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How to Take the BEST Vacation selfies (By Yourself!)

How to Take the BEST Vacation selfies (By Yourself!)

When you’re on vacation, most people are photo-happy and want to take pictures of anything and everything. And, you should! Here is a guide on how to take the best vacation selfies, without needing help from anyone else!

You never know when, or if, you will be back to this location again, so it is better to save all your memories while you can! But, the question lies, what is the secret to taking travel photos yourself?

Maybe you bought all-new outfits, worked out for months, and planned this try forever, you want to look good, right?

We are here to share the best ways of looking like a model during your next trip, so you can show off to all your Instagram followers! 

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Vacation Selfies

The #1 Trick to Taking Vacation Selfies!

Here, we will share the #1 trick we use on EVERY vacation we go on, in order to take the best possible vacation selfies! The trick is not necessarily something you do, but something you use to take pictures.

Drum roll, please…

The Tripod Bluetooth Selfie Stick! 

Hear me out. I know there is a negative stigma around selfie sticks, but this one is quite different. First, you can use it as a regular selfie stick, and take pictures with the Bluetooth remote. 

But, the best part is, it unfolds into a portable tripod! The tripod stands about 40 inches tall when unfolded, and shrinks into about 8 inches for easy packing!

Vacation Selfie
Taken by ourselves!

Take the remote off the bottom, turn it on, connect it to your Bluetooth, then click away! You are able to take pictures from over 6 feet away, giving you plenty of room to adjust your picture.

The remote is chargeable with a USB cord that comes with the tripod, but I really have only had to charge it once or twice, and we have been using it for over a year!

This is honestly my favorite purchase I have ever made on Amazon, and tell everyone I know about it! People always ask me how we take cute couple pictures, and our secret is now out!

If I was to recommend anything to a traveler, this always comes to my mind first. You don’t need to ask strangers to take your photo anymore or worry about the picture not coming out as well as you wanted.

Now, you can just click away! I usually snap 10+, adjusting our pose throughout, so we always get at least one good photo!

Here it is! The magnificent, the glorious, the best thing you NEED! 

And, guess what. It is under $20! A serious steal, if you ask me. 

Get yours today!

Trick #2: Go Photo Crazy!

vacation selfie

What I mean by this is, take a billion pictures! If you have the tripod remote in your hand, you can click a mile a minute and you will be left with tons of photos to sort through and choose from. 

This is great because you will get tons of vacation selfies and candids that often come out better than posed pictures. Plus, you can always delete bad pictures if you are worried about storage.

If you do not have the tripod (poor choice, but ok!), tell whoever is taking your picture to take a bunch. I’m sure they will know what you mean. You can also use the burst mode on your phone to take a lot of pictures very quickly! 

Trick #3: Go Faceless

Vacation selfie

Try experimenting with different angles and directions. Instead of standing and smiling for the camera, try looking off into the distance, or don’t show your face at all! 

Places with a large backdrop or scenery in the background often look great when the person’s back is to the camera. This gives a more natural or candid look! 

Try turning your head away, or playing with your hair so it covers part of your face. The more natural you are, the better the photo will look! Don’t try to be someone else. Stick to what you know!

Trick #4: Limit Distractions

man and woman in Santorini greece

Another great tip for taking the best vacation selfies is to try to limit distractions. Stray away from trying to take pictures in popular tourist attractions, as these will be very busy and difficult to get a good picture with.

Instead, look out for empty areas in interesting locations. In Venice, for example, there are plenty of empty alleyways to take pictures in, like the photos above! In Santorini, there are a ton of blue topped churches aside from the main ones that you can get a private photo op with!

Sometimes the best photo opportunities are in the weirdest locations. Find something that is interesting to you, and take some pictures with it!

Maybe you are at the beach, which is a great opportunity to take pictures! Read more about how to go to the beach in style!

Trick #5: Have fun Taking your Vacation Selfies!

man and woman hugging

Probably the most important tip for a great vacation selfie is to have fun! If you try too hard, the picture will look posed and awkward. Try to stay natural, and act as you normally would. Taking pictures and getting your picture taken can be uncomfortable for a lot of people. That is why using the tripod is so helpful! It takes away another layer of stress. 

Take some funny candids, laugh with your mouth open and head back, and show your true emotions. That will make the best picture of all!

Thank you for reading our guide to taking the best vacation selfies! Your vacation will be amazing, and you want to have the best possible pictures to remember it by! Remember, get the amazing tripod! It will be a life saver on your trip. Then, tell everyone you know because you will be obsessed with it! If you have any other tips you would like to share, leave a comment below!

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