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Must Have Baby Travel Essentials for 2024!

Must Have Baby Travel Essentials for 2024!

Traveling with a baby is no walk in the park. In fact, traveling at all is not always easy. Add a crying little human to the mix and you are in for some challenges! These baby travel essentials will help you and your baby stay happy and healthy while traveling!

Every age group has different items they need for traveling. For example, check out this list of travel items for kids, for when your little babe grows up!

Whether you are traveling on an airplane or in a car, your little babe is going to need some things. This list will cover both these methods of travel, so you can get to your destination happily and safely!

First, we will discuss baby travel essentials for flying in an airplane. You won’t want to wake the entire plane up when your little one starts crying (well, this might be inevitable, but you can try to prevent it!).

Next, we will discuss some items your baby might need when taking a long road trip. The last thing you’ll want is to hear your baby crying the entire drive!

In the meantime, check out these tips for flying with kids


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Baby Travel Essentials for Airplane Travel

Let’s face it: no one really likes flying on an airplane, and your baby is no exception. Couple that with being only a handful of months old, not knowing who you are or where you are or what’s going on, and you’ve got yourself a disaster on your hands!

No one wants to sit near a crying baby on a flight, and worse yet, no one wants to be the parent of a crying baby on a flight. Let’s see what we can do about this…

PS. Check out this guide for keeping breast milk frozen while traveling!

Airplanes can get loud! There is so much noise during a flight that you aren’t used to hearing in everyday life. While adults are able to handle it, babies will likely get upset at all the hustle and bustle and the loud engine roaring.

These baby headphones can help block some of the noise on airplanes. They are fitted for babies 3 months to 2 years old, and can do wonders for protecting your baby’s sensitive ears!

Picture this: your little one has just fallen asleep right before take-off. You pray they won’t notice the engine as you lift off, the flight staff going through safety measures, or the beeping of the seatbelt sign dinging on and off every 2 seconds.

With these noise-canceling headphones, you can have more peace of mind that your baby will stay asleep longer!

When sitting in your tight airplane seat, it may become difficult when your baby wants to sit on your lap to play or eat. The LapBaby is your solution!

The LapBaby is perfect for air travel, restaurants, at the dinner table, or anywhere your baby wants to be in on all the action. 

It lets your baby sit on your lap comfortably and safely, so you don’t need to worry about them tumbling off of your lap while they play or eat!

Plus, when you are on a plane, you should always have your seatbelt on. Having this little strap around your baby will help keep them safe in the event of any unexpected turbulence!

Picture this: You are running through the airport, finally get to your gate, and your baby needs to go down for a little nap before boarding. What are you supposed to do, lay them down on the floor? Carry your clunky stroller around everywhere?

Enter the portable bassinet: This bassinet carries just like any other duffel bag. It is small enough to be a carry-on, but has many other benefits.

Firstly, you can carry all your baby’s necessities inside it: diapers, wipes, toys, formula, you name it!

Secondly, it will fit right on top of your suitcase so you don’t need to carry it around on your shoulder through the airport.

Additionally, it comes with a removable changing pad, so you can change your baby on the go, practically anywhere!

Best of all, it comes with a fold-out bassinet that even has sides to hold your baby in! It has a soft mattress pad inside so your little babe can sleep comfortably!

If the bassinet above isn’t really your style, you might like this foldable bassinet instead. Instead of needing to carry around the entire bag, you can simply bring this foldable bassinet on the plane or to the airport!

It is small enough to pack inside another carry on bag, so you can take it out whenever you need it!

It has mesh panels to keep your baby feeling safe and comfortable enough to take a nap just about anywhere! When you are done, simply fold it up and store it away!


Flying with a baby is not easy. They might start to get fussy, so you break out the toys. However, within 2 seconds, the toy ends up rolling on the airplane floor, never to be found again. 

You’ll need the “Secure-a-Toy!” These straps let you secure your baby’s favorite toys to practically anywhere: the high chair, stroller, or even the armrest of the airplane!

Never have your baby’s toy roll away on the plane again, and you won’t have to get down on your hands and knees desperately trying to find it to get them to stop crying! 

This even works for pacifiers, which you know you’ll need to have on hand on the plane!

Baby Travel Essentials for Road Trips

Some of the items above will also be helpful when taking your baby on a road trip. However, these items will be more tailored towards what your baby might need during a long car ride (or any car ride for that matter!)

This is one of my favorite baby travel essentials! When your baby is in their car seat, it can be difficult to entertain them- they might get fussy and want to get out, or they might keep dropping their toys!

This car seat toy helps keep your baby entertained, AND keeps their toys secure and within reach at all times!

Simply attach it to the headrest of the seat, and your baby now has tons of things to play with during your long car ride: Music, lights, mirrors, soft toys, and crinkle toys!

You’ll love hearing your baby giggle as they play in the back seat, making your drive much less stressful!

Another one of my favorite baby travel essentials is this car window sunshade because it is not only great for babies, but for practically anyone of any age!

Babies will especially need these window sunshades during a long car ride because of their soft and sensitive skin. 

You can’t control the sun during your car ride, and there are never any shades in the back seat. These simply stick onto the window so you can help protect your baby from the harmful sun’s rays.

It will also keep them more comfortable when the sun is not shining directly in their eyes, and the sun is not hot on their skin. 

With your baby in the car, you will find yourself constantly turning around to check on them. This backseat mirror keeps you from needing to turn around every 5 seconds to make sure they are ok! 

It is almost 12 inches wide, so you can get a full and clear view of your little one without needing to readjust the mirror constantly. Plus when you are driving, turning around constantly is not safe for anyone!

It can be easily and quickly installed so you can keep an eye on your little one in the blink of an eye!

If you are planning to be in the car for long periods of time, you will want to ensure your baby is as comfortable as possible!

This 3 in 1 car seat support pillow will do just that. The cushion makes the car seat even more comfortable, and is breathable and perfect for hot days! 

It also provides your baby with neck support, so their head isn’t moving around too much with all the bumps and curves in the road. 

It can easily attach to any harness or car seat, making it the perfect accessory for traveling with your baby in the car!

If you don’t want to get the full car seat cushion, you can just get your baby these head support bands

They will help support your baby’s head as they drift off to sleep in their car seat, which will reduce neck pain and frequent waking as the car bounces and turns on the road. 

They attach easily to any car seat, and can be installed in just minutes!

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Thank you for reading our post about baby travel essentials! Hopefully, these items will help you and your baby travel with ease!

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