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Kids Travel Gifts they will Actually Use!

Kids Travel Gifts they will Actually Use!

If you have a child on your list who loves to travel, you might think to get them something they can use on their next vacation! This list of kids travel gifts will help spark some inspiration to get them the perfect gift!

Kids travel gifts can be a bit tricky, especially if they are on the younger side. No kid wants a fancy suitcase or a boring luggage weight. Get them something they will actually love and use!

The items on this list will range from all ages from toddlers to teens, so you can get a good look at what’s out there for kids!

If you need more ideas, we’ve got you covered:

There are so many travel gifts out there it can be difficult to pick just one! This list will go over some of my favorite kids travel gifts that I have come across and seen other children use!

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

kids travel gifts

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One of my favorite kids travel gifts is this travel tray. This gift is mostly geared towards younger children, though I know some adults (me) who would actually love to use this! 

When flying on an airplane or taking a long road trip, it is easy for kid’s toys, snacks, and other items to get lost and scattered around. This tray will help keep everything neat and tidy so you don’t lose your mind (even more than you already are!)

I mentioned this product in a previous list of road trip essentials, but this can easily be used on the airplane or even just sitting around on the couch!

Even if they can’t use it for a vacation anytime soon, they will still love to have their own little area with all their favorite things all in one place!

Another one of my favorite kids travel gifts is this car backseat organizer. I also mentioned this item in our list of road trip essentials, because it is just such an easy way to keep all your kid’s stuff all in one place in the car! 

Your child, no matter what age, will love having their own organizer so they can have access to all their favorite toys and snacks all in one place! 

Think about how many fewer times you will hear, “Mommm, where is my ___?” It will all be in one spot!

Plus, this organizer has a touch screen tablet holder, so they can use their iPad while it is inside the organizer! 

This pack comes with two organizers, so you can have one on the back of each seat! Talk about tons of saved room in the car!

How CUTE is this unicorn travel pillow?! If you want your kids to get good sleep on the airplane or car, giving them an adorable stuffed animal pillow might just do the trick! 

There are neck pillows in just about any animal out there, so take your kid’s favorite animal and make it in pillow form!

This one is super cool because it turns into a stuffed unicorn when you are not using it, so it serves 2 purposes that your child will love! 

I don’t know about you, but I might just have to get one of these for myself! I mean hey, why do kids get to have all the fun?!

These sleeping masks might just be my favorite kids travel gifts out there. These masks paired with the travel pillow would make a super cute and practical gift! 

Getting kids to sleep on an airplane or car (or let’s face it, just about anywhere) can be quite a challenge, so why not make sleep time more fun with these goofy masks?

Take some goofy pictures together wearing the masks, then get some zzz’s! 

Busy bags are a great gift idea for children. They come in all different types, filled with different toys and activities. 

This one comes with crayons, play dough, cars, coloring books, and more. You can save this for a long plane or car ride, or just let them play with all the stuff right away! Either way, you’ll get some peace and quiet (for a short while, anyway)

You can also make your own busy bags! Find a backpack and fill it with a bunch of fun toys and activities. 

Try going to the dollar store and stuffing the bag with tons of fun things! You can’t go wrong in the dollar store toy aisle!

This might just be the most epic kids travel gifts I have ever seen. This monster truck suitcase is perfect for any little kid who loves their trucks!

Not only will your child feel they have a responsibility to take care of their own belongings, but they will actually want to use it because, well, it’s a truck!!

Your child can push or pull the suitcase, and if they get tired of walking through the airport, they can sit on it and it can be used as a stroller! Super cool, right!?

Believe it or not, this adorable headband actually has speakers in it! 

Regular earbuds can get tangled and annoying as they fall out of your ears for the 100th time. This headband helps keep the headphones right where they should be, and also look super cute!

The headband is soft and comfortable, so you won’t have to hear your child complain about their headphones again! Plus, what kid doesn’t like a soft cute animal to wear on their head?!

Another one of my favorite kids travel gifts is this travel toiletry set. We all know it can be a struggle to get kids to practice good hygiene, especially when traveling.

These cute, TSA-approved bottles are shaped like penguins, making it impossible for any kid to not want to use them! I know I do!

These bottles will make bath time even more fun when you are away from home! 

This is one of the most AWESOME kids travel gifts! This stuffed animal plush blanket doubles as both an adorable plushie and a soft blanket!

Airplanes and traveling can get quite chilly, and no one wants to use the blankets you get on the plane. Plus, traveling with blankets can get messy, especially if your child is dragging it all over the airport floor- gross!

Solve this issue by folding up the blanket into a soft stuffed animal for your child to hold when they are not using the blanket!

These come in all different kinds of animals, so find one your child likes!

Another one of my favorite kids travel gifts are these reusable window clings. These are a great activity for kids to try on the airplane window or the car window!

These make NO mess, so your kid can go crazy with them! They are also super cheap, so you can get a bunch of them for different scenes and images.

Your kid will love sticking these all over the window, and you can relax knowing they won’t leave any messes!

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