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Outfit Packing List for Road Trip!

Outfit Packing List for Road Trip!

Hooray! You’re going on a road trip! Now the fun part begins: planning your outfits! This list will give you inspiration for what outfits to add to your packing list for road trip!

Whether you are going on a family road trip, a road trip with your gal pals, a solo trip, or a road trip with your dog, you definitely have some planning to do! 

There are a lot of road trip essentials you might want to think about packing to make your trip easier and less stressful!

One of the most important pieces to a road trip though is just being comfortable! You’ll be sitting in the car for 2,4,6, 10+ hours after all! Comfort is key!

No one wants to be uncomfortable in the car. It seems to make the ride 10x worst than it needs to be, and for no reason! With just a little planning, you can ensure you are comfortable for the entire ride- one less thing to worry about!

This packing list for road trip will give you clothing inspiration from head to toe, so take what you want from the list, or add your own ideas!

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Packing list for road trip

Packing List for Road Trip: Outfit Do's & Don'ts

When packing for vacation, many people pack all their newest and cutest outfits. Even I do this! You might even purposefully shop for new clothes to wear specifically for vacation- Hey, it’s an excuse to get new clothes, right?!

Well, when it comes to road trips, you might want to save your cute outfits for when you actually get to your destination.

One road trip mistake travelers make is not packing correctly, and this is one of those times! You won’t want to wear your cute new sundress or your brand new pair of sandals for an 8-hour car ride- I probably don’t even need to explain this one. 

Sitting in the car for too long will make your clothes wrinkly, you might spill food or drinks on them, you’ll likely go through some hot and cold flashes throughout your ride, and let’s face it: some tops and short shorts are just not comfortable for a long car ride!

Instead, think comfort FIRST! I’m not saying don’t bring those cute clothes, just keep them in your bag for a night out on the town once you get there. 

Chances are, you won’t be taking too many pictures in the car that show your cute outfit anyway. 

The bottom line? Think comfort before fashion here! (Unless you can do both, then, by all means, show us all up!)

Looking for a way to plan your road trips, and the outfits you’ll wear?! This road trip planner has over 10 pages, including a template to plan your outfits! Click here or the image above for more information!

One of the top items on your packing list for road trip should be a comfy pair of pants! This should be a no brainer since you will be sitting in a tight area for many, many hours. Jeans are probably no good here (unless of course, you find jeans to be comfy!)

I LOVE jogger-style pants. They are like regular sweatpants, but have elastic at your heels. I just find them to be much more comfortable than typical sweatpants, and they look super cute and chic! 

Most of my pajama pants are jogger style, so if that doesn’t tell you how comfy they are, I don’t know what will!

Another option is to wear those good ole yoga pants/leggings that seem to make an appearance no matter what occasion! 

Yoga pants are ideal for any day of the week, in my opinion, so a road trip should be no different!

Yoga pants are great for long car rides because they aren’t bulky and don’t get in the way every time you move positions. Plus, they are pretty cute so when you get out at a rest stop, you won’t look like a complete bum! 

Another option for comfy pants to put on your packing list for road trip is a comfy pair of shorts! This is especially important if traveling in the hot summer months. You will want to stay cool, so you can stay happy (and not cranky!) throughout your trip!

For shorts for road trips, I recommend athletic or cotton types of shorts. Skip the jean short shorts here, ladies. Those won’t be comfortable and will likely ride up a million times before you say “forget it!” and throw on a pair of athletic shorts! 

If all else fails, just slip on a pair of your favorite pajama pants for your long car ride! Especially if you are leaving well before the sunrise to get a head start on your day, PJ pants will be your best friend.

Simply roll out of bed, and get in the car! Who cares if you look like you just rolled out of bed (I mean, you did, so…). You won’t ever see those people at the rest stop again anyway!

Comfy Tops to add to your Packing List for Road Trip!

Look at this gal: she’s road trip READY, with coffee in hand!

What better way to get comfy in the car than with a big comfy hoodie?! You had to know a hoodie would be my first suggestion here, right?!

The good thing about hoodies is that you can take them off when you get too warm and put them on when you get cold. If you leave super early in the morning, it will likely be chilly out, so you might want a little something over your t-shirt underneath. 

If the thought of trying to take a hoodie off in the car and getting it caught in the seat belt gives you anxiety, maybe a zip-up hoodie would be better for you! 

You’ll get all the same benefits of wearing a regular hoodie, but taking it off and putting it on will be MUCH easier when in the car!

So, what should you wear under your hoodie or sweatshirt? A trusty t-shirt, of course! We all know you have too many free t-shirts you’ve gotten from events over the years, so many opt for one of those!

Another option to put on your packing list for road trip is a v neck or crew neck t-shirt. These pair well with just about anything! Plus, they make you look a little more put together than an old free t-shirt! 

Footwear to add to your Packing list for Road Trip!

There really is little reason (unless you’re driving) to wear most shoes while in the car. Whenever I am on a road trip, the shoes come off almost immediately!

However, it can get quite annoying having to slip them on and off when you get to a rest stop, so why not wear slippers! No one will judge you at the rest stop, and if they do, well, they’re just jealous! 

If slippers aren’t quite your style, opt for a pair of shoes that you can just slip on in a pinch. Shoes without laces are probably your best bet here, so you don’t have to waste time tying and untying them! 

I have Keds memory foam sneakers which I LOVE! They are super comfy and easy to slip on and off. 

You can also opt for a pair of slip-on sandals if you don’t feel like wearing socks and sneakers. You really will only be wearing them when you get out of the car once in a while, so anything that is easy to put on and off is key here! Think flip flops and beach shoes!

If you’ve read some of my other posts, you know I love compression socks when traveling.

Compression socks might seem like an “old person” thing, but really they are so good for our health, especially when sitting for so long!

Compression socks can help prevent blood clots and swollen legs and feet, which can happen when sitting in the car for too long!

They also make an amazing accessory to wear on an airplane, especially during long flights!

I have this pack of 3 and wear them every time we go on a long car or airplane ride, and my legs and feet feel so much better because of it!

Other Accessories for your Packing List for Road Trip

Another must-have accessory to add to your packing list for road trip is a sports bra! I probably don’t even need to tell you this one, but in case you forgot, sports bras are MUCH more comfortable than regular bras.

No one wants to sit in a car for 8+ hours with a metal wire stabbing you, your straps digging into your shoulder, etc. Opt for a sports bra (or no bra!), for ultimate comfort!

Additionally, you will likely need a pair of good sunglasses for your long car ride. Especially in the summertime, the sun can get to be a bit much after hour 4…5…6…

Do yourself a favor and have a pair of sunglasses on hand that can help give your eyes a break from the shining hot sun!

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