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14 Camping Hacks with Kids!

14 Camping Hacks with Kids!

Camping is a great summertime activity for the whole family! It is a great way to get away, go on an adventure, and spend time with your loved ones without spending a fortune. If you plan to take the kids along with you, these camping hacks with kids will certainly help make your trip much easier!

Taking kids camping has its perks- most kids love to be in the outdoors, and find they can entertain themselves without much intervention. However, we all get bored once in awhile and need some ideas!

This list will guide you through everything you need to know about going camping with kids, and how to keep them entertained the entire time!

We love camping, and try to go as often as we can during the summer months! Living in Colorado, there are so many beautiful places to camp! Growing up, I used to camp almost every weekend with my family in a camper, but now we are tenters! Maybe someday in the future we will get a trailer, but for now, tenting is our game!

If you are looking for more camping tips, check out these awesome camping meal ideas (that require absolutely ZERO cooking, making them super easy and quick to prepare!)

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Additionally, be sure to check out this camping activity book with 20 unique camping games! For less than $5, you can give your kids hours of fun with games like camp fire charades, campground scavenger hunt, camping bingo, and more! The activity book is an instant download, meaning absolutely no waiting time for shipping! You also have unlimited access to the file, meaning you can print it over and over again!

You might also be interested in getting your child some camping coloring sheets to help occupy some time! This booklet comes with over 30 pages of unique camping coloring sheets your child will love! This book is also an instant download, meaning you will get it immediately after purchase! You can print the file as many times as you want too!

camping hacks with kids

Camping Hacks with Kids: Games and Entertainment

Aside from the camping activity book and camping coloring sheets listed above, there are tons of other games and activities you can bring to keep camping fun for the kids! This list will guide you through some of my favorites! Here are more ideas of things to do at night while camping!

PS. if you have a long drive to your campsite, consider these road trip tips with kids!

Similar to corn hole (a classic summer favorite!), bean bag toss is a summertime favorite, and kid-approved! This bean bag toss game is made specifically for kids, and is double sided with different images on each side. The best part is, it is easy to fold up and slide anywhere in your already filled to the brim car! You can also bring this to the beach, as sand can easily be wiped off of it!

This one is a classic, and has stuck around this long for a reason- it is fun! This toss and catch game is perfect for little kids who haven’t quite mastered the art of catching a ball just yet. The paddles have velcro on them so as long as they touch the ball, they should be able to catch it! These are also pretty small and are an easy item to pack in your car!

Bringing the dogs camping too? They’ll love this game too!

Another one of my favorite camping hacks with kids is to bring some arts and crafts! This is a great way to keep kids busy, while sitting in one spot (hopefully!) while doing so! This rock painting kit comes with glow in the dark paint, so your kids can have a sense of security from their pet rock once night time hits! Maybe even consider leaving some of your rocks around the campsite for the next guest to find!

This kid’s outdoor exploration set is perfect for kids who love to explore and get their hands dirty! It comes with all the things kids need to explore their environment- binoculars, a bug catching kit, magnifying glass, compass, and more! I used to love collecting snails and caterpillars as a kid, and would have loved this set to have everything I needed to create an awesome habitat!

Parents- make sure you know these tips for keeping bugs out of your tent!

This is an activity kids AND adults can enjoy together, because let’s face it- everyone loves glow sticks! Glow sticks are the perfect camping activity to use around the camp fire and once the sun starts to go down! Make a necklace or a glow stick crown and have a fun dance party at your campsite!

I used to get these colorful campfire pouches when I was a kid, and thought (and still think) they are so much fun! Simply toss them into the campfire, and watch the flames turn all different colors! Your kids will be amazed by all the different colors that fire can be (and you can even teach them about why this happens!)

Camping Hacks with Kids: Kid's Camping Gear

Along with some fun camping games, you might also want to consider getting some kid’s camping gear! Comfort is very important while camping, so make sure your kids have everything they need! These also make great camping gift ideas for children!

Check out this list of some of my favorites:

Everyone needs a comfortable chair to lounge around the campfire in while camping, so why not get your child one that is actually their size? This camping chair is made by Melissa and Doug, an amazing company that makes tons of games and gear for kids! It is super cute, and is just the right size for a little someone!

Let’s face it- sleeping while camping or in an air mattress is not easy. You want your child to get the best sleep possible, so make sure they have a bed they feel comfortable in! This inflatable toddler travel bed comes with safety bumpers on all four sides, giving your child a sense of security while sleeping! This will give them the best sleep possible, so they are not grumpy the next morning!

PS. Did the kids get their bedding dirty? Read this guide for doing laundry while camping!

This is one of my favorite camping hacks with kids, because I secretly would LOVE to use this! This S’mores roasting reel makes cooking marshmallows over the campfire even more fun than it already is! Kids can use it similarly to a fishing rod, so they never have to get too close to the flames as they roast their marshmallow!

Staying comfortable can be kind of tricky while camping, so make sure you are prepared! This inflatable lounger is something I’ve recommended as a beach day essential, though it is perfect for camping as well! It is quick and easy to inflate, and is a perfect place to lounge during the day or take a nap!

This is another one of my favorite camping hacks with kids. When I went camping as a kid, we always used walkie-talkies. This way, your child can have some freedom to explore and play on their own, but while still being in constant contact with you! Sure, you could use cell phones, but cell service is often spotty while camping!

Want more?!

I hope these camping hacks with kids were helpful! If you want more camping help, consider our camping planner to help stay organized! It has 5 pages to help you organize your daily activities, camping meals, and more! This planner is an instant download, meaning you will get it immediately after purchase! Plus, you have unlimited access to the file, meaning you can print it as many times as you want!

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