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Favorite Summer Travel Essentials

Favorite Summer Travel Essentials

If you are going on a summer vacation soon, you will be looking forward to the warm and sunny days ahead! But what do you pack? These favorite summer travel essentials will ensure you are prepared for anything to come!

Most summer packing lists generally include the obvious: 3 pairs of shorts, t-shirts, bathing suits, sunglasses, blah blah blah. You already know this! I mean you obviously know how to dress for warm weather, right?! We won’t bore you with the obvious items!

This list will include unique essentials that will help keep you comfortable even in extreme heat! Stay safe from the burning sun, and use the right products to freshen up after a day of sweating at the beach!

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Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. 

summer vacation essentials

This first of our favorite summer travel essentials we suggest is cooling and hydrating facial spray! During the day, you might begin to feel hot and sweaty after walking around in the hot sun. Maybe your skin is starting to dry out, and your makeup is starting to look dull and dehydrated. 

This facial spray will cool down your skin, while not messing up your makeup! In fact, it also acts as a setting spray, to help keep your makeup intact. You can also use it in your hair to revive it after a long day! 

Not only does this spray cool you down, but it also revives dehydrated skin by using aloe vera, vitamins, and other herbs!

This set of 3 comes with different scents, and are all under 3 ounces so you can pack them in your bag, making them a top carry on item

Sometimes you just need a little pick me up, especially when its 90+ degrees! Simply spray yourself a few times, and you will be ready for your next adventure, feeling refreshed!

Cotton Balls

This one might seem silly, but hear me out!

Many hotels provide cotton balls (if not I’m sure you can ask for some), or make sure you bring a few with you. 

Before you leave for the day, spray a cotton ball or two with your favorite perfume, and place it in your day bag. Whenever you feel like you are starting to smell, take the cotton ball, and wipe on your wrists and neck. An easy perfume applicator!

These are great to use before going out to dinner, after spending the day at the beach, or for a quick freshen up before going out for the night!

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If you are going somewhere warm for vacation, chances are you will be going in either the pool or the ocean at some point during your trip!

But what do you do with your wet bathing suit after using it? Sure you can hang it up in the shower to dry, but where do you put it when packing to go home when it’s still wet?

These bathing suit dry bags are perfect for storing wet bathing suits! You can even use them to store any wet clothes (maybe your child had an accident), gym clothes, or practically anything!

Having a designated bag to put wet items in will help make your packing process much easier. Each pouch has two zippered pockets, so you can even separate wet and dry clothing if you need to! 

This is another favorite summer travel essential, for anyone who burns easily. If you are anything like me, my head always gets burned if left unprotected!

This scalp sunscreen is super easy to apply and doesn’t make your hair greasy. You could use regular sunscreen for your hair, but it might make it greasy, so I suggest getting this spray which is specifically made for your hair and scalp!

If you are not wearing a hat, consider wearing scalp sunscreen, because no one likes a burned head! Here are some ways to treat a sunburned head if it does happen to you!

This is an essential item you should bring to the beach, especially since the sun is beating down on you all day! Consider these other great beach essentials

If you are traveling somewhere warm and dry, you might need some moisturizing eye drops

Especially if you wear contact lenses, the lack of humidity in some locations can dry out your eyes, and even make your contacts fall out of your eye (it has happened to me before!). 

Using moisturizing eye drops every couple of hours will help keep your eyes lubricated and feeling fresh. Plus, they will help you look more awake if you had a late night! This is an easy item to fit in your purse or day bag! 

These are also a great item to bring on an airplane in your carry on bag. The air in an airplane is super dry, so moisturizing eye drops can help keep your eyes healthy in the dry air.

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Staying hydrated when out in the sun all day is extremely important. Well, its important any day, no matter what the weather is like! However, it is more important when laying in the hot summer sun all day, after drinking too many margaritas, or walking miles around town sightseeing.

Having a collapsible water bottle is an easy way to keep hydrated during a summer vacation. It can easily fit into your day bag, and shrinks up when not in use! 

Many cities have water fountains throughout the streets, so be sure to fill up whenever you see one! Use the tap water you get at a restaurant to fill up your water bottle as well. 

