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Dollar Tree Travel Hacks you Won’t Believe!

Dollar Tree Travel Hacks you Won’t Believe!

With all the added costs of flights, hotels, car rentals, tickets, etc., it can be difficult to justify spending money on travel accessories. These Dollar Tree travel hacks will help you get the essential travel items for a fraction of the cost!

There are many things you can purchase for your vacation that will help make your travels easier and more comfortable. You can view a list of some of these things in our top carry on items guide!

On this list, you will find items ranging from packing containers, beach essentials, kids’ travel items, to sleeping products. They will all be worth a try, especially because they will only cost you one dollar!

Unfortunately, many items on the Dollar Tree website require you to buy a case or a minimum number of each product. It may be better for you to visit your nearby store if you are not planning on buying 20+ of each item!

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

dollar store travel

Dollar Tree Travel Hacks!

There are many items you can get at the Dollar Store (or other discount retailers) that make excellent travel accessories! Instead of paying full price for costly travel items, consider using these discounted versions! 

zebra and cheetah sleep masks
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These sleep masks a great Dollar Tree travel hack. Sleep masks make it much easier to sleep on an airplane, car, train, or for a quick nap during the daytime. If you are looking for something with a little more quality and comfort, consider this 2 pack of sleep masks from Amazon for just $6.99! 

mesh laundry bag
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This cheap mesh laundry bag is a great way to keep laundry separate from your clean clothes during a vacation. Aside from its typical use, consider using the laundry bag as a sandbag. When going to the beach, place your child’s toys, beach towels, etc. in the bag so you don’t end up taking home a bunch of sand! 

You might also want to consider this beach sandbag that is a little larger, and made for the beach! 

For more information on what to bring to the beach, read our guide on beach essentials!

white blue and green round weekly pill cases
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Small pill cases are a great way to organize your medicines and prescriptions during your travels. Instead of taking all the large bulky pill bottles, you can simply pack what you need for each day, which will save tons of room and keep all your medicine in one place! 

Aside from their typical use, you can also use these to store small items such as earrings and other jewelry so they do not get lost. Another option to store small items is to use clean contact cases! Read more on essential packing tips every traveler should know!

You can find these in different sizes, shapes, and colors as well depending on your preference and potential use! 

Dollar Store Clothespins

Clothespins are another awesome Dollar Tree travel item. While they have many uses, one trick is to use them in your hotel room. Often times, the curtains in your hotel leave a small gap, just enough to let the sunshine in on your face in the morning. Simply use the clothespin to keep the curtains together!

You can also use clothespins to keep your toothbrush from touching the hotel bathroom counter, as hotel rooms can be dirty! Simply put the clothespin close under the bristles, which will give it a boost to avoid the counter.

For more, read our clever hotel hacks to improve your stay!

colorful duct tape rolls
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Another great Dollar Tree travel hack is duct tape! Grab some rolls of colorful duct tape, the crazier the better. Use the duct tape to help label your suitcase, so it is easier to identify! Wrap a piece around the handle, or go crazy and make a cool design around the entire suitcase. You will be able to spot it from a mile away! Plus, if your suitcase ever goes missing, you will have more of a descriptor instead of, “it’s the black suitcase….”

Amazon has some crazy tape designs and colors as well, so check them out for more options! Have your kids help decorate your suitcases- I’m sure they will love this activity!

four pairs of striped flip flops
image from

Believe it or not, the Dollar Store actually has some cute flip flops! If you are going somewhere where you will need a spare pair of flip flops to go to the beach or pool, these are perfect! Plus, they are just one dollar, so get a few different designs! They are also good if you are staying in a hostel and want to wear flip flops in the shower.

You might also want to take a look at the dollar sunglasses. While they may not be the best, they are great to have as a backup pair in case you lose or sit on your good pair!

They even have bride/bridesmaid flip flops, if you are wondering what to pack for your honeymoon!

If you are traveling with children, these gel window clings will be a lifesaver! Your child can play with these on the airplane or car window, without you needing to worry about a mess or them getting stuck! You can typically find these in the holiday aisle of the Dollar Store, or in the craft aisle. 

Read more about how to keep kids busy on an airplane

clear rain poncho
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No matter where you are traveling, or what season it is, it is a smart idea to have a rain poncho with you on your vacation. You never know when it might start to downpour- you don’t want to be left soaking wet! Simply pack the poncho in your day bag, just in case! It is small enough to pack, and you will be thankful you have it!

