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50 Best Travel Hacks for Easier Traveling

50 Best Travel Hacks for Easier Traveling

Traveling can easily become stressful from the packing to finances, planning, and beyond! Luckily, these 50 best travel hacks for easier traveling will have you save money and ease some of the stresses of traveling.

These general travel hacks will range from packing tips, airport tips, to airplane ideas, and other creative travel tips you are sure to enjoy!

Some of these tips you may have heard before and forgotten, and others are hopefully brand new! These travel tips and hacks have saved us many times during our travels, and hopefully, they will help you as well! 

For more specific travel tips and hacks, visit our travel tips page in the menu bar, and select the topic you are most interested in! 

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. 

50 best travel tips and hacks

1. Selfie Stick Tripod

Our first tip on our 50 best travel hacks is to get a selfie stick tripod to take your own pictures on vacation! Bluetooth connects the remote to your phone, so you can take hundreds of pictures with just a click of a button! No more need to ask random strangers to take your picture!

For more information, read our guide on how to take the best pictures on vacation!

One of the best travel hacks to save money is to bring a collapsible water bottle through airport security, and fill it up at the water fountains in the terminal to save tons on bottled water! Plus, they fold up to save room in your carry on bag!

When walking around sightseeing, always carry your water bottle with you in your day bag! Fill it up at any water fountain you see, and use the tap water at restaurants to fill it up!

For more information, read our guide on what to carry in your vacation day bag!

This might be the most important travel tip: always have a portable charger! We always bring 2+ of these in our day bag when out sightseeing for the day. When using your GPS, internet, and camera all day, your phone battery is going to be drained! Make sure you aren’t left stranded with dead phones! 

These travel laundry detergent sink suds are the perfect way to get some laundry done in your hotel room! You never know when you might spill something on your favorite shirt, or find a mud stain on your pants. Maybe you didn’t pack enough socks or underwear and need to wash some! 

Simply put a packet or 2 (depending on load size) in the sink or bathtub, and hand wash! 

5. Hot water meals

Meals that only require hot water are a lifesaver on long flights! Sure, you can bring snacks, but you will want a meal at some point- and airplane meals are not great, let’s be honest! 

Simply ask the flight attendant for hot water, or get a cup of hot water at an airport cafe before boarding. Then, you can use it to make tons of meals: oatmeal, ramen, pho, etc.

For more ideas on airplane meals and snacks, read our guide on how to eat healthy on an airplane!

Especially when traveling on an airplane, you are (or should) have lots of snacks to carry you over until your next meal! This snack organizer will help keep your snacks all in one place, while not taking up too much room in your carry on bag! Keep all your snacks fresh and organized!

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Compression socks are an amazing item to have, especially when traveling on a long haul flight. They are one of the best travel hacks for comfort! They act by softly hugging your feet and calves, in order to give them more circulation! This will help prevent blood clots, which can be common when sitting for long periods of time, like on an airplane.

You can also use these if you are on your feet all day, and they help promote faster muscle recovery! 

8. Use the hotel ironing board

Believe it or not, you can use the ironing board in your hotel room for more than just ironing! This is a great tip if you have many people in your hotel room, or have children. Use the ironing board as extra counter space in the bathroom, or as an extra table for kids to play on or eat. 

Simply cover the ironing board with a towel or sheet, and you have another surface!

For more information, read our top hotel hacks to improve your stay!

This airplane footrest is a top seller among the World Sights tribe, and it is no wonder why! It is difficult to get comfortable on an airplane, but this footrest adds a little hammock to rest your feet! It hangs from the tray table in front of you, and will keep you much more comfortable during a long flight!

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10. Clean before you leave

ALWAYS clean your house before you leave for vacation! Imagine coming back from a relaxing trip to dirty dishes and clutter- what a way to kill your vibe! Instead, take the trash out, do the dishes, and wash the sheets before you leave. This way, you will come home to relax!

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11. Spray perfume on cotton balls

This is an awesome trick for using perfume on the go! Bring your own cotton balls, or use them from the hotel if they are provided. Simply spray the cotton ball with 2-3 sprays of your favorite perfume or cologne, and store it in your purse or day bag. When you need a touch-up, such as before going out to eat, wipe the cotton ball on your neck and wrists!

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Want to pack your perfume or cologne but don’t want to pack the entire bottle? Simply use a travel spray bottle! Pour a small amount of liquid in the bottle, or spray inside the bottle until you have enough. 

