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Travel with Confidence in your own Body

Travel with Confidence in your own Body

It’s no secret that going on vacation and spending time at the beach or pool can be a source of stress from some people. Both men and women alike deal with self consciousness, especially when having to wear a bathing suit. Learn how to travel with confidence in your body!

You might be all too familiar with feeling uncomfortable in a bathing suit at the beach or pool. Which, of course, is why you are here reading this article! Or, maybe your friend or partner is having a difficult time, and you want to help support them (kudos to you!)

Many people go on crash diets or work out excessively prior to a vacation, which as we all know, is the unhealthy route. Even after diets and exercise, some of us are still unhappy with our bodies.

This can make your vacation stressful and make you feel uncomfortable. You spent all this money on a trip, are at a beautiful place enjoying the sunshine, yet all you can think about is how your body looks in that outfit or that bathing suit.

That’s no way to spend your well-earned vacation! As important as it is to be healthy on vacation, being confident in yourself and having a good time is more important!

These tips will help you find confidence in yourself, so you can enjoy your vacation to its fullest!

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No one really cares

change your thoughts and you will change your world

To travel with confidence, it is important to remember no one really notices (or cares) how you look. In fact, you are the one who notices and cares the most! 

Your thoughts about yourself are much louder in your own head. The truth is, even if someone does look at you and thinks something negative about you, it would only be a fleeting thought. They’re not going to spend their entire day at the beach or pool thinking about you.

Plus, you don’t know what they are thinking anyway! Sure, someone might look at you. You might assume the worst! However, maybe they were just looking behind you, or liked your hair, or your bathing suit, or literally ANYTHING else than what you are thinking!

Try to remember that not everyone is out to get you. No one goes to the beach to spend their day thinking about how people look in their bathing suits. That’s just silly!

Additionally, even if they did think something negative about you. Who really cares? If you don’t know them, you’ll never see them again- so why let it bother you?

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Confidence looks good on you


Confidence is the best defense you can have. Even if you do actually feel negative about yourself and the way you look, confidence is a great cover-up. Plus, it will help you to actually feel confident.

When others act confident in how they look, they actually appear more attractive. People like confidence (not cockiness), so strut your stuff! Think about it, have you ever seen someone feeling uncomfortable and thought, ‘Wow! They look great!’… probably not!

By acting confident, you put the power in your own hands. Others might even look up to you! You will be seen as a leader and an inspiration to others to be confident in yourself!

Instead of hiding under a towel or covering your body with your arms, enjoy yourself! If you act confident in who you are, others will notice and think more positively of you!

No one is forcing you to wear a bathing suit

green bathing suit with shorts and tank top

The best way to travel with confidence is to remember, no one makes the rules but you. No one is forcing you to wear anything! You don’t have to wear a bathing suit.

If wearing a bathing suit really truly makes you feel so uncomfortable that it will ruin your day, don’t wear one! Wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident in yourself

Luckily, there are tons of bathing suits out there nowadays. Find one that works well with your body type, and makes you feel good!

Or, if you want to wear a t-shirt and shorts to the beach, so be it! If you want to try wearing a bathing suit to start, go for it! If you start to feel uncomfortable you can always slip your shirt back on. No one will care, I promise!

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Most people feel this way

hands stacked on each other

To travel with confidence in your body you must remember, most people feel this way. All body types can feel a certain level of self-consciousness in a bathing suit.

After all, you are really exposing yourself to the world. It seems natural you might feel a little weird! 

Even those with athletic body types feel self-conscious at times. Maybe that guy over there has bigger muscles than you. Or that girl looks better in her bathing suit than you. We all feel these things- it’s totally natural!

By understanding that we all experience this on some level, we can understand each other better. Spread positivity, give someone a smile, and be kind! You are not the only one!

Don't miss out on memories

woman looking at pictures

The most important thing to remember to travel with confidence is that it can make you miss out on amazing opportunities and building memories. 

Say you go to the beach or pool for the day, and spend the entire time worrying about how you look. When you are older and look back on this vacation, do you want to think about how you wasted your whole vacation worrying about yourself? Or do you want to remember the good times?

Give yourself a break! You deserve this vacation. Don’t squander it by poking at every little thing you think is wrong with your body! Let your mind and body take a break from these intrusive thoughts. Let them go! 

Be sure to practice some self-care while on vacation. This will help calm your mind and anxieties! 

You won't see these people again

love your self

One of the best parts about going on vacation is that you likely won’t see anyone you know, and you likely won’t see any of these people ever again.

If you are working on your confidence, this is actually the best time to do it!

It can be hard to practice self-confidence in front of people you are around every day. Why not test some things out knowing if things go wrong, you won’t ever see these people again. 

Traveling is a great opportunity to try out new versions of yourself. Who knows, you might like what you find! Bring this version of yourself home with you!

Talk with your friends or family

two woman talking at a table

If you are really struggling to travel with confidence in your body, consider confiding in a trusted friend or family member. Especially if they are traveling with you, they can help lift your spirits and keep you positive!

You can also talk to them about anything that you might have planned on the trip that makes you uncomfortable. Or, if you are feeling too uncomfortable at the beach or pool, you can talk with them and let them know you want to leave.

Having someone on your side is a great way to build your confidence. You will be surprised by the positive things people will have to say about you! We are our own worst critics. Sometimes you just need to hear from someone else what the truth is!

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