This could end up saving you a ton of money, as water bottles can be very overpriced! For more ways to save, read our budget travel tips to save you hundreds!

Get yourself a good chafing relief stick because, well, we all know what happens…

Hot sun, sweat, and short shorts are not exactly all friends! Save yourself some pain by keeping a chafing stick in your day bag or purse, and apply every couple of hours if doing a lot of walking. 

This one is vegan and not tested on animals, and is rich in vitamins to keep your skin protected and hydrated. 

This company even has other chafing sticks for other parts of your body like feet and whole body, so get what you need and what works for your body!

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This one could be seen as a joke or a gag gift, but what if it were serious?

This mini handheld fan could seriously save you from some overheated and hangry meltdowns! 

You could be waiting in line at Disney to get on a ride, sweating and miserable in the sun. Maybe you are on the beach and are a little too warm. Or maybe, you are just walking around sightseeing and you are getting overheated. 

Take it with you on a hike, to the pool, or even to work! It might look silly, but everyone will be secretly jealous they didn’t think of getting one! Plus, it is small and easy to pack in your day bag.  It actually folds up into a small circle for super easy packing!

Plus, it charges using a USB, so there is no excuse not to have one!

You won’t have to hear “Mommmm It’s too hot!” again! They even sell handheld fans that also spray mist onto your face, if you’re looking to get real fancy!

Face Moisturizer with SPF

Another favorite summer travel essential is a good facial moisturizer that also has SPF. I understand many travelers want to get a tan during their vacation, but you should at the very least protect your face. Too much sun on your face could lead to dark spots and wrinkles!

My all-time favorite moisturizer that I use every morning is Olay Whips with SPF 25. It is super lightweight and feels almost like a cloud when you touch it. It does not leave your skin greasy whatsoever but still hydrates your skin. Wearing this every day under my makeup, I know my face is protected from the sun! 

It is a bit on the expensive side, but I promise you it is worth every penny! I have been using it for over a year now and there isn’t anything I don’t like about it! 

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Another great way to protect your face from the sun is to wear a cute floppy hat! Not only will it protect your hairline from getting sunburned, but it will keep your face in the shade as well.

Plus, floppy hats look super cute and chic, especially on the beach or in tropical vacation destinations! A little extra shade will do wonders when it comes to protecting your skin from an unnecessary sunburn, so pick your favorite one and rock it!

If you are not into floppy hats, you can always get a baseball cap, which will give your face some shade as well!

If you are planning on spending a lot of time at the pool or beach during your summer vacation, a waterproof phone pouch will be essential! 

While many phones nowadays are waterproof, you probably still don’t want to throw it in the water or take pictures with it in the pool. However, if you have a waterproof phone pouch, you can do just that!

I bought these for a Caribbean vacation, and I was shocked that I could take pictures in the ocean with it, without my phone getting a single drop of water on it!

Think of all the awesome pool pictures you can get, or of you and your friends in the ocean! 

Read more about how to take the best pictures on vacation!

Get yourself some deodorant wipes because well, sometimes we stink! Especially when walking around in the hot sun all day, your deodorant is going to wear off.

These wipes are an easy way to freshen up after a long day and are great to use before going out to dinner at the end of the day. Throw these in your day bag, carry on bag, or even your gym bag.

I like to keep these in my car as well, just in case I need to freshen up on the go- you never know! 

Sea Sickness Prevention

If you are planning to go on any boat rides during your summer vacation, make sure you know if you get seasick or not! Better yet, bring some sea sickness prevention just in case! You don’t want to end up being on a boat and getting sick the entire time (happened to us!). 

Even if you don’t typically get seasick- consider any motion sickness you might encounter: long bus rides, train rides up windy roads, etc. This also happened to us on a bus ride up a windy mountain- not fun! 

There are many options for seasickness prevention, even if you don’t want to take meds and prefer the natural route. Here are some ideas:

Thank you for reading favorite summer travel essentials! Next time you go on a warm destination trip, you will be prepared for whatever is to come your way! What other things should travelers bring on summer vacation? Leave a comment below- we would love to hear from you!

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