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Travel Fit: How to Stay Healthy & Active while Traveling!

Travel Fit: How to Stay Healthy & Active while Traveling!

Many travelers opt to workout hard before their vacations, in order to look their best. But what about once you get there- do you really want all your hard work to disappear? Plus, you might get into a routine and actually want to work out, even on vacation! Here, I will give you some tips on how travel fit!

Now, if you don’t choose to incorporate physical activity into your vacations, don’t stress! It’s not for everyone, and taking a break from working out might actually help some people in the long run!

If you have been working out most days for a while, your body might appreciate taking some rest days! So, don’t feel bad, but remember to get your steps in and try to incorporate some healthy habits into your days!

For those of you actively looking to schedule and plan some exercise during your travels, you’ve come to the right place! These exercises and ideas will be super easy to add to your daily schedule, and require little to no equipment- meaning no excuses!

It can feel great to get a little sweat on while traveling, especially if you are eating more calories than usual and enjoying the food in your area!

Plus, exercising might just make you feel better and make you feel your best- so absolutely enjoy it!

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. 

be active on vacation

Incorporate active activities in your schedule


The most obvious and easiest way to be active on vacation and travel fit is to incorporate active activities into your schedule! This does not mean you have to schedule a family-run or a 5K race (although if you like this sort of thing, absolutely do it!)

If not, try to plan fun activities in your days that will get your heart rate up. One good idea is going window shopping! You didn’t think I’d say that, did you?!

Going shopping or walking around the downtown area is a super simple and fun way to get your body moving and heart rate going. Plus, you get to shop and explore!

Some destinations you will naturally walk more than others. For example, you will definitely hit over 10,000 steps during a Las Vegas vacation!

You can also schedule hikes on your vacation. This might be easier in certain locations than the other. If there are no good mountains or spots around, just plan a walk. You can always pack a picnic, and walk or hike to a pretty spot!

You can also sign up for a walking tour. While sightseeing (either on your own or on a tour) you will be taking many more steps than you would think!

Another idea is to go snorkeling. Swimming is a great physical activity, and plus snorkeling is awesome! Get your heart pumping and see some amazing sea life at the same time!

You can even consider going skiing or ice skating, if available in the area. These are always fun activities, and get you exercising without really knowing it!

In hotel room exercises

man doing crunches beside bed

If you are looking to get some exercise before even leaving the hotel- you’re in luck! There are a ton of ways you can exercise in your hotel room. If you’re someone who works out at home anyway, this will be easy for you!

To travel fit, do some workout videos in your hotel room before you head out for the day! Many exercises require little space and equipment. You can just use your body weight for tons of advanced workouts!

There are some workouts you can do with equipment that is super easy to pack and bring on vacation. For example, I have these resistance bands, and they are amazing! You can work out pretty much any part of your body with these, and they take up little room! You can simply fold them up in your suitcase and you are good to go! They also come in different resistant strengths, so you can just pack the ones you will need!

I also have these long resistance bands that are great to use for different workouts. They also require little space in your suitcase, making it a great carry on item!

You don’t even need to use a yoga mat. You can simply use a towel or two from the hotel if you need a mat to lay on. Or, just lay on the bed! Whatever you gotta do!

Pro tip: don’t lay on and try not to touch the hotel room floor- it is one of the top places to never touch in your hotel room!

Here are some ideas of some easy workout moves you can do in your hotel room!

Use the hotel gym

treadmills in a gym

I know.

Sorry for telling you you should go to the gym. But, its the easiest way to maintain your fitness routine! Hotel gyms are typically very clean since most guests don’t use them at all!

In fact, only about 22% of people actually use the hotel’s fitness facility, so you can be pretty confident the equipment will be pretty clean and well maintained!

Plus, they will be empty, which is a glorious sight for any avid gym-goer. With an empty gym, you can experiment with all those exercises you’ve been wanting to try, or groan as loud as you want during that last rep!

Hotel gyms sometimes have different equipment than you are used to, so it can be fun to try out some new stuff!

If you just go to the gym to do your regular workout, you are much more likely to actually do it, rather than if you stayed in your room. Something about the gym puts you in a state of mind that you’re ready to WORK!

Make sure you pack at least one shirt and pair of shorts and your sneakers for your trip. Even if you don’t end up using them, you will be reminded that you at least attempted to work out at some point during the vacation. 

