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The Ultimate Post Vacation Checklist​

The Ultimate Post Vacation Checklist​

Coming back home from a vacation is always sad. If you feel a little blue or even a little depressed following a vacation, don’t feel bad! It’s actually pretty normal! It will take a few days to get back in the swing of things, which is why we created the ultimate post-vacation checklist to help get you back on track!

When you get home from vacation, make sure to take it slow for the first few days. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t just involve catching up on sleep! Make sure you follow our Pre-Vacation Checklist, so you can come home to a less stressful environment. 

Continue reading for more on the ultimate post-vacation checklist!

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the ultimate post vacation checklist

Review Bank Statements

Visa Cards

One of the first things you should do when you get home from a vacation is to review your bank statements. 

Look through your banking transactions, and make sure there are no out of the ordinary charges, or purchases you did not make. 

Keep an eye on the charge as well, to make sure you did not get overcharged for something. If you find any problems, make sure to give your bank a call and they can assist you with disputing the charges. 

This is also a great time to let your bank know you are no longer traveling, so future potential charges from other countries will show up as a red flag once again. 

Before disputing a charge, make sure to do your research on the company name. Sometimes, company names come up weird on your bank statement, so you might think it is fraudulent. However, do a quick Google search and see if you can figure it out before you disable your card! 


Exchange Currency

Assorted Banknotes and Round Silver-colored Coins

If you were traveling internationally, chances are you will have some leftover currency. 

Some people like to keep a coin or a bill as a memory of their trip or to collect foreign money. If you decide to do this, make sure you put it somewhere safe! 

If not, head to the bank to exchange the currency back to your home currency. There is no sense having change rolling around your house or purse that you cannot use! Plus, everyone could use a little extra money after a vacation, so depending on how much leftover you have, this could be a nice surprise!

If you are planning to go back to the destination in the future, consider holding onto your loose change and bills. This way, you won’t have to go through the hassle of exchanging (as much) money in the future and worrying about exchange rates. 

Open your Windows!

Opened Window

If you have been out of the house for awhile, chances are your home is going to be pretty stuffy! 

The lack of fresh air in a room causes a buildup of carbon dioxide and microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOC). This is what causes the musty smell in your house when windows have been shut for so long. 

Fortunately, these odors are not harmful, if you are not consistently breathing it. However, if you don’t let fresh air into the room, you could get symptoms such as throat irritation, coughing, headaches, etc. So make sure to open the windows! 

Additionally, turn on the ceiling fans to get air circulating, or use exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen. Air purifiers are also a great way to freshen up your home after a vacation, or on a regular basis if you are allergic to pet dander, dust, or mold! 

Take Care of your Body

Person Eating a Healthy Bowl of Breakfast

Vacations can really put a toll on your body. Dealing with jet lag,  lack of sleep, eating at restaurants for every meal, an abundance of alcohol, etc. Once you get home, your body is going to need some refreshing!

Take some time to take care of your needs. Get back on your typical sleeping schedule, go back to the gym (take it easy the first couple days), and relax when you need it.

Make sure you drink a lot of water, even more than you normally drink. If you were on holiday in the sun and drinking a lot of alcohol, your body is going to need some rejuvenating! 

Go grocery shopping and stock up on some healthy, fresh produce. Make yourself some healthy meals, and get back on track with eating your fruits and veggies! This is also part of the ultimate pre-vacation checklist, so make sure to take a look at that!

Perhaps you might want to do some yoga or light stretching to help those over-walked legs from sightseeing! Maybe take your dog for a walk, for some bonding time (since you definitely missed him while you were away!), or be a couch potato all day.

Whatever you need, your body will tell you! Try to have a couple of days when you get home before going back to work, so you can recharge and get back into your routine!

Take a Shower

Black Shower Head Switched on

Another tip on our ultimate post-vacation checklist is to take a shower! Seems obvious, but hear me out. 

There is nothing better than your own shower, with your own full-sized shampoos and soaps. Maybe the water at your hotel did not work wonders for your hair, or it was small. 

Indulge in bathing in your own shower, especially after traveling through the night on a red-eye, or after coming off a long haul flight. 

Something about taking a shower after a vacation just makes you feel refreshed and back in your own little routine. 

Put Important Items Away

United States Passport

Another important item on our ultimate post-vacation checklist is to make sure to put important items way. 

We’ve all done it- thrown our bags and suitcases on the ground immediately after walking in the door, only to have them still unpacked days later. By doing this, you run the risk of not realizing something important is now missing or having important items get lost in the mess.

If you really don’t want to unpack immediately (understandable), at least take out important items like your passport, banking cards, cash, ID, keys, etc., and put them somewhere safe! 

Your dirty laundry and souvenirs can wait, but these important items will be a nightmare to replace if you don’t put them away properly!


Woman Studying Photos

Another great item on our ultimate post-vacation checklist is to reminisce! Spend some time with your partner, friend, or family talking about all your favorite memories of your trip! Talking about your vacation with someone about your vacation can help increase your memory of the trip, and make you feel happier!

Consider printing out some pictures from your trip to hang around the house, or build a scrapbook! Write down your best memories from the trip and how you felt. Writing shortly after the trip will help you remember all the little details you might forget later. 

Pull out some of those awesome souvenirs you bought, and show them off! Wear your new T-shirt or hoodie, or drink out of that new coffee mug. 

Try not to let your adventure attitude fade, and hold onto your vacation vibes as long as you can! Sure, work might be quickly approaching, but try to walk in with a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective! 

Turn off International Data

Person Standing While Using Phone

If you purchased an international data plan for your phone, make sure you turn it off when you get home or cancel the plan. 

With daily data plans, make sure you are not being charged even after you get home from your trip. If you purchased a monthly plan, keep an eye on your cell phone statement towards the end of the month, and make sure you are not being charged for additional time. 

While on your phone, take some time to go through pictures you took over vacation. You may want to edit them, delete bad ones, or post some on social media!

Thank you for reading the ultimate post vacation checklist! What are some things you like to do upon returning home from a vacation? Let us know in the comment section below!

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