a handheld fan with mist! I’ve mentioned pretty frequently throughout this article that Las Vegas is hot- so this should come as no surprise! 

It might look a little silly to walk around with, but trust me- everyone will be jealous! Sometimes the heat just gets to become a little bit too much, and a quick stop for some cold air and mist and do just the trick to get you feeling back to yourself again!

This handheld fan is the perfect summer travel essential, no matter if you are lounging at the beach, sitting pool side, or doing some sightseeing!

I’m sure you already know what this one is for. Pedialyte powder sticks will come in handy during your Las Vegas vacation for two reasons: One, to hydrate yourself after being in the hot sun all day, and two, to replenish your body after a day or night of drinking. 

Because you can get free drinks in Las Vegas (learn how in our guide of things to do in Vegas for first timers), it can be too easy to go a little overboard and drink too much! These Pedialyte packs are super easy to pour into a bottle of water to feel rejuvinated and ready for the next activity!

Additionally, they can make a great drink if you start to feel fatigued or sun-zapped during the day. Keep a few in your day bag for when you need a little pick me up!

The last item on our list of what to pack for Vegas is a portable charger. I personally never travel anywhere without packing at least one or two of these in my day bag, because I have definitely been in situations in the dead of night, with no directions, in a foreign country…. with a dead phone. Don’t let this be you!

While phones nowadays have longer battery lifespan, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You will be taking a lot of pictures and videos, and using the GPS often, which both suck a lot of battery.

It’s better to have a backup option to charge your phone than to be lost without a working phone! Plus, you’ll want a full charged phone to take all those awesome vacation pictures and selfies!

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