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What to do Before Boarding your Flight!

What to do Before Boarding your Flight!

Traveling can be very stressful, especially during international flights or short layovers. To make your travels easier, we have compiled a list of 10 things you should do before boarding a plane.

By doing these 10 things, you will have a less stressful experience both at the airport and while flying.

We suggest also reading these top airplane travel mistakes, which will add to the list below! Continue reading for more on what to do before boarding your flight. Enjoy!

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Don't board a plane before doing this!

1. Get ready for hydration

When in an airplane, it is very common to become dehydrated. In fact, humidity in an airplane is 3 times dryer than the Sahara Desert! You could lose up to 8% of your body water in a 10-hour flight, so it is very important you stay hydrated! 

Yes, sadly, this means lay off on the alcohol and coffee for a while. If you must, stick to 1-2 drinks, and make sure to drink extra water as well. 

We suggest bringing a foldable water bottle, which is very easy to pack when not in use! Fill it up at the airport prior to boarding, and save yourself $5 on buying overpriced water from a gift shop. 

Try not to drink the water on the airplane, as many studies have found E. coli in many major airline’s water. Gross!

2. Use the restroom

Even if you don’t have to go, visit the restroom anyway. One of the top airplane travel mistakes is using the airport restroom during the wrong times, so make sure this isn’t you! Use the airport restroom be fore boarding!

Inevitably, you are going to need to use the airport bathroom at some point. However, they are basically a glorified portable potty. One study tested 14 different airline’s bathroom water, and found 10-100 times the government limits of bacteria! Do yourself a favor and bring your own single-use hand sanitizer gel packets, and touch as little as possible in there!

3. Freshen up

While you’re in the bathroom, you might as well freshen up, which is among the top on our list of what to do before boarding your flight.

By freshening up, you will feel refreshed, relaxed, and more like yourself. Traveling can be stressful and take a toll on your body, so take some time to give yourself some love!

Treat yourself by packing a personal health pouch,  to help you with surviving long flights. Wash your face, brush your teeth, brush your hair, even do a face mask while waiting to board!

All of these things will help prepare and relax your body for the flight, and will even help you actually sleep on an airplane if on an overnight flight!

4. Charge up your phone

There is probably nothing worse than a dead phone on a long flight! There is so much you can do on your phone during your flight.

In fact, we invite you to take advantage of this free trial of Amazon Audible, giving you something extra to do on your flight- it is completely free!

Do yourself a favor and get your phone as close to completely charged as possible before your flight.

One of our travel life savers is this portable phone charger. We have about 3 of them that we bring on all our trips, and they have seriously saved our lives! You can use these no problem on a flight when your phone dies, and they are tiny and easy to pack!

5. Get a head start on jet lag

Jet lag might be one of the worst things about traveling. It is often difficult to avoid, but there are some things you can do to help with dealing with jet lag ahead of time!

If you are planning to go straight to sleep once you get on the plane, perhaps you can start preparing at the airport. Do some stretching, do your bedtime routine, eat a light meal, etc. Here are some simple airplane exercises for any long flight

Stay away from alcohol, coffee, and sleep medications (unless discussed with your doctor or you take them every day anyway). The app Timeshifter can even help you prepare!

6. Get moving

One of the top items on our list of things to do before boarding your flight includes moving! The last thing you should be doing before sitting on a long flight is, well, sitting! Get up and get moving!

Consider doing some stretches, taking a lap around the terminal, or doing some small movements like jumping jacks or squats. This will tire your muscles out a bit, giving them a reason to relax once you are on the plane.

This book has tons of great resources for getting your sweat on, even at the airport!

When you are on the plane, there is not much room to move around in, so get your jitters out beforehand!

7. Get some entertainment

While you are walking around the terminal, this is a great time to get some new entertainment! Peruse the gift shops, and maybe get a new book you’ve been wanting to read, or a magazine to flip through. 

If you are traveling with children, this could be a great time to get them something special in case they start to get bored on the plane. 

If you have a long flight ahead of you, you are inevitably going to become bored. Be prepared with something to do!

8. Pick up a souvenir

While you’re perusing the shops, get yourself or a loved one a nice souvenir. Maybe you ran out of time on your vacation to find the perfect t-shirt or mug. Now is your last chance, so get it done before boarding your flight!

This is also a great time to get a sweatshirt if you did not pack one, as the airplane often gets chilly!

The terminal shops might also have some of these awesome actually useful gifts for travelers, that you can use on the flight for extra comfort. 

9. Get some snacks

If you already packed your own snacks, you’re awesome! Use this awesome portable and stackable snack container as an easy way to bring all your favorite snacks aboard!

Otherwise, hit the terminal shops and get something to eat! If you are going to eat a meal, aim for healthy foods high in protein and as fresh as possible. Now is not the time to try new foods, or to eat something fattening and greasy. 

Find foods that are healthy, and your body will thank you while on the flight! However, we are not opposed to a couple of unhealthy snacks to get us through the flight!

10. Get comfy

The last item on our list for things to do before boarding your flight  is to get comfortable! Especially if you will be on a long flight, you want to make sure you are comfortable.

You can either wear something comfy to the airport or change once you get there if you need to. This will help you actually sleep on an airplane as well!

Thank you for reading what to do before boarding your flight! We hope these tips help make your travels easier and less stressful. If you have anything to add to our list, please leave a comment in the section below! We would love to hear from you!

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