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Travel Gifts for Couples

Travel Gifts for Couples

With the holiday season comes a bit of stress to try to figure out what to buy everyone! If you have some travelers on your list, this list will give you some ideas of travel gift for couples.

Gifting season is hard. Sometimes you just don’t know what to get someone, but want to give them something meaningful yet useful. Plus, having to do this every year (sometimes multiple times per year for birthdays, etc.) makes it even more difficult! 

If you have a traveler on your list, you are lucky because there are tons of useful items you can get for them! Frequent travelers love getting new gear for their adventures, so they will love you forever! 

To help you get started on travel gift ideas, you can always read this list of travel gifts. Otherwise, this list will focus on travel gifts for couples. These items are truly great 2 for 1 gifts!

No one wants to be gifted (or gift) some random item from the clearance aisle of Walmart that they found last minute. These gift ideas will leave you prepared and maybe even have all your gifts bought early this year!

Ok, let’s not push it… Maybe your gifts will be ready on time this year.

So, let’s get you to be the star of the show this year- the gifter of all gifters, if you will! 

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

travel gifts for couples

This selfie stick tripod is hands down my most favorite travel item of all time. It may seem silly, but it is so helpful when traveling! I recommend this to anyone possible because I truly love it so much!

We bought this tripod about 2 years ago, and have used it probably more than any other gadget we’ve ever had! We not only use it for traveling but for other group photos and selfies.

Basically, you attach your phone to the tripod, turn on Bluetooth, then use the remote to snap pictures. This means you can take all your cute couple’s photos without having to awkwardly ask a stranger to take a picture of you two kissing. 

You can also take it on a hike, camping, family events, or just to take a picture of you in your new outfit!

Any traveling couple is sure to love this gift, and actually use it!

Read more information on how to take the best pictures on vacation!

Another great idea for travel gifts for couples is a magnetic globe. There are tons of ways to document travels these days, but this one is definitely unique!

You’ve probably seen those scratch-off maps or maps where you put your picture in where you’ve been. Chances are, your traveling couple friends have also seen this (or already have them!)

However, it is doubtful they have this magnetic globe! With this globe, they can place magnetic pins on the places they have traveled to. This is a great way to not only document their travels, but it is a nice decoration to add to their home!

The globe comes with 30 pins, so if your traveling couple has been to more places than that, they may need some extra pins! They are sure to appreciate this unique gift idea!

Yosemite park

Another great idea for travel gifts for couples is an America the Beautiful Pass. This pass allows travelers to get free entry into any of the National parks in the US.

If you know a traveler that is taking a road trip soon or just lives near some awesome parks, this pass would be super helpful!

We live right near the Rocky Mountain National Park, which we go too often. Entry into the park can be pretty expensive- $25 per vehicle!

This pass only costs $80 for the year and covers whoever is in your vehicle. It basically pays for itself if you go to 3-4 parks per year!

Whether your traveling couple is taking a road trip or just live near national parks, I can assure you they will be appreciative! You can also buy state park passes if you think they would rather have that!

A Tinggly Box is a gift I can almost guarantee your traveling couple friends have never heard of. It is truly a unique gift that they will be sure to love!

This is how it works. You choose a box then the couple can use it whenever they want. Inside each box are experiences or hotel stays. The couple is able to choose what country they are in when they want to use the gift, and also choose the experience and/or hotel! The choice is truly up to them- you just paid for it!

Some of the experiences include wine tours, helicopter tours, private tours, horseback riding, indoor skydiving, cocktails, and more! 

Let’s say you know the couple will be traveling to Paris in the next year. You can buy them this box, and they will have 10 different experiences to choose from!

There is no expiration date, so if the couple’s trip is canceled for some reason, they don’t have to rush to use it!

Doggy Daycare Gift Card

two dogs at kennel

One thing we often forget when booking vacations is, what about the doggies?! 

Unfortunately, booking kennels and camps for dogs is really expensive and can make or break the entire vacation budget. I’m talking $46 per night! If you are gone for a week, this is an extra $322 you’ve got to pay- yikes!

Hopefully, your traveling couple friends have a friend who can help watch their dog, but if not, you can help!

If you know the regular kennel they use, consider buying them a gift card or pre-paid nights. This might seem like a silly gift, but I promise you they will appreciate it during their next adventure!

Another option is to offer to watch their pup during their next vacation! You can make a cute card or a “ticket” they can cash in when they want to use it! They will most likely be happier to have someone they know watch their furry friend anyway!

Learn more about traveling with your dog!

You can even pair your gift card or “ticket” gift with this handy travel dog bag! This will keep all their dog’s food, toys, and other items together in one place!

OR, you can pair it with a pet cam! It is truly so hard to leave pups home alone, so travelers will appreciate being able to see them while away! If you are watching their pet, you can even put the camera by their crate or bed!

Another fun idea for travel gifts for couples is a subscription box! Everyone loves getting packages in the mail, especially when they are full of fun surprises! 

Cratejoy has 10 different options for travel lovers, so you can pick one that matches the couple!

For example, there are boxes for frequent campers, travelers who love to read, snow/mountain lovers, and everything in between!

No matter what kind of travel your friends like, there is a box for that! 

Subscription boxes can get expensive, so you might only buy 3-6 months worth of boxes, or whatever you can afford! It is a fun and unique alternative to getting yet another pair of monogrammed luggage tags!

Travel Scrapbook

Does your traveling couple travel the world and have little documentation of it except for Facebook pictures?

Why not get them a travel scrapbook to put together? Having pictures printed out is a nice way to reminisce on previous journeys. Having it on your bookshelf is a great reminder of the places you have been, and an easy way to show others your adventures!

Not everyone likes scrapbooking, so perhaps a photo album would be better- it all depends on the couple!

However, this will encourage them to take time to reflect on the trips they have taken and work on something together!

Even more Ideas...

When it comes to gift-giving, there is no such thing as too many ideas. It can be difficult to find the perfect gift idea, so the more the merrier!

For even more ideas for travel gifts for couples (and singles), check out these pages:

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