Instead of packing all your medicines in their individual pill bottles, use a small pill organizer to save space. You can also use them to pack small items, such as earrings, hair ties, or other liquids. 

14. Exchange money at ATM

One of the best travel hacks to save money is to exchange money at an ATM. We have found to get the best exchange rate at ATMs. Skip the currency exchange counter, and head to the ATM. Chances are, lines will be much shorter anyway! You usually can only take out a certain amount at a time, but you can make separate transactions until you take out the amount you need!

15. Stuff your floppy hat

If you are going somewhere sunny and plan to bring a floppy hat, you won’t want it to bend and get misshaped in your suitcase. To keep its shape, stuff the head with other clothing items, and place the hat flat on the bottom of your suitcase. Pack clothes on top of it to keep it in place!

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16. Wear slip on shoes

Another great tip on our list of best travel hacks is to wear “easy” shoes. When traveling, especially at the airport, is not the time to wear your fanciest heels, your complicated strap on sandals, or your brand new sneakers. For one, you will want to be as comfortable as possible when traveling, and two, you will need to take your shoes off during security. You will want shoes that are easy to take on and off!

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17. Cotton ball in makeup

Putting a cotton ball in your compact or eyeshadow will prevent your makeup from cracking and making a mess in your carry on during traveling. 

18. Clean your airplane seat

One way to stay healthy during your travels is to clean your airplane seat! Bring a package of disinfectant wipes in your carry on, and wipe down your tray table, seatbelt buckle, armrests, and headrest. They do not get cleaned often, so you can imagine the number of germs on them!

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19. Use an oven mitt for your straightener

If you need to pack your straightener or curling iron and it is still a little hot, you can simply use an oven mitt to help protect your clothes and other items from the heat. Or, buy a heat resistant travel case for your hot hair tools. 

20. Pack with a Tic Tac case

Tic Tac cases and other candy containers (Altoids, mints) can be a great way to pack small items. You can pack earrings, bobby pins, medicines, etc. in them without worrying they will get lost! 

21. Bring a pen

One of the best travel hacks is to bring a pen. Especially if traveling internationally, you will often need a pen to fill out immigration forms. Flight attendants typically pass these forms out towards the end of the flight but do not provide pens. If your neighbor doesn’t share with you, you will need to fill the form out before going through customs, which will put you farther back in the line!

Another way to organize your snacks while flying or traveling is to use a craft organizer box. With all the separate compartments, you can pack tons of different snacks in one place, without them mixing together! Peanuts, M&Ms, Skittles, popcorn, pretzels, you name it!

23. Save your parking location

When you are out sightseeing and exploring the city, make sure you save your parking location. You will most likely get turned around while exploring, and you won’t want to get lost late at night searching for your car! You can do this easily using Google maps so you won’t get lost! It could be helpful to do this with your hotel as well if you are within walking distance!

Especially if you are using the pool or going to the beach during your travels, make sure you have a wet bag for your bathing suit! With the wet bag, you will not have to worry about your other clothes getting wet during your travels. You can also use them for gym clothes, or even soiled baby items. 

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25. Go left in the security line

For some reason, the left lines at airport security tend to move faster. Additionally, aim for lines that have more business persons rather than families, which tend to take longer.

26. Roll your entire outfit into a roll

Rolling your clothes saves more space than simply folding them. For even more space and simplicity, roll all items of your outfit into a roll, including socks, underwear, and every element of your outfit. This will help keep your suitcase organized, and will make sure you are only packing what you need!

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27. Use a car air freshener in your hotel

A great way to keep your hotel room smelling fresh is to use a car air freshener. Sometimes cheap hotels have a certain smell to them and need a bit of freshening up. Simply put a car air freshener on the AC vent, and your room will be smelling fresh in no time!

28. Use rubber bands to save your books

Another one of our best travel hacks is to use rubber bands to protect your books during travel. Place one rubber band horizontally around the book, and another vertically. This will help keep the pages from getting bent!

When you want to watch your shows on your phone during a flight, it can get tiring holding your phone up. The sky clip will do all the work for you! It can hold your phone at eye love on top of the tray table in front of you, or prop it up on the table. 

30. Place plastic wrap under liquids lids

orange shampoo in bottle

A great packing tip to prevent leaks is to place a small piece of plastic wrap under the lids of your liquids bottles. This will prevent your soaps and shampoos from spilling out all over your luggage!

