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Road Trip Essentials List for an EPIC Journey!

Road Trip Essentials List for an EPIC Journey!

Road trips are a great way to see the country. You are able to stop anywhere along the way, see the countryside, and spend time with your family, friends, or partner! However, a road trip can quickly turn for the worst if you are not properly prepared. We have put together a road trip essentials list!

Whether you are on a 3-hour road trip or a 30-hour trip, you will find some of these items to be extremely helpful in your journey.

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The first item on our road trip essentials list is a car seat cushion. We all know the feeling: you’ve been sitting in the car for a few hours and you start to feel some pain on your bottom. How will you last another 5 hours?!

This gel-enhanced memory foam seat cushion will do the trick! It will support your tailbone and relieve some pressure you are feeling. It is great for lower back pain and sciatica relief!

You can even use this in other settings: at the office or on an airplane! Here are some other top carry on items to help stay comfortable on an airplane!

Anytime sitting becomes uncomfortable and you have no choice but to remain seated, this cushion is your lifesaver! 

Along with your car seat cushion, you need a lumbar support cushion for the ultimate car comfort!

This cushion will relieve lower and mid back pain from sitting for long periods of time. It has two straps on the back, to keep in place. Simply put the straps around the seat in your car, and you’re done!

You can also use this lumbar support cushion on the airplane or at the office. 

Your body will love this extra support, especially after sitting in the car for hours on end! Say goodbye to back pain, and hello to a fun-filled adventure!

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Another item on our road trip essentials list is a car garbage can! How many times during a long car ride have you had a wrapper or empty water bottle that you didn’t know what to do with, only to throw it in the ground or shove it in the side of the door?

With a car trash can, you can help keep your vehicle clean during your long journey. This trash can is leak proof and waterproof, so no need to worry about throwing away liquids! 

You can hang the trash can behind a car seat, or in the middle console for easy reach! It also has some extra pockets on the side, so you can hold things like trash bags, wipes, and other cleaning materials. 

Cars can get messy very quickly during a long road trip, so make sure you have a plan on what to do with your garbage! A good tip is to do a quick scan of your car for trash every time you stop for gas, as there is usually a garbage can next to the pump. 

This just might be my favorite item on our road trip essentials list! When it comes to road trips, snacks are super important! However, you are often limited to only snack items that can be left out, like chips or popcorn. 

With this mini car refrigerator, you can now pack any snacks you want! You can cool up to 6, 12-ounce cans, which is the perfect size for a car. You can even keep your leftovers fresh in here and save for later!

Believe it or not, this refrigerator also warms items too! You can change it from cooling to heating with just a flick of a switch. Think of those leftovers you can now heat up again!

The best part is, this mini refrigerator can be powered from an outlet, car cigarette lighter, or a USB! 

This could also be great for camping, or to store your secret stash of snacks in your office! 

We all know how annoying your seatbelt can get when trying to fall asleep in the car. It always gets in the way, and is very uncomfortable!

With this seatbelt pillow, your pillow will be right where you want it, and you won’t have to use your hands to hold it in place! It simply wraps around the seatbelt and is secured with velcro, which makes it quick and simple to use. 

It is a great tool when trying to fall asleep in the car, or as a way to help support your neck during the long car ride. However you use it, your neck will thank you for the extra support!

This is a great item to have when taking a road trip with kids!

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When taking a long road trip, it is easy to see how things can get messy, quick! Being in a small space can be cramped, and you can easily misplace important items. 

This sun visor organizer will keep all your important items in one spot! Here, you can keep your phone, sunglasses, cash, credit cards, your passport, and anything else you will need easy access to on your trip. 

For example, you will most likely have to stop for gas a handful of times. Instead of tossing your card somewhere in your car afterward, your sun visor organizer will give you a specific place to put it!

No more fumbling around the car looking for your sunglasses, or trying to find cash for the toll! Plus, your belongings will be hidden when the visor is up!

Along with your visor organizer, you might want a seat organizer! This item is great if you have kids or other passengers in the back seat, so they have had a place to hold all their items as well. 

This organizer has plenty of pockets to hold almost anything! Anything from sunglasses to drinks to toys, this organizer can hold it all! It even has a touch screen tablet holder!  

