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Spring Packing List: What to Pack for Spring Break!

Spring Packing List: What to Pack for Spring Break!

During March-April, many families and individuals decide to take a Spring Break vacation! This list will go over all the major Spring packing items you shouldn’t forget!

Whether you are going to an all inclusive resort for Spring break or a remote cabin in the woods, many of the Spring packing items you need will be similar! 

Spring break is an amazing time to take a break from the snowy months, and get away from the daily grind for a bit! The months leading up to Summer can seem like they drag on and on, so taking a Spring break vacation can help break the monotony! 

Here are some other packing lists and tips that you might find helpful:

If you are not planning to travel this Spring break, consider having a staycation or planning a trip to your hometown! 

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One of the most important items that should be on your Spring packing list is a mini travel umbrella! During the Spring months, weather can be unpredictable and rain can show up at any time!

Even if it doesn’t end up raining, having an umbrella can be a great tool for avoiding sunburn while at the beach, pool, or other sunny destination. Sometimes you just need a break from the sun! 

The awesome thing about this umbrella is that it is super small, making it easy to pack in any carry on bag, purse, or backpack!

This umbrella also comes with its own little pouch, which most umbrellas don’t (surprisingly!). When the umbrella gets wet, you won’t want to put it back in your bag, and no one wants to wait hours for it to dry off. The carrying case makes it easy to pack it away immediately without worrying about anything getting wet!


If your Spring Break vacation includes a day at the beach or pool, you will of course need a bathing suit and a cover up

Going on a vacation is a great excuse to buy some new outfits and accessories, so make this cute bathing suit coverup one of them! 

Whether you are at the beach or pool, this coverup will be perfect when you need to go inside quick, grab a bite to eat, or use the restroom! 

Plus, it is a good way to get some coverage if the sun starts becoming to warm for your skin!

Another important item to add to your Spring packing list is a good tumbler or an insulated water bottle. Staying hydrated on vacation is super important, and having your own place to put it will help you save money throughout your vacation!

Additionally, tumblers are a great thing to have if your vacation is an all inclusive one. You can have the resort staff put your drinks in your tumbler, which helps keep your drink colder for longer, and you will get more drink at a time so you don’t need to keep running back to the bar every 5 minutes!

You’ll especially need this if you are taking your Spring Break in Las Vegas! It gets super hot there and can become dangerous (I almost passed out because of the heat!)

Depending on your destination, this might not be a necessary item on your Spring packing list. However, many places in the Spring months can be rainy and chilly at times, so you might appreciate having a light jacket or zip up just in case!

Even if you are going somewhere warm, chances are, the location you are flying from is not. You will likely need a jacket of some sort at least for the actual traveling part of your trip- like getting to the airport or on the airplane!

Spring jackets or rain jackets are typically very light, which makes them super easy to pack, so you won’t have to worry about it taking up too much room in your suitcase!

Let’s face it: putting together Spring outfits can be tricky. Some moments it might be really warm, and an hour later it might be a bit chilly. 

The best advice I have for this is to simply bring a bunch of cardigans! This way, you can wear your favorite short sleeve tops or tanks, but still have a cardigan in case you get cold.

Dressing in layers is key to Spring outfits, so make sure you pack a few you can rotate between throughout your vacation!

Like many of the other items on this list, this might not be something you need for your destination. However, rain boots are a great item to have on your Spring packing list (or to just have in general in the Spring months!)

I don’t know about you, but I hate when my shoes or socks get wet. It is just the worst feeling ever. Added to that is the feeling of mud all over your shoes that you know will be a huge hassle to clean up.

With rain boots, you can stop around in the rain, wet grass, and mud without having to work! 

Plus, rain boots are much more fashionable than they used to be, and there are some super cute ones out there!

One of the worst parts about packing to go home from a vacation is wondering what to do with your soaking wet bathing suits. A bikini bag is an amazing and simple way to pack your wet clothes, without having to worry about getting your entire suitcase wet!

This bikini bag has a wet and dry compartment, so you can keep them separate! Sure, you could use a plastic bag, but this is a much more eco friendly travel item, and you can be confident that there will be no leaks as you travel!

Another item you should add to your Spring packing list is a Spring dress- because you can’t go wrong with a cute Spring dress, am I right?!

Once the warm Spring weather rolls around, so do all the cute Spring dresses and rompers! If you are traveling somewhere warm, might as well break them out and look super cute!

Dresses might be warm enough to wear on some days in the Spring time, so take advantage! You can always bring your lightweight cardigan with you in case you get a little chilly!

Another item you can add to your Spring packing list is a travel backpack! Not only can you use this as a carry on bag as you travel through the airport, but it can even double as a beach bag if you plan on having a beach day!

This bag is perfect for traveling because you can charge your phone with it! This way, you can bring it to the beach or pool and rest easy knowing you’ve got a charger ready to use whenever you might need it!

Check out my favorite carry on bag here!

Another item for your Spring packing list is a floppy hat! This is something you can pack in the Spring or Summer time, as they are super fashionable, and help keep the sun out of your eyes and face!

Wear it to the beach, or just pair it with a cute Spring dress for a cute and fashionable summer look! 

Wondering how to pack a floppy hat in your suitcase without getting bends and folds in it? Check out this list of packing hacks!

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