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50+ Road Trip Trivia Questions

50+ Road Trip Trivia Questions

If you’ve made it to this page, you are likely currently sitting in the car, and looking for something to pass the time as you approach hour 3…4…5… These road trip trivia questions should do the trick!

Sitting in the car all day isn’t easy, so we’ve prepared some questions to help get your mind thinking, increase conversation, and just pass some time before you get to your destination!

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out our list of over 100 questions for a road trip, to get everyone in the car talking and laughing!

Trivia is always a fun game to play, pretty much anywhere- at parties, at the bar, during game night- so why not while you’re sitting in the car with nothing else to do anyway?!

These road trip trivia questions will be split up in the following categories: Road trip history, kid’s trivia, travel trivia, and grab bag!

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Road Trip Trivia: Road Trip History Questions

  • When was the first road trip?
    • The first recorded long-distance road trip was in Germany in August 1888!
  • What is the record for the longest road trip?
    • The Guinness World Record for the longest road trip was 36,000 miles! The couple drove throughout the continental US for over 122 days! Doesn’t your trip seem much shorter now?!
  • What is the longest someone has driven on one tank of gas?
    • The world record for the longest distance driven without stopping for gas is 1,626 miles!
  • How many state parks can you visit in the US?
    • There are 8,565 state parks in the US, covering over 18,694,570 acres!
  • What 2 states are you not allowed to pump your own gas?
    • Oregon and New Jersey do not allow you to pump your own gas. This was originally supposed to help provide jobs to stimulate the state’s economy
  • What is the most popular road trip route in the US?
    • According to number of Google searches, Route 66 is the most popular (or at least searched) road trip route in the US.
  • What is the average road trip length?
    • The average length of a road trip is approximately 2 hours and 53 minutes.
  • What is the best and worst state to take a road trip in?
    • According to Travel + Leisure, Wyoming is the best state for a road trip, and Rhode Island is the worst.

Road Trip Trivia for Kids

  • What number is on Lightning McQueen in the movie Cars?
    • 95
  • What state is the Statue of Liberty in?
    • New York!
  • What ocean is on the East side of the US?
    • The Atlantic Ocean
  • How many states are there? Can you name 5 of them?
  • What is the largest state in the US?
    • Alaska
  • What is the largest country in the world?
    • Russia
  • What country is home to the Eiffel Tower?
    • France
  • Where is the coldest place on earth?
    • Antarctica
  • Where would you find the Leaning Tower of Pisa?
    • Italy
  • How many continents are there?
    • 7

Travel Trivia Questions

  • What is the most commonly forgotten item on vacations?
  • How many miles of roads does the US have?
    • 253 million miles! Wow!
  • What direction is said to make jet lag worse?
  • What is the most visited tourist attraction in the world?
    • Time’s Square. It gets over 39 million visitors per year!
  • What percentage of Americans have flown on an airplane at least once?
    • in 2017, 88% of Americans had flown on an airplane at least once in their lifetime!
  • What is the average cost of a one night stay in a hotel room in the US?
    • In 2020, the average daily rate of a hotel was $90.92. Read our list of creative hotel hacks to improve your stay!
  • What percentage of families travel in the summer?
  • What is the most visited country in the world?
    • In 2020, the most visited country is France, followed by Spain, the US, and China
  • What is the average family vacation cost?
    • The average vacation costs $1,145 per person. Experts suggest a family vacation should be no more than 5-10% of your income. Check out our budget travel tips!
  • What airline gets the most passengers per year?
    • American Airlines, followed by Delta and Southwest

Grab Bag Road Trip Trivia!

  • What did the first vending machines dispense?
    • Holy Water
  • Taylor Swift grew up on what kind of farm?
    • Christmas tree farm
  • What is the biggest supermarket chain in the US?
    • Kroger
  • Every continent has a city named ___?
    • Rome!
  • How many black keys are found on a piano?
    • 32
  • What color is a giraffe’s tongue?
    • Blueish-black. It is 18-20 inches long!
  • What was the first toy to be advertised on TV?
    • Mr. Potato Head, in 1952
  • What is the most sold item at Walmart?
    • Bananas!
  • How long do Pandas eat in a day?
    • Pandas spend 14 hours a day eating!
  • What color is toilet paper in France?
    • In France, you might notice toilet paper is Pink! This is supposed to make it more appealing.
  • What is the rarest M&M color?
    • Brown
  • What states don’t observe daylight savings time?
    • Arizona and Hawaii

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