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25 Fun Kids Camping Gifts for Tenting or RVing!

25 Fun Kids Camping Gifts for Tenting or RVing!

Camping is a great way to spend some quality time with your family. With the right camping gear, kids will be able to enjoy their time in nature and make memories that they will treasure for a lifetime! This guide goes over 25 kids camping gifts that can be used either for tent camping or RV camping!

Kids like camping because it gives them a chance to enjoy nature and get away from their normal, everyday lives. Kids can run around in the woods or walk along the shore of a lake and not have anyone telling them to be quiet all day long.

As parents, we want our kids to experience these things and make memories that will last a lifetime. Kids camping gear can help them do just that!

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Camping Coloring Book

One of the best camping gift ideas for kids is a camping coloring book! Kids can color camping pictures of tents, sleeping bags, marshmallows cooking over a fire, and more!

Young children will have fun with this gift on the days they are stuck in the tent because it is too rainy or cold to play outside.

This coloring book has over 30 pages that can easily be printed and brought on any camping trip!

Camping Activity Book

Another one of the best camping gifts for kids is a camping activity book! Younger kids can enjoy hours and hours of fun with this camping-themed activity book.

Kids will love these camping games like I-Spy, Tic Tac Toe, Camping Bingo, Mazes, camping Scavenger Hunt and more! There are also coloring pages for kids to color in while sitting around the campfire or playing at night under a bright lantern.

These camping books have 20 unique games that can be printed and reused hundreds of times! These activities are bound to keep kids busy for hours!

You can also get them a camping journal to keep track of all the memories they made on their trip!

Kid’s Camping Chairs

Camping chairs make a fun and unique camping gift for children of all ages! Kids love to have their own chair around the campfire, and they also make great camp chairs for the beach and backyard.

Kids love to have their own chair because it’s just like mom and dad’s big camping chair, only smaller! Kids folding camp chairs come in a variety of colors and themes, so you can find one that matches your child’s personality and interests!

Inflatable Loungers for Camping

Inflatable loungers are one of my favorite camping gifts for kids! Kids will love lounging around in these, and they are great for camping or even just spending time at the park.

Loungers make a great gift for any big camping trip and are something the whole family can enjoy!

Kid’s Camping Mattress

The secret to being comfortable while sleeping in a tent is having a comfortable sleeping area, which means having a comfortable mattress! Younger children might need an air mattress with safety bumpers to help them feel safe and secure.

Older kids will love camping bunk beds! Not only will this get kids excited to go to sleep, but they will save room in the tent if they bring a friend along or have a sibling.

Camping Tent for Kids

Another one of my favorite camping gifts for the adventurer kid on your list is getting them a tent of their own! Kids are more likely to be excited about camping if they have their own tent and will feel safer knowing that there is a place for them to retreat.

Kids will not only love the idea of having their very own place in the outdoors where they can sleep but also using it as a fort to hide out in during the day.

Kids can bring their toys, books, and snacks into their tents for a quiet hangout space. Kids will also love sleeping outside under the night sky with this tent!

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Camping Light for Kids

Another perfect gift for a young camping lover is their very own camping light! Kids everywhere love camping lights because they can use them indoors or out.

Kids will be able to light up their tent, or their walkway as they go through a dark forest, and parents don’t have to worry about their kids tripping over something!

You can find camping lights in the shape of animals or their favorite TV character – Kids won’t be able to resist!

Walkie Talkies

Kids love playing with walkie talkies, so why not get the outdoorsy kid on your shopping list a pair of their own?! Kids can use them to stay in touch with their friends and parents or play fun outdoor games outside together.

You can choose from a variety of colors and styles so you are sure to find one for your little outdoors lover.

For older kids who want something more high-tech, there are even some walkie talkies that have a built-in GPS so they can play games, or use it as a two-way radio.

These are super fun camping toys that any kid will love, and they can help parents keep in contact with their children if they are out of sight!

Fun Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

One of the best parts about camping trips is making s’mores over the campfire! One great gift idea for anyone who loves camping is a fun marshmallow roasting stick.

Kids can roast their own marshmallows over the fire safely and from a distance with these fun fishing pole marshmallow sticks!

Pair this fun gift idea with a s’mores kit for an epic camping gift for their next big camping trip!

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Outdoor Bug Set

Another one of my favorite camping gifts for kids is an outdoor bug set. Many outdoorsy kids love to play with bugs, even making little habitats for them.

This outdoor bug set has everything from a magnifying glass to butterfly nets, to bug containers. This is a great way to encourage exploring nature and help kids learn more about the world around them!

Parents- make sure you know these tricks for keeping bugs out of your tent!

Lawn games

Lawn games make great camping gifts for the entire family! There are many outdoor lawn games kids will love playing such as giant Jenga, cornhole, or ladderball.

Not only can you use these outdoor gifts while camping, but you can also use them again in your own backyard year round! Lawn games are a fun way to get the family together and enjoy each other’s company!

Colorful campfire packets

Colorful campfire packets make a great camping gift for children of all ages! Simply toss the packet into a bonfire and watch the flames turn all sorts of different colors!

Kids will be amazed by how to fire can turn different colors, making the campfire even more fun than it already is on your next camping trip!