Simply attach it around the headrest and the bottom of the seat, and you’re done! Organization awaits!

Another item on our road trip essentials list is a car air diffuser! Many people have these in their homes, so why not have one in your car too? The car is going to get stuffy and smelly after a few hours, so make sure you have a plan or how to keep everything fresh!

This air diffuser works through a USB and has seven different LED light settings. Additionally, it can run up to 7-10 hours! That is enough to keep your car smelling fresh the entire road trip. It easily fits into your cup holder, or you can use it anywhere in the house!

Essential oils are great for nausea and motion sickness, which gives this little gadget another perk! Not only will it keep your car smelling clean, but it can actually help keep you feeling better!

I got these car seat gap fillers as a gag gift after dropping my credit card through the space between the seat and console- and couldn’t get it out for hours!

Little did I know this gag gift would be SO helpful in the future! Maybe I am just clumsy, but I tend to drop a lot of things down this space. Now, with these gap fillers, I don’t have to worry about them falling into a black hole never to be seen again. 

Simply put the fillers in between your car seat and the middle console, and that’s it! Some people use them to hold their items, but I use mine just as a catch-all. You can use them to hold your belongings if you have enough space between the seat and console, but most cars don’t.

They also make cleaning much easier, as you can just pull them out, clean out the trash, and place it back in! 

This car emergency kit really has it all- first aid kit, jumper cables, flashlight, tire pressure gauge, and more!

The best part is, it is small and compact so you can fit it anywhere in your car. You never know when your car might break down in the middle of nowhere, or you need a first aid kit. 

Having an emergency kit with you on a long road trip will help give you peace of mind knowing if something were to happen, you have the necessary items you need.

You should also keep this kit in your car, even when not on a long road trip- you just never know what will happen, and it is better to be prepared! 

If you are on a long road trip, you know you will be eating a lot! This steering wheel tray gives the driver a place to put their drink and snack, without making a mess! 

The tray is designed to fit most steering wheels, and can be attached in seconds! It even fits a laptop, to transform your seat into an office if you need to make a quick email (obviously don’t drive while doing this!)

When not in use, it can be taken off the steering wheel in seconds and stored easily! Place it under your seat, or in the back seat for next time you need it. 

We’ve all been there: riding in the car while the sun beats down on one of your arms. Maybe you’re stuck here for hours, and you try to cover your arm with a sweater, or lather on the sunscreen. With these car window shades, you won’t have to worry about getting a sunburn!

These car window shades block 97% of harmful UV rays, helping to prevent sunburn. They will also keep your car cooler, preventing you from having to overuse your air conditioning. 

To attach to the window, all you need to do is place it on the window, and run your hand along the edges- it’s that simple! 

This is also a great item to help protect your children and babies from harmful UV rays. 

Another item on our road trip essentials list is an inflatable mattress! If you are looking to get some sleep during your road trip, we all know it can be difficult! 

This inflatable mattress is made specifically for the back seat of cars, so you can lay down and actually get some rest! This is useful during the long ride, while camping, during a drive-in movie, or maybe you are camping out on the side of the road!

It comes with its own pump to quickly inflate the bed in minutes. The bed even fills the space between the seat and the floorboards, giving you extra space to lay down! It even comes with pillows!

Grab some comfy blankets, and get some sleep! 

Perhaps you are traveling long distances for work or a wedding, and need to keep your clothes wrinkle-free. This car clothes hanger bar will do just that!

It attaches to both of the backseats handles near the window, giving you plenty of space to hang your clothes. Simply attach the bar, hang up your clothes, and that’s it! Say goodbye to wrinkles! 

The last item on our road trip essentials list is a trunk organizer. We discussed a lot of items to help organize the inside of the car, so its time to talk about the trunk!

Along with your suitcases and other bags, you will need a trunk organizer to hold all the important items you will need within arms reach. 

Here, you can place your emergency kit, first aid kit, cleaning supplies, and more! You could even keep this in the backseat to use as additional organization space. With the many side pockets and inner dividers, you will have everything in your car perfectly organized!

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Thank you for reading our road trip essentials list! What are somethings you bring with you on a long road trip? Let us know in the comments section below- we would love to hear from you!

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