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What to Pack for an All Inclusive Resort

What to Pack for an All Inclusive Resort

If you have never been on an all-inclusive vacation, you are in for a real treat! They are the epitome of relaxation and paradise, and you will come home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! If you have never been to an all-inclusive resort, you might be wondering, ‘What do I pack?!’ We’ve got the answer to your question: what to pack for an all inclusive resort?

Because everything is included at the resort, you really don’t need to bring much! There is something freeing about packing light, and that is exactly the goal here.

Even if you are going on some off-resort excursions, you still don’t need to bring that much! When in doubt, pack as light as possible for your all-inclusive trips, but don’t forget the following items!

For more information and packing tips, read our essential packing tips every traveler should know!

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Packing for an all inclusive vacation

The first item on our list of what to pack for an all inclusive resort  is, of course, bathing suits

On all-inclusive vacations, you will spend 90% of your time in your bathing suit, so make sure you bring a few. You won’t want to put a wet bathing suit on the next day, so make sure you have a couple to rotate between while they dry!

Between lounging at the pool bar, warming up in the hot tub, and catching some waves in the ocean, your bathing suits will be put to good use! 

These bathing suit wet bags are perfect for holding all your wet items, so they don’t get your other clothes soaking wet! Especially for packing to go home, you will want a leak-proof pouch! 

Many resorts have rules that you must wear a cover-up or clothes over your bathing suit when coming from the pool/beach to get a snack or meal at one of the restaurants.

This is completely understandable, as you wouldn’t want a bunch of half-naked people around your food! Get yourself a cute cover-up to slip over your bathing suit before going to eat! 

You can even wear a comfy romper or sundress over your bathing suit, or just a t-shirt and pair of shorts. Whatever you are comfortable with, have something on hand to cover up!

This is also great to have in case you start burning, so you can slip it on to have a little more coverage!

Beach Accessories

Chances are, you will be spending a LOT of time at the beach. Resorts typically have chairs, umbrellas, and hammocks you can use, so you won’t have to worry about trying to fly with a beach chair!

However, there are a ton of beach accessories you can pack easily into your suitcase. Read more in our guide on how to go to the beach in style!

For starters, you will want to have a beach bag to hold all your belongings: sunglasses, sunscreen, towels, etc. Don’t worry about bringing a beach towel- the resort will have them for you!

However, you might want your own soundproof beach towel or some beach cup holders! Read more beach accessory suggestions in the link above!

Another important item when wondering what to pack for an all inclusive resort  is an insulated tumbler. Alcohol and drinks are free at all-inclusive resorts, however, they are typically served in tiny plastic cups. 

Save yourself the hassle of going back to the bar every 5 minutes, and have them fill up your tumbler instead! Plus, the insulation will help keep it cooler for longer- the plastic cups will make your frozen margarita into a warm drink really fast in the hot sun! 

Having an insulated tumbler will also help cut down on the number of plastic cups being used, and inevitably blown into the ocean. 

Additionally, it will be easier to drink in the ocean or pool without worrying about your drink spilling everywhere!


Bringing cash to an all-inclusive resort is often very overlooked. Everything is free, so why would you need cash?

It is not expected, but is a nice gesture to tip your resort staff, especially if given great service. Plus, if you tip, you are more likely to continue getting great service!

Additionally, if you are walking down the beach, at the edge of the resorts grounds you will often find locals selling products and services. For example, you can rent jet skis, go scuba diving, or buy souvenirs. However, you can only pay in cash, so make sure you have some on you if you plan to do these activities!

Consider getting a money belt to keep all your cash safe!

Dinner Outfits

There’s nothing quite like taking a shower after a long day at the beach and pool, and putting on a cute sundress to go to dinner!

Pack a few dresses or nice outfits to go to dinner in- make sure they aren’t too revealing, as many resort restaurants have dress codes. A nice sundress for women and khaki shorts and a nice top for men will do the trick!

Avoid wearing short dresses and revealing tops to the restaurants- save those outfits for dancing later on at night!

If you are just wearing the outfit to dinner, you don’t necessarily need a new outfit for every day (but it is more fun that way!) No one will recognize you wore the same outfit twice, promise!

Night Outfits

Every all-inclusive resort I have been to has some kind of night club or discotheque. Sometimes there are even DJ dance parties on the beach! They are super fun, and you should definitely check it out at least one night!