Nighttime Goggles

Not being able to see in the dark can be scary for a lot of kids, which is why nighttime goggles make great camping gifts for kids! Kids can put on these special goggles and it will look like the whole world is glowing in front of them!

This can help kids feel less scared once the sun goes down, and continue to have so much fun even when it gets dark out!

Here are some more ideas of things to do when camping at night!

Camping Hammock

What’s better than relaxing in a comfy hammock while camping? Kids will love their own camping hammock or camping swing to lounge around in.

Kids camping hammocks are portable and lightweight for easy packing, making them a great camping gift idea for all your camping trips! Just hang them between trees or posts to enjoy a comfortable place to relax while you’re out in nature!

Check out our list of how to organize camping equipment so you can keep your campsite organized and clutter-free!

Glow in the Dark Blanket

One of my favorite camping gifts for kids is a glow in the dark blanket. Kids love to tell ghost stories around the campfire and these blankets are perfect for that. Kids can cuddle up under them during scary tales or play with them in their tent after dark!

The blanket is super soft fleece, so it’s warm too. I also like to bring a couple of glow sticks for kids who might get anxious at night. Kids love to go camping, but sometimes they need a little help feeling comfortable when it’s time for bed!

Starlight Lantern

Starlight lanterns are fun camping gift ideas for kids or anyone who loves unique camping toys!

Kids enjoy having unique lighting options like these fun camping lanterns. Kids can use a Starlight Lantern inside the tent or simply play with them in their room to create a peaceful nighttime atmosphere for bedtime and relaxation before going to sleep!

Starlight Lanterns are also an adorable gift idea because they’re perfect for decorating any child’s bedroom or playroom.

Kid’s Fishing Set

Consider a kid’s fishing set when searching for fun camping gifts for the little outdoorsy child on your shopping list. Kids fishing sets come complete with a fishing pole, reels, hooks, bobbers, and sinkers all in their own carry bag so everything stays neat when not being used.

Kid’s fishing sets are fun gifts for kids who are just starting out. It will encourage them to get out and explore nature. Kids fishing sets are usually inexpensive and can provide hours of fun for the little ones.

Kids Binoculars/Outdoor Explorer set

Other fun camping gifts for kids include an outdoor explorer set! This is a perfect gift for outdoorsy kids who love exploring the great outdoors and are looking for a fun outdoor adventure!

These sets often include binoculars, flashlights, backpacks, magnifying glasses, and more all in its own carrying bag!

Kid’s Telescope

Along with all your other camping gear, consider getting a telescope for your next outdoor adventures! A telescope is a great kids camping toy that can be such a great way for your family to bond together and make lasting memories!

Kids will be excited to show you all the amazing things they can see through their telescope as they look up at all the stars.

Metal Detector for Kids

A metal detector is another one of my favorite camping gifts, as they can be so much fun to play with! Kids can have a blast “hunting” for treasure at the beach, park, or even in the backyard.

You can even have your child go on a scavenger hunt with the metal detector to see what they can find whether you are at a campground, at national parks, or just your neighborhood playground!

Kid’s Camping Table

Another one of the most popular camping gift ideas is a kid’s camping table. Kids enjoy having their own table and chairs in the camping area to sit at during meals, play games, play with all their camping toys, and make crafts. Kids can even set up a little fort underneath it for playing for more great fun!

This is also another gift that keeps on giving when you get back home because then kids will have their very own space outdoors in the backyard to play and enjoy just like they do indoors when camping.

Sleeping Bag

To make sure kids are comfortable while sleeping in a tent, consider getting them a new sleeping bag! Kid’s sleeping bags come in lots of fun colors and prints, so you’re sure to find something your child will love.

Make sure to check the temperature rating of the sleeping bag so they are warm enough on their next camping trip. Not only is this a practical and essential camping gear, but it can be fun if you can find one with their favorite TV show or character on it!

Check out these tips for staying warm in a tent!

Kid’s Camping Backpack

Another one of my favorite camping gifts for kids is their very own hiking backpack! If you plan to go hiking while on your camping adventure, this will make for a great outdoor gift item for the adventurer kid on your shopping list.

Fill the backpack with other kids camping gear or camping toys inside for an awesome gift for the little one on your list!

Kid’s Go Pro

One of the best camping gifts for kids is a Go Pro. Kids love taking pictures and recording videos. Kids will be thrilled to take their Go-Pro camping, hiking or on a bike ride with them!

Anyone who loves camping or being outdoors will love using a Go-Pro to capture their adventures and experiences in the natural world!

Polaroid Camera

Another one of the best camping gifts for kids is a polaroid camera. Kids can create instant memories with this camera and take some gorgeous pictures. They will love the anticipation of seeing their photos develop before their very eyes!

Want More?

As you search for fun kids camping gifts, we hope that this list has given you some gift ideas! There are so many kids camping toys and cool camping gifts out there, it can be really hard to pick the right one!

We hope you have a great camping trip with your kids! If you enjoyed this list of Kids Camping Gifts, remember that we offer lots more fun lists and tips for families interested in camping or RVing together.

Be sure to grab your camping planner before you go!

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