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Fun Secret Santa Travel Gifts!

Fun Secret Santa Travel Gifts!

I don’t know about you, but secret Santa gifts are always a fun activity around the holidays! The thrill of secretly gifting someone and watching them try to guess who it was from is so exciting! If you are a secret Santa for a traveler this year, this list of secret Santa travel gifts will make you the ultimate gift giver!

Secret Santa can turn out to be lame and quite a drag if you buy boring gifts. Oh great, another candle. Or wow, fluffy socks- how unique! Although not going to lie, I still like receiving those gifts sometimes!

However, to make it even more interesting this year, you will want to buy some unique, fun, and exciting gifts! Watching them open something they’ve never seen before or something they could actually use is much more exciting than another box of candy canes. 

If this list doesn’t spark an idea for you, try this list of gifts ideas for travelers or travel gifts for couples!

There are so many things frequent travelers could use but simply won’t buy for themselves. This is your opportunity to stand out as the best secret Santa gift giver this year! Not only will they love their gift, but they will actually use it!

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Most travelers these days have some kind of neck pillow. They are amazing for any kind of travel- on the plane, in the car, or train rides! However, does your secret Santa pick have a massaging neck pillow?! Probably not!

This would be an amazing gift that you can pretty much guarantee that they don’t have! You might love it so much you buy one just for yourself!

Hey, you don’t need to travel to use a massaging neck pillow. You could always just use it on the couch while watching tv!

Another one of my favorite secret Santa travel gifts is a funny sleep mask! Especially if you plan to sleep on a plane, you will definitely need a sleep mask! Why not make it fun and exciting instead of a boring plain black mask?

You can truly get a sleep mask with any saying or picture on it. This is a good time to tie in their love of travel with say, their love of cats! This will show them you truly know what they like, and they will love their gift!

This one is more of a travel gag gift than anything and will give them a good laugh. Hey- they might even use it!

This airplane armrest extender/ divider solves the problem of fighting over the armrest. Ever have that annoying passenger next to you who hogs the armrest? Well, problem solved! 

They are sure to love this gift, even if it is a big goofy and not very practical!

This is one of my favorite secret Santa travel gifts. This luggage travel cup holder is pure genius, in my opinion! 

How many times do you go through the airport with a million things in your hand, trying to juggle it all as you go through airport security? Well, now you can get your coffee and actually have a place to set it down when you need to!

You can put practically anything in here- drinks, keys, wallet, sunglasses, pen, change, etc!

Everyone knows it can be extremely difficult to get comfortable on an airplane, especially during a long flight. With this airplane footrest, you will have the extra comfort and your legs will thank you! 

It is small and compact and simply hangs on the seat in front of you. Now, you have somewhere you can actually put your feet, instead of sitting in an awkward position for hours on end! The airplane footrest will even help with the swelling!

You can even pair this gift with some compression socks, which I wear on every flight! They truly help keep your feet and legs feel comfortable on the flight by providing a boost in circulation! Say goodbye to swollen feet that keep falling asleep on the plane!

This is one of my favorite secret Santa travel gifts. Any female traveler on your list is sure to love this gift! This scarf has hidden zippered pockets, so you can hold all your important items with ease! Plus, you will look fashionable doing so! 

This will help with pickpocketing and losing important items because no one will expect your wallet or phone to be in your scarf!

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Are you a secret Santa for a traveler who is also a wine addict? Consider gifting them these amazing wine protector bags for traveling!

When you go to a new place, sometimes you want to bring a little something home with you, which sometimes means a bottle of wine. However, you might be worried it will break and spill all over the inside of your suitcase!

With these protector bags, you can bring home all the wine you want, without needing to worry about coming home to a giant wine mess!

While selfie sticks are slowly becoming a thing of the past, that doesn’t mean they aren’t a great idea! I recommend this tripod selfie stick pretty much anytime I can because it is seriously so awesome! 

This tripod selfie sticks connects to your phone through Bluetooth and gives you a little remote to take pictures with. This means you can set up your phone on the tripod and take pictures with your friends or partner without any hassle!

This is great for couples who want to take cute pictures together, without needing to awkwardly ask a stranger to take their picture!

We use this all the time whether it’s on vacation, hiking, or just for fun! 

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Another fun secret Santa travel gifts is a carry on cocktail kit! You can find these for all different types of cocktails, depending on what your friend likes the best! 

They come packaged with all the different syrups and ingredients you need to make the perfect cocktail. Simply order the alcohol on the plane, then add the other ingredients! This is a fun way to kill time on an airplane, all while taking the edge off! 

Plus, you will save some money by just purchasing the alcohol, rather than the entire fancy beverage!

This gift might seem silly, but it could really become useful during the hot summer months! This portable fan plugs in directly to your phone, and provides you some relief from the hot sun! 

When traveling, you often find yourself in extremely hot situations, such as waiting in lines, visiting a highly visited tourist spot, or just hanging out on the beach! Sometimes you just need a minute or two to cool off, and this little fan is the perfect way to do so!

If you are buying a gift for someone who loves to travel with their dog, this is the perfect gift for them! This travel set for dogs is the perfect way to keep all your pet’s supplies all in one place. 

Dogs don’t need too much when it comes to traveling, but it is still nice to keep all their belongings in one place, so you are not searching through your bags looking for their favorite toy. 

This bag lets you pack everything they could possibly need all in one spot!

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Everyone knows a vacation isn’t a vacation without some good snacks. But, how do you keep them all organized in your bag without them spilling all over? No one wants to find crunched up potato chips at the bottom of their bag!

This travel snack holder lets you keep all your snacks in one place! Simply twist off the section you want to eat, and you have your snack without a giant mess! This is also a great gift for those travelers who have toddlers who love snacks!

You can even pair this gift with some of their favorite snacks and candies!

That traveler on your list might also get a kick out of these travel shampoo bars and pouches! Traveling with liquid shampoo can really be annoying and messy! They always leak, and you can only bring 3 ounces. 

With these bars, they won’t need to worry about any of this! Plus, once they use it, they don’t have to worry about packing it to bring back home. They will truly give you more space in your bag (for souvenirs!)

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This is probably the funniest secret Santa travel gifts on this list. This mini sauce keychain is the perfect gift for any traveler who just can’t go anywhere without their favorite hot sauce! 

This is kind of a gag gift, but they will most likely use it, because why not! They are under 3 ounces, so you can take some with you wherever you go!

Another one of my favorite ssecret Santa travel gifts is simple: a makeup or toiletry bag! There are so many cute and funny options out there, that you can find one that fits the traveler on your list!

Any woman can use an extra little pouch to put their stuff in! Plus, you can even add to this gift by filling it with some travel-sized toiletry items for an extra touch!

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Luggage tags can be kind of overdone when it comes to gift-giving for travelers, however, you can’t go wrong with a funny one!

Every traveler needs a luggage tag, so why not make them fun! Plus, if they are unique, it will make it easier for them to find their bag among the sea of other black suitcases. 

What a time to be alive, am I right? I mean, who comes up with this stuff?! This sunscreen flask is the perfect gift for travelers who also like to sneak in some booze.

It looks exactly like any other sunscreen you might see, except you can fill it with whatever alcohol you want! Take it to the beach, sporting event, or practically anywhere without anyone even batting an eye!

Another fun gift for travelers is a funny passport holder! For those on your list who are international travelers, this might be the perfect option!

There are so many different colors and types of passport holders with all types of sayings on them, you are sure to find one that matches whoever you are gifting for! They will love having something that matches their personality and shows that you truly know them!

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