This is where you can put on those tight or short dresses. Think night club attire– pretty much anything goes! You can wear what you had on for dinner, or you can change into something different- up to you!

These parties don’t typically start till late at night (around midnight), so you will have time between dinner and the party to relax, change, and get ready for a night of fun!


For most of your all-inclusive vacation, you will be in flip flops or barefoot. Bring 1-2 pairs of flip flops and some nice sandals for dinner time. 

You might also want to bring some nice heels or wedges for dinner, or for dancing later on! Make sure they are broken in though- don’t want to hurt your feet dancing!

Additionally, bring a pair of sneakers if you are planning on doing any active activities such as hiking or four-wheeling. Some resorts have trapeze lessons (which is SO fun- you have to try it!), but you HAVE to have sneakers. I usually wear sneakers on the airplane anyway, so I already have them if I need them! Here are some more suggestions for what to wear on an airplane.


Sunscreen might seem like an obvious packing item for a vacation, but it is even more important to remember when going on an all-inclusive trip!

This is because sunscreen sold at the resort is very expensive. I once had to buy a $25 small bottle of sunscreen because I ran out of mine from home. Not what you want to spend your money on! 

Plus, you will be in the sun all day, so it is a good idea to have sunscreen on (and reapplied every 2 hours!). 

My favorite sunscreen is Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Water Resistant and Non-Greasy sunscreen. I actually really hate sunscreen and how it feels on my skin, but being pale-skinned, I burn very easily! This sunscreen goes on easily and doesn’t leave that sticky greasy feel! Plus, this one is 3 ounces so you can pack it in your carry on!

Another important item on our list of what to pack for an all inclusive resort is a floppy beach hat! Whether you are in the pool or at the beach all day, your head is going to want a little shade! 

Having a floppy hat will help save your scalp from burning, and will even give your face a little time away from the sun.

Plus, floppy hats look super cute on the beach and are a fashionable, yet useful accessory. 

If you are not a floppy hat kind of person, a baseball cap will help too!

To learn how to pack a floppy hat in your suitcase, visit our essential packing tips every traveler should know for more details!

Even though the weather might say the 80s and sunny all week, you just never know what the weather will do, especially in the Caribbean. When I was in Punta Cana, one night it was very windy, cold, and rainy! I really wish I had a jacket, to say the least.

Check the weather before you leave, and take note of any upcoming storms. You might want a light weather while eating at a restaurant, as the air conditioning can sometimes be chilly! 

Maybe you want to take a walk along the beach at night, but are a little cold- just pop on your sweater and you are good to go!

Most people bring a zip-up hoody or some kind of sweatshirt on the airplane, so you can always use this one!

You are going to be by the water in the hot summer sun, so chances are there will be bugs at night time. Make sure you have some bug repellant so you don’t have to overspend on some at the resort shop. I like these bug repellant wipes– I find them to be easier to put on and get all parts of your body. 

Also, watch out for sand fleas- I got them in the Bahamas, and I promise you it is no fun! They are hard to notice while it is happening, and I only noticed after I got home when my legs were incredibly itchy! Lather that bug repellant on!

This won’t happen to you at every destination, but it is better to be safe than sorry! 

You might have worn some comfy clothes on the airplane, and if that’s the case- you can just use this outfit again. If not, make sure you have some activewear or comfortable clothing if you are planning to do anything active. 

Maybe you are going on an excursion, hiking to a waterfall, or just going for a jog on the beach. Sometimes resorts have dance lessons or resort hosted events that you might want activewear for. Whatever it is, having comfortable clothes won’t hurt!

Activewear is even great to wear just to throw something on to go downstairs to get breakfast, or in between dinner and your night out. You can always wear this outfit on the airplane ride on the way home!

The last item on our what to pack for an all inclusive resort list is a waterproof phone case. I know, many phones now are waterproof. Call me crazy but I just feel more comfortable with a waterproof pouch! 

You might want to take pictures in the ocean or in the pool, but get worried it might get wet. I bought this 2 pack for my Bahamas trip, and I was able to take pictures with my iPhone underwater without my phone getting wet- pretty cool! 

Having this case will even protect your phone from the sand, which can get into your speakers and charging port, which can really mess up your phone! The last thing you want on a vacation is a broken phone, so be prepared with the right products!

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