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Creating a Healthy Home for a Healthy Mind!

Creating a Healthy Home for a Healthy Mind!

Most people feel that if their home is clean and healthy, their mind also feels “clean” and happy. It is pretty difficult to be happy in a home that just doesn’t feel comfortable! By creating a healthy home, you will be one step closer to creating a healthy mind!

Now, I am not going to sit here and tell you all the ways you should clean your home because you already know all that. We all know we should probably be cleaning more often, so I won’t rub it in anymore!

However, it is one of the most important ways to create a healthy home, so make sure before you do any of the things on this list, you tidy up your home a bit. If you are looking for ideas on how to clean up your home, you can find some ideas here

For the rest of you, I will just assume you are cleaning fanatics, or you are just pretending you are to skip to the list! Either way, I’m cool with it. 

For the remainder of this article, when I say “healthy home” I am referring to a home that invites your mind to destress and your body to relax. So, what can we do (besides cleaning) that can help encourage this? Let’s begin!


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Breathe some Fresh Air

woman opening window curtains

Most people know that fresh air is important to their health, but many people still leave their windows locked tight for days, weeks, or even months at a time! Obviously, weather plays a part in this whether it be too hot or too cold, but when there is a nice day, open up those windows!

Getting a few windows open in your home will create a nice breeze, letting fresh air flow through your walls. Not only will this feel amazing, but it will help awaken you as well. 

Fresh air has more oxygen than the stuffy air you’ve been breathing in your home for weeks, which will leave you feeling refreshed, energized, and more alert! It is difficult to feel down when you have a fresh cool breeze flowing through your hair!

The fresh air will also replenish the air in your home and get rid of the stuffiness, which will make it smell better and feel better!

Whenever you get a good weather day (or even just a good 5 minutes), let the fresh air roll on in!

Natural Lighting in the Home

woman sitting by window with mug and book

To have a healthy home and a healthy mind, you will need some natural lighting. Artificial light like TV screens, lamps, and fluorescent light bulbs actually do more damage than good. Our body responds to artificial lighting differently than natural lighting.

For example, artificial lighting can cause sleep disturbances and disorders, depression, obesity, and more. Think about it. If you had no windows in your house and only had lamps, it would get quite depressing. Plus, you would never know what time it was without a clock. 

Therefore, windows are our friends! Especially during the day, keep your blinds wide open and let the natural lighting flow through your home. Sunshine helps us feel good, and even gives us important vitamins! 

Obviously, you won’t be able to have natural light all day, but keep your lights off as much as possible and rely on the world’s natural light!

Best Plants for the Home

house plants

Any truly healthy home has life in it… aside from you. What I mean is, PLANTS! A home just feels much more alive and thriving with some sort of life in it besides you (no offense).

Think cactus, bamboo, a fresh bouquet of flowers on the dining room table, a miniature tree (I’m not a plant expert, forgive me), just some kind of plant to liven up the place! Just the sound of all those plants gives off a certain vibe, doesn’t it?

Plus, plants help with the air quality in your home, making it healthier and cleaner. Just make sure you get a plant that requires little effort if you aren’t known to have a green thumb!

Another way to create a healthy home is to put on some essential oils! I personally love essential oils, but I know others have differing viewpoints. 

However, they give your home a nice, subtle, clean smell, without you needing to worry about leaving a candle burning. Some say they have some medical or mental benefits, but that’s up for your own discretion.

There are many different types of oil diffusers now, that come in all different shapes and sizes, so you can get one that fits the theme of your home!

Try out different blends of oils to gain a specific “feel” in your home, depending on what you are seeking!

Even if they don’t have any benefits, at the very least, they smell nice- and a nice smelling home never hurt anyone!

Candles for Relaxation

white and gray lit candles

For those of you that aren’t quite into oil diffusers, try burning a nice candle! Candles are a classic relaxation tool, and make your home smell great!

Choose a scent that gives off the vibe you are seeking: vanilla or lavender for relaxation or an orange or lemon zest for an energizing feel.

In my opinion, you can never have too many candles, so stock up! 

Additionally, candles create a healthy home feeling at night time. Just picturing a candle burning while you snuggle up and read a book with some tea is enough to get me feeling relaxed!

One suggestion is to get one of those candles that flickers and sounds like a fireplace crackling. These add another layer to your home by adding these sounds, which can be super relaxing! You can get one here

Create Open Space

white kitchen with fireplace

Imagine yourself trying to relax in a room with the kid’s toys all over the floor, dirty dishes on the coffee table, food wrappers lying around, clothes on the floor, etc. This just makes me uneasy thinking about it!

A healthy home needs space, just like you do! I know I said I wasn’t going to talk about cleaning, but it really needs to happen.

At the very least, try to create as much open space as you can. Even if this means shoving some stuff into a corner somewhere, it’s better than nothing!

Having the space to move around without stubbing your toe on something on the floor will make a healthy home and give you more peace of mind!

This also includes decluttering- which I know, it sometimes feels like you’re doing this all day everyday! But it really does help make your home feel more open, less chaotic, and more enjoyable to be in. 

Even just doing some decluttering for 5 minutes a day (maybe before you go to bed at night- waking up to a nice clean home is a great start to start the day!), can be enough to make your home feel healthier and happier! 

Make the Bed

bed with pillows next to nightstand

Again, I know I said I wasn’t going to talk about cleaning. BUT, making the bed is one of the easiest (and quickest) ways to make your home feel cleaner. 

It takes only a few minutes, and if you do it first thing in the morning, your home will automatically feel more put together!

I know some days it can be a drag, and you just don’t want to. However, just know things will feel much better if you do it! 

You don’t even need to do it like they do in the hotel rooms. Just throw the comforter over the top, and put some throw pillows on there. Bam. Done.

It’s the little things that count towards a healthy home. They all come together to create a home that feels put together, happy, healthy, and clean!

I just know when I make the bed, I automatically feel like things look and feel better!

Maybe even get a cute throw blanket to lay on the bottom of the bed for some extra decorative flair! 

Another easy way to create a healthy home (and build some healthy hygiene habits) is to buy some nice hand soap to put in your kitchen or bathroom.

Find some hand soap that smells amazing and also leaves your hands feeling moisturized and refreshed. This will help you wash your hands longer, keeping you and your home cleaner and healthier!

Plus, it will smell amazing, which will make you feel better about where you are living and will leave your hands feeling amazing! 

Something about a nice smelling hand soap makes washing your hands a much better experience, at least in my opinion!

Create a Comfy Nook

nook by window with books candles and pillow

Everyone loves a comfy spot in the home to cuddle up and watch TV or read a good book. Part of a healthy home includes creating a place where you can feel comfortable and relaxed, so this might look different for everyone!

Get a giant fluffy chair or couch to lay on, some chunky blankets, squishy pillows, or even a recliner! Whatever you need to do to create your own “zen den”! 

You can even get a floating chair, a canopy, a futon, and practically anything you can imagine! Get a nice end table to place your drink, a footrest, a fan, etc. The possibilities are endless! 

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