If you do not have any workout clothes in your suitcase, many hotels offer clothing programs where you can borrow a set of clothes in order to work out!

Fitness App

fitness app

If all else fails, use your fitness app! Maybe you don’t want to use the hotel gym but aren’t motivated enough to do your own workouts in the hotel room. Or, maybe your hotel (or hotel, AirBnB, etc.) don’t have a gym at all!

Downloading a fitness app is an extremely easy way to get a good workout in. Plus, I don’t know about you, but I get super motivated to work harder when its a workout video!

I love the Beach Body on-demand app for your phone, and I love all their workouts. I always know I’m going to get a great workout when I use it!

Or, record/download your favorite workout that you typically do at home, and keep that on your phone to refer back to. 

Even if you just do a quick 10-minute workout in the morning, you should still feel proud of yourself! It’s much more than most people do on vacation, and you will feel much better afterward!

Go for a swim!


What better way to travel fit than to go for a swim! Chances are, at some point you will find yourself at the beach or pool.

Even if you are not typically a swimmer, you can still burn a bunch of calories by swimming casually. You don’t even need to swim laps to get a workout in.

Just by swimming casually, you are burning more calories than you think! You can even go to the deep end and tread water for a few minutes at a time, and you will be surprised how much your heart starts beating!

Or, play with the kids! Play Marco Pollo or dive for some rings! Definitely more active than laying by the pool all day!

If you want to take laps and do more pool exercises while you are there, try to go to the pool right when it opens, as there will most likely be way fewer people (if any) there at that time!

If you are going to the pool or beach, don’t forget these ideas of what to bring on a beach day!

Schedule walks during your day

woman walking on side of road

If you are trying to travel fit, schedule as many walks as possible. When traveling and exploring, walking doesn’t seem as hard, because you are in a new place and seeing exciting things.

When you are going from place to place, check to see how far it is ahead of time, and see if you can walk instead of drive. Walking is also a great place to enjoy much of the city, and get a better feel for what it is like! Who knows, you might even stumble upon something you would have never seen if you didn’t walk!

You can also plan to take a walk in the park while you sip on your morning coffee, or take a stroll after dinner to watch the sunset. Exercises don’t have to be full-on sweat and heavy breathing on vacation. Just taking the time to get some extra steps in during your day can really help your health!

Maybe even take a walk on the beach on the shoreline with your loved one, or take a walking tour at a monument. Walk around a historic cemetery, through a garden, or around a museum!

There is a ton of walking to be done on vacation, so don’t feel bad if it is the only physically active thing you do on vacation! I know I typically walk over double the amount I usually do while traveling!

Get Zenn-ed out


Doing yoga is a great way to be active on vacation and travel fit. If you are new to yoga, it might not seem like you would get your heart rate up- but you’ll be surprised.

Yoga is also a great way to be more mindful when traveling. Travel is often filled with tight schedules, stresses, and can be tiring! Don’t forget to take the time to actually remember your trip! Take 20 minutes, maybe at night, to relax, wind down, and reflect on the day! 

Yoga is also super easy to do in your hotel room. Simply lay a towel or two down on the floor, and you’ve got a makeshift yoga mat!

I also like Beachbody’s yoga videos, and they have an app making it easy to bring them anywhere. I also like Yoga with Adrienne on Youtube, which is wonderful for those both new and advanced in yoga!

You can also take your yoga mat or a towel to the nearby park, or up a mountain or overlook and do some yoga! This would be a great way to start or end your day, and get some fresh air and unwind!

Here are some more ways to take care of your mental health and practice self care while traveling

Exrecise in lines

waiting in line

Lastly, this one might seem kind of weird, but it works! Often times while on vacation, you will find yourself standing and waiting in lines or crowds.

Instead of just standing there, get your body moving! It does not have to be anything drastic, and don’t worry about anyone staring- you won’t see them ever again anyway!

Think about doing things like toe raises, squats, lunges, etc. You can also take this time to do some stretching- your legs will appreciate it after all the walking! Touch your toes, do some arm and neck circles, and whatever feels good to you!

Even a few minutes of getting your heart rate up and stretching a bit can make your body feel much better, and can help your legs from getting sore when standing in so many lines!

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What are some things you do to be active on vacation and travel fit? What are some things you do while on vacation to take care of your mental and physical health? How to eat healthy, while balancing enjoying the food where you are visiting? Let me know in the comments section below! I would love to hear your thoughts and advice!

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