31. Use the airport lounge

Believe it or not, you might be able to get into the airport lounge for free, or at least discounted. Many credit cards and airline cards offer deals for airport lounges. Buffet style food, alcoholic beverages, showers, couches, what more could you want from an airport during a long layover?!

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32. Put a dryer sheet in your suitcase

Place a dryer sheet in between clothes in your suitcase to keep your outfits smelling fresh. Especially towards the end of your trip when most of your clothes are worn, you will want some freshness!

The packing and folding technique called the ranger roll is the ultimate space-saving method! Once you learn it, you won’t go back! 

34. Pack with a contact case

Contact cases are an amazing way to pack small amounts of liquids or small items. If you only need a small number of liquids like foundation, primer, or concealer, there is no sense using a 3-ounce bottle! You can also use contact cases for small earrings or medicine. 

35. Make lunch your biggest meal

One way to save money during your vacation is to make lunch your biggest meal. Typically lunch menus are cheaper than dinner for the same exact meal! Eat a big lunch, and if you get hungry later on, opt for some small bites or appetizers (or dessert!)

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36. Apply for an international credit card

If traveling internationally, you will need to be careful when using credit cards. Many credit cards charge a foreign transaction fee, which can quickly add up! Consider using an international credit card, which will waive these fees. 

37. Check in early

One of the best travel hacks is to check in early. Most flights allow you to check-in 24-48 hours before your flight. Check-in early on your phone, so you don’t need to get your boarding pass at the airport. Additionally, checking in early could help you get better seats with your party all together!

38. Find an empty gate at the airport

If you have time before boarding, consider finding an empty gate to hang out in. Here, you will have more access to outlets to charge your devices, and some peace and quiet! This is great if you have kids who need to run around, or if you want to do any exercising yourself! Of course, be sure to keep checking for any updates of your flight.

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If bringing your laptop with you on the plane, consider getting a TSA approved laptop bag. This way, you will not need to take your laptop completely out of your bag in the security line, which will save some time and hassle!

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40. Use buttons to hold earrings

An easy way to keep a pair of earrings together while traveling is to put them in buttonholes! Simple, yet practical!

41. Take a picture of your airport parking spot

If you are parking at the airport, chances are you are not going to remember where you parked after your vacation. Consider taking a picture of your parking space, as well as the cars next to you- and their license plates (just in case something happens to your car!) Additionally, the shuttle driver will often give you a card with your parking space. Take a picture of this as well in case you lose it!

Consider using small liquid containers to save room in your suitcase. For many liquids, you don’t need 3 full ounces, which will take up more room. If you only need a little bit, use a small container. You can also use them to hold medicine and earrings!

If you are planning to visit any temples or churches during your vacation, make sure you have a scarf or cover up if your outfit shows your shoulders. This will become helpful too if you want to go to a nice restaurant later at night, or if it gets chilly!

44. Don't eat near tourist areas

Eating around tourist areas is one of the most common travel mistakes. While you might want to eat with a view of a famous attraction, be prepared for a pricier bill, and lesser food quality. Instead, walk farther away, and find a local place to eat. 

45. Use the Google Translate app

If you are traveling somewhere where you don’t understand the language, consider using the google translate app! Locals love when tourists at least attempt to use their language- we have received nothing but smiles even through our butchered attempts at speaking a new language! 

46. Use an airport shopping bag for extra luggage space

If you have a bulging suitcase or a carry on bag that can’t be zipped, consider putting some items in a plastic bag from an airport gift shop. Flight staff typically don’t count this as an additional carry on item, so you can bring more on the plane!

47. Buy daily over monthly data for your cell phone

If you are going on a short trip (7-10 days), data plans are usually cheaper if you buy them one day at a time, rather than a monthly plan. Check with your cell phone provider and see what options you might have!

Before picking your airplane seat, check out seat guru to find the best seats on your specific airplane!

49. Always bring headphones

If you are traveling on an airplane, make sure you have a pair of headphones. If the airplane has TVs, you will need headphones! Not all flights hand out headphones, so don’t be caught watching your neighbor’s TV show in silence. 

50. Trust My World Sights for all your travel needs!

Here at My World Sights, we aim to provide you with the best travel tips for all topics! Check out our travel tips category in the menu for further topics and tips!

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These are great travel tips! I definitely never remember emergency laundry detergent

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Great travel tips! Definitely learned a few more that I didn’t know about! Keep them coming!

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