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Dog Hotel Stay Packing List

Dog Hotel Stay Packing List

If you have a dog, you know how hard it can be to leave them and go on vacation. They are your furry best friend and you wish you could take them everywhere! So, why not?! When you take your dog on vacation with you, they are going to need some items. Here is a dog hotel stay packing list to help guide you!

Obviously, your dog needs his food and bowls, but what about other items to keep him comfortable and happy, especially if he stays in the room alone?!

Being in a new environment, you pup might be nervous and anxious, and will need some reassurance. When we took our dog Ollie to a few hotels last year, he was all sorts of confused! 

He needed a lot of reassurance, and having items from home helped him feel better. 

You might also be interested in tips for taking a cross country road trip with your dog, which has its own set of challenges!

Being prepared and having the right products will help you and your dog both have an easy and stress free travel experience!

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dogs hotel stay packing list

The first item on our dog hotel stay packing list is their crate, blanket, bed, etc. This is an obvious one, but it should be included on the list anyway, just in case you forget!

Especially if you have a young dog or one who likes to rip things apart when you are gone, you might want to bring a crate to keep them in if you leave the hotel room. You won’t want any unwanted hotel charges! This will also prevent them from having accidents in the hotel room!

This will also help your dog feel comfortable having something from home to sleep on. This travel pet mat is a good item to bring to the hotel room, so your dog has a comfy spot to lay on (if you don’t want them up on the bed!)

If your dog typically sleeps in a crate, or stays in a crate when you leave the room, make sure to bring it! Make your hotel room as close to home as possible, to give your dog as much comfort as you can. 

Another obvious item on our dog hotel stay packing list is their food, bowls, and treats. These dog travel bowls are a great way to keep your dogs food and bowl all together in one place, for easier travel. 

This is not the time to try giving your dog new food or treats- I’m sure I don’t have to explain this one!

However, if your dog has special wet food or treats they like (and their stomach handles well), consider bringing it with you to the hotel. Having a nice treat will help keep your pup happier and calmer!

If your dog has issues with drinking water from new places, make sure you bring a bunch of water bottles with their special water from home (yes, this is a real thing!) Keep everything around mealtime as close to home as possible.

The last obvious item on our dog hotel stay packing list is their favorite toys! Especially if you have a young dog with a lot of energy, you will want to give them plenty of toys so they don’t rip apart the hotel room.

If your dog has a favorite squeaky toy or ball, make sure you bring it along with you. Your dog will be happy to have their favorite thing with them in a new strange place.

Consider buying them new toys as well. They will likely get stir crazy and bored in the small hotel room, so have plenty of new toys to give them throughout your stay to keep them occupied.

This dog puzzle toy is a great option to keep your dog busy. You can fill it with their favorite treats, and they will be occupied for a while, instead of bothering you to go outside the whole time!

This toy is also a great item to give your dog if you need to leave them in the hotel room. It will provide them with plenty of entertainment (and treats!) to keep them busy while you are gone. 

Along with busy toys, pack your dog some bones! Try to find bones that take a long time for your dog to get through, to give them as much entertainment as possible.

My dog loves bully sticks, and they take him a while to eat. Plus, they are much healthier than rawhide for dogs. Additionally, antlers are a great busy bone for dogs, as they love the marrow inside! 

Take a look online or at the pet store (and even take your dog along with you!) to see what bones he likes, and feel how hard they are to determine how long it will take them to chew through.

If (and when) your dog gets bored in the hotel room, throw them a bone and I’m sure they will be happy!

Having a dog travel bag will be a great resource when traveling. When you are on vacation, you will have tons of bags and suitcases to worry about, so you will not want to think about all your dog’s belongings being all over the place. 

Here, you can pack everything your dog needs, and have it packed all in one place. Plus, it comes with the foldable dog bowls, food and treat storage, and even has a sleeve to put over your suitcase handle. 

It is small enough to easily pack in your car but big enough to hold everything you need! 

If you have a dog who sheds, you know how quickly the entire room can become covered in hair! Having a de-shedding brush will help keep your dogs hair from sticking to every corner of your hotel room. 

Some hotels might have policies or fees when it comes to dogs shedding all over the room, but this is mostly about curtesy. It only takes a minute or two to brush your dog, and this will help to housekeep massively when it comes to cleaning up after you and your dog!

Plus, it will help keep your dog’s coat shiner and softer, and is just an overall good thing to do to help keep your pup healthy! Many dogs enjoy getting brushed as well, so it can double as a calming tool, or help them get to sleep!

Another good idea to put on your dog hotel stay packing list is this foldable playpen! Especially if you have a puppy, you won’t want them running all around the hotel room, potentially chewing the couch or carpet. 

Having a playpen is a great way to keep your dog safe in one area in your hotel room. You can keep all his toys in here, along with their food and water bowls. 

Plus, you can even use this outside! If you take your dog to the park or yard, you can pop up this playpen, and let them play without worry. 

This is even a great item if you have a new puppy who is still potty training, so he won’t have accidents throughout the house! 

This extra long dog leash is something we have used frequently, especially when on a road trip with a dog

When stuck in a hotel room without a yard to run around freely in, your dog will likely become restless. Sure, you can take him on a walk around the block, but they need to run and get their energy out! 

Having a super long dog leash will allow your dog to have the freedom to run and explore while giving you the comfort knowing he is still secure on a leash.

Find a wide-open field near the hotel, and let your dog run around, sniff, and explore! You can even have a seat on the ground and let him wander, knowing you have him safe in your hands. 

Just remember, if you see a person or a dog coming, be sure to real the leash in quickly as it can take extra time to gather the long leash!

Having a specific towel for your dog is a good item to have on your dog hotel stay packing list. Especially if it is rainy or muddy, or you are doing any outdoor activities, your dog’s paws are sure to get dirty!

You won’t want your dog tracking in tons of mud and dirty, getting it all over the carpet and bed. Think about it- you probably won’t have any cleaning materials with you, so it can get dirty really fast!

Sure, you could use a hotel towel, but they are typically white and will look brown and dirty. This would just be inconsiderate for housekeeping!

Plus, having a towel just for your pup will come in handy at other times too! Keep it in your car or in your dog’s travel bag for a quick clean up on the go. 

As all dog owners know, dogs like to get into trouble! You never know when your dog might step on something sharp, get a cut or scrape, or need their paw to be wrapped up. 

Having a pet first aid kit will help calm your fears, especially when traveling somewhere new away from your normal vet. 

Of course, call a vet nearby if anything serious happens, or if injuries don’t get better.

Just like humans, dogs can get nervous when going to a new place, and especially when staying overnight somewhere new. Having an anxiety vest can be a good way to help calm your dog’s fears and stress. 

This vest will help calm your dog by giving him a soft and gentle hug. Think of it as a weighted blanket, but for dogs!

You may also want to contact your dog’s vet if your dog has recurring issues with long car rides, staying in new places, or is just generally anxious. The vet may be able to give you some calming medications or other advice to help keep your dog feeling happy and healthy. 

As always, never give your dog any supplements or other calming solutions without first contacting your vet to make sure it is safe! 

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