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Valentines Day Hotel Ideas: Decorate your Hotel for Valentine’s Day!

Valentines Day Hotel Ideas: Decorate your Hotel for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and you might need some Valentines day hotel ideas! 

Maybe you are taking your sweet someone on a romantic getaway, and you need some ideas for how to decorate your hotel room for Valentine’s Day.

Well, you’re in luck because this list will give you tons of unique ways to transform your hotel room into a romantic paradise!

Many people hate Valentine’s Day, but it is actually one of my favorite holidays! I just enjoy watching others receive love and special surprises from their loved ones.

Plus, you get chocolate and flowers- I mean, what’s not to like?!

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If you plan to go somewhere for Valentine’s Day this year, I recommend booking through Expedia: we ALWAYS use them for our vacations, as they always have the lowest prices around!

If you are still wondering where you should even go for your getaway, check out this list of Valentine’s Day destinations for some inspiration!

You might also be interested in these hotel hacks, which can help transform your hotel room from a 2 or 3-star room, to a 5-star room!

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valentines day hotel ideas

Planning a Valentine's Day Surprise

Before we get to Valentines Day hotel ideas, we must discuss the setup! After all, you don’t want your special someone accidentally finding out and ruining the surprise!

If you live with your sweetheart, this surprise might be a bit trickier. You may need to order some things, which you will need to hide from your partner!

If this is the case, try to take the package before they see it, and hide it somewhere safe, like your car! 

In terms of the actual decorating process, you might need to tell the staff at the hotel that you want to come in early to decorate the room. They will likely set you up with an early check-in time so you can do this.

You’ll have to come up with some excuse to get out of the house to do the decorating. Maybe you have to “stay late at work” or “run a quick errand”. Likely, your partner will catch on that it is something for Valentine’s Day, and will play along with your little secret!

Valentines Day Hotel Ideas

Let’s get to the good stuff, shall we?! This list of Valentines day hotel ideas will give you some affordable ideas to transform your hotel room into a romantic getaway!

No surprise is complete without balloons, am I right?!

These “be mine” balloons are a super cute way to decorate your hotel room! You can order these balloons on Amazon, and have them filled up practically anywhere that has balloons. 

This set comes with 30 heart-shaped balloons (3 different colors), plus the “be mine” balloons, 2 confetti balloons, and ribbon, so you have everything you need!

You can put the “be mine” balloons above the pillows on the bed, then lay the other heart balloons on the comforter, or around the hotel room.

This alone would be enough for me to feel special and loved!

This light-up “love sign” is another one of my favorite Valentines Day Hotel ideas. 

It is the perfect size to put on a nightstand or as a center piece of a table!

You could set up a nice dinner in the hotel room, complete with champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, and have this sign as part of the centerpiece!

Plus, once Valentine’s Day is over, you can still use this in your home as decoration!

When you think of Valentine’s Day, you likely think of rose petals.

No hotel room is decorated for Valentine’s Day without at least some rose petals, even if they are fake!

This rose petal set has 3000 pieces, so the possibilities of what you can do are endless.

  • Create a trail of rose petals as your loved one walks through the hotel room door. 
  • Put some rose petals on top of the bed for a romantic vibe
  • Run a hot bubble bath and put some rose petals on top
  • Make a trail of rose petals down the hotel hallway as you walk towards your door
  • Spell out something special with the rose petals, such as “I Love You”, “Be Mine”, or make a heart!

Another one of my favorite Valentines Day hotel ideas is to flood the room with candlelight!

Candles just have a romantic vibe, so take advantage! 

These flameless tea lights are recommended for this project so you can leave them on (don’t leave real candles burning unattended!), so when your sweetheart enters the hotel room, the candles are already lit up!

Another one of my favorite Valentines Day hotel ideas is to use hanging heart garland!

This is a super easy and affordable way to make a hotel room more romantic- this set of 72 pieces is only $8.99!

Hang them from the ceiling, above the bed, or above a dinner table! Having hearts hanging from the ceiling takes your decorating project to a whole another level!

Hotel rooms can be pretty bland, without any personalization whatsoever. Why not get a cute pillowcase set to help bring some personal touches?

This pillow set comes with two pillowcases, and is only $8.99! There are tons of romantic and cute pillow sets out there, so find one that you think your partner would love!

This will help the bed to feel more like home, and will show you put tons of effort into making the room feel unique and special!

If you want to take the previous heart garland to the next level, you definitely need to see these LED heart lights string!

These are truly what you think of when you think of a romantically decorated hotel room!

Hang them over the bed, from the ceiling, above a table, or pretty much anywhere in the room.

These are guaranteed to WOW your loved one- they will truly transform your hotel room and leave your sweetheart gasping in awe!

Another one of my favorite Valentines Day hotel ideas is to create a personalized blanket for your loved one.

You can create these basically anywhere- Amazon, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, etc. They make great gifts, but especially for Valentine’s Day!

Select some cute pictures of you and your loved one to put on the blanket they can use forever.

This would be a great gift to place on the hotel bed, which also makes the room feel much more personalized and unique!

Not only will your partner love the hotel room, but they will have a gift to take home with them as well!

Another way you can add some romantic flare to your hotel room for Valentine’s Day is to include a picture frame in the room.

There are tons of romantic and cute picture frames out there, so select one you like and put your favorite picture of you and your loved one in it!

This will make the hotel room feel a bit more personalized and special. Plus, they can take the picture frame home with them and have a nice memory attached to it!

Another one of my favorite Valentines Day hotel ideas is to get a bottle of wine or champagne, and pair it with these cute wine glasses!

You can set up a table with either a dinner, some appetizers, or some chocolate-covered strawberries, and pair the wine and these glasses with it.

Talk about romantic!

Play some Romantic Music

Don’t forget the music! Create a Spotify playlist and connect a Bluetooth speaker to play in the hotel room.

You can have the music playing on low so that when your partner comes in, the ambiance will already be set!

I recommend soft music such as piano, no-lyric music, or a playlist of some soft love songs!

Set up some Food

I mentioned this idea throughout this post, but it deserves another mention here. 

If you went to dinner before coming to the hotel, you can always put some desserts like chocolate-covered strawberries on a table, and pair it with some wine.

You can also have dinner in your room too! This would be super romantic especially if your hotel has a balcony or patio. 

Cook your own meal and bring it with you, or order some room service or a meal from a restaurant nearby. Make sure your room has a microwave or a small kitchen just in case you need to heat it up!

This is a surprise, after all! Why not take things to the next level by including a blindfold!

Have your partner put it over their eyes as you are driving to the hotel, then walk them to the hotel room.

Once they get through the door, take the blindfold off their eyes, and watch them be amazed by the surprise you planned for them!

Who knows, this blindfold might just come in handy later…

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