Read more ideas of what to pack in your vacation day bag. 

travel liquids bottles
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Many travelers are not aware that plastic TSA approved liquids bottles are sold at the Dollar Store! They sell all kinds from typical bottles, spray bottles, and small containers. If you are looking for a more complete set for packing liquids, consider this liquids case– I use it and it is awesome!

You can also find travel products like shampoo, soaps, shaving cream, lotion, etc. at the dollar store that are already 3 ounces or under. Simply take what you need, put them in a zip lock bag, and you’ll be all set!

Dollar Store Binder Clips

Another Dollar Tree travel item is binder clips! You can get these in bulk for super cheap, and they have tons of uses. One way to use them is to place a binder clip over the head of your shaving razor.

I pretty much lose the plastic cap almost immediately after taking it off, then left with a sharp razor head out in the open! Simply place the binder clip over it to prevent injuries, or catching on any of your clothes. 

green pink and purple shower caps
Image from

Shower caps are a great thing to have in general, especially if you don’t wash your hair every day. You might come back from a day of sightseeing, and want to shower to freshen up before going to dinner- but you don’t want to wash your hair again. These are a great solution!

You can also use shower caps to hold your shoes in your suitcase, so they don’t get your clothes dirty. They can also be used to cover the hotel remote, as it is one of the dirtiest places in a hotel room! You may want to use clear shower caps for these purposes. 

Unfortunately, these shower caps are quite small (they don’t cover all my hair, and I have thin hair), so you might want to consider these larger shower caps if using them for their actual purpose!

pineapple beach bags
Image from

Who knew you could get these super cute tote bags for only one dollar! These days, you can use tote bags for practically anything- groceries, going to the beach, as a carry-on, going to the pool, the list is endless!

Keep one in your day bag as well when out sightseeing- you never know if you might collect some souvenirs, and the plastic bags might become ripped or hard to carry in your hand all day. 

Grab a handful of these bags, as I am positive you will find multiple uses for them. Plus, if they get lost or broken- they were just one dollar, so who cares! 

blue oven kit and pot holder
Image from

This one might sound crazy, but hear me out! Sometimes you need to pack your hot straightener or curling iron in a hurry, but you don’t want to burn your clothes! You can simply put it inside an oven mitt, and you won’t have to worry about it! A towel can also work if you don’t have anything else or an old T-shirt. 

You can also get a product meant for this purpose, like this silicone flat iron pouch. 

Read more about beauty hacks travelers should know!

If you are taking a long road trip (or even if you are just in your car a lot), consider this cereal container garbage can. simply take the lid off, place a small garbage bag inside, and replace the lid. Now you have a small portable trash can, that even has a lid to trap the smells. While it is not the biggest trash can ever, it is better than throwing candy wrappers, plastic silverware, and gum wrappers all over your car!

You can find these at the dollar store in their kitchen organization and storage aisle. 

Read more about road trip essentials to make your travels easier!

vacuum storage bags
Image from

Who knew the dollar store has vacuum storage bags?! These are a travelers dreams, especially for long term travel. With these storage bags, you can fit SO much more in your suitcase- just remember the weight will remain the same! For one dollar, you can’t beat the price!

Read more about essential packing tips travelers should know about!

Dollar Store Kids Toys

In order to keep kids occupied on long haul plane rides or road trips, it is essential to have tons of activities to keep them busy! Take a walk down the kid’s aisle of the dollar store, and fill a bag up of items they might enjoy. When your child begins to whine or get bored, you can present a new item! Hopefully, this can help kill some time! 

Read more about airplane hacks for kids

three toothbrushes and toothbrush cases
Image from

Toothbrush holders are an obvious way to keep your toothbrush clean, but have you ever thought of using them to store other items?

A clean toothbrush case can be an easy way to keep headphones, chargers, and other cables from getting tangled up in your suitcase. Eyeglass holders are another great option for this as well! This will keep your cables easily accessible in your carry on bag!

Read more about the best carry on bag

red and blue scarves
Image from

The dollar store has tons of scarves, both for fashion and cold weather, of all types of color and patterns. These will come in handy if you are planning to visit any churches or temples on your vacation. Most of these places do not allow you to enter if you are showing your shoulders, or revealing too much cleavage. Having a scarf will allow you to cover up so you don’t have to worry about getting denied!

Additionally, they are good to have if you are going out to eat, and want to cover up a little more, or if it is chilly inside!

Thank you for reading our Dollar Tree travel hacks! What are some things you have bought from the dollar store (or another discount retailer) that you used for travel? Let us know in the comment section below- we would love to hear from you!

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