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10 Things to do on a Plane Without Wifi: How to Pass the Time!

10 Things to do on a Plane Without Wifi: How to Pass the Time!

Long flights: everyone say it with me- UGH. Here you will find things to do on a plane without wifi, to make it more bearable!

It can be so hard to get excited for your vacation when your trapped in a tiny seat with hardly any leg room and a kid behind you crying and kicking your seat. We’ve already talked about surviving long flights, but what about actually enjoying them?

After watching a movie, listening to some music, catching up on your TV shows, and failing to fall asleep, what else is there? We hope that this list will give you some new ideas of things to do on a plane without wifi. These ideas are not the typical ones, so get a notebook and pen out! 

You may also be interested in some best ways to kill time during a long layover!

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Airplane hacks for bored travelers
Pass time on airplane tips

Fun Things to do on a Plane Without Wifi!

Purchasing WiFi on an airplane isn’t the cheapest option, so if you have a long flight you might want some ideas of airplane activities that don’t require an Internet connection! Here are some of my favorite things to do on a plane:

This isn’t among the most unique things to do on a plane without wifi, but it is often overlooked! Hear me out:

Right now on Amazon, you can get a FREE trial of romance Audible books! It’s worth a try to see if you like it, or just use the free trial for your ride then cancel it!

If you really enjoy it, you can get 1,3, 6, or 12-month memberships!

Additionally, Amazon has Kindle Unlimited plans that are FREE for the first 30 days, or $.99 for your first 3 months! 

These are some great deals that will definitely kill some time when you don’t know what else to do on the plane!

You are stuck on the plane anyway, so why not listen to that book you’ve been wanting to read or learn about something you are interested in? You won’t need any wifi- just download your books ahead of time!

2. In-Flight Spa

An in-flight spa is part of our guide to self-care on an airplane! You’re going to be here for a while, so might as well get comfy! Long flights can really take a toll on your body, so it can be a great idea to pamper yourself! This will help you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready to explore. Plus, these items are a top carry on item! Here are some of my favorite in-flight spa items. Click for more information!

Even if you just use one of these items, you are sure to feel much better! These personal health pouches are a great way for surviving long flights!

Additionally, check out these beauty hacks every traveler has to try!

3. Learn to Meditate

Once you have all your spa products on, take some time to meditate (or learn how!). You will be sitting there with your eyes closed anyway, so might as well, right?

Amazon Audible has this awesome audiobook with 200 mini-meditation sessions, so you can pick and choose which ones interest you! 

If you are an avid meditation guru or are just a beginner and want to learn, an airplane is a perfect place to try! Especially once you have your face mask on and wrap yourself in a blanket, you will be good to go! See how relaxed you can get!

4. Seated Yoga

After a nice meditation session, why not follow it up with some seated yoga? Chances are your body is starting to feel restless. Here are some simple exercises for any long flight, but what about moves you can do in your seat? We’ve got you covered:

  • Neck rolls: 5x each side
  • Shoulder Shrugs: 10x
  • Ankle circles: 10x each side
  • Flex feet: 10x (point toes up, then down)
  • Reach your hands up: And to the side, if you have the room or know the person
  • Seated twist: Twist to each side to stretch back
  • Leg stretch: place one foot on the opposite inner thigh. lean forward as much as you need to stretch

Play around with it, and do whatever feels good to you! 

5. Hourly Snacks

What better way to pass time than eating, right?! We recommend bringing your own snacks over buying food at the airport (see Best Hacks Airports don’t want you to Know). However, try not to eat them all at once! I know its hard when you have your favorite snacks all in one place! A great way to do this is to eat one every hour or two hours, however you want to space it out. 

If you’ve read our other posts, you know we love this product: a portable stackable snack container! It is so helpful to hold all your snacks in one place so you aren’t rummaging through your carry on bag. You can also use these reusable storage bags to hold more snacks!

Try to pack mostly healthy snacks, with a few not so healthy favorites, too. Eating too much sugar or salt will leave you feeling bloated and sluggish. Try to control yourself- this one is tough!

Here are some healthy(ish) snack ideas for your flight:

  • Trail mix (high in protein to keep you full longer)
  • Popcorn, chips, pretzels
  • Fruit 
  • Cheerios or other cereal you like
  • Animal crackers
  • String cheese

Want more ideas? Check out these healthy airplane snack ideas!

6. Learn the language

If you are traveling internationally, spend some time learning the local language! Learn a few common phrases like “hello”, “thank you”, “please”, “where is the ___”, etc. 

Locals love it when you at least try to speak their language, so don’t be shy! In fact, locals are more likely to help you and be kind to you if you at least attempt to use their language. They will even help you pronounce words correctly if you need help! If you have native speakers on the plane with you, maybe even try practicing with them!

Here is a great book that will teach you how to learn any language and never forget it! Audible also has plenty of free audiobooks for practically every language!

You can also use Google Translate which is super helpful when traveling internationally! They even have an app you can use on your phone. 

So, give it a try! You are stuck on the plane anyway, might as well prepare yourself a little bit for the new words you are going to hear!

7. Get a weird magazine

Here is another one of my favorite things to do on a plane without wifi. There is a list of things of what to do before boarding a plane, and one of them should be getting a strange magazine!

If you have time before getting on the plane, peruse the airport gift shops in search of the strangest or most interesting magazine you can find. Even make it a game with your friend or partner: who can find the weirdest magazine?

Then, when you get bored on the plane, read through the magazine and laugh about how strange it is! Hey- it’s published, someone must be reading it!

8. Clean up your phone

Especially if you do not have in-flight wi-fi, your phone can get pretty boring. However, some things to do on a plane without wifi include:

  • Delete old photos
  • Edit new photos
  • Delete old contacts & voicemails
  • Organize your folders and apps
  • Make more storage room

You’re not doing anything, anyway, so might as well get productive! If you have WiFi, go through old emails and unsubscribe from junk mail. Do the things you never want to do, but should! Make sure you have one of these portable charging banks, just incase your phone dies half way through!

9. Get productive!

Do you have any work you could be catching up on? One of the less favorite things to do on a plane without wifi is getting caught up on work. 

  • Maybe you are in school and have some studying to do- make sure you bring your notes or book with you.
  • Do you have emails you need to respond to? Even without wi-fi, you can save your drafts. 
  • You might have a report you are working on- bring your laptop or tablet to work on that. 
  • Maybe you’ve been wanting to read that book, or start writing one! Now’s your time!

There are so many things we put off in life, so why not just start checking some things off your list! An airplane is a boring place, so you won’t be missing out on much by getting some work done. 

10. When all else fails...

This is not one of the most unique things to do on a plane without wifi, but is perhaps the most important, especially if you are dealing with jet lag

If you have tried everything and you still have more hours to go on your flight, maybe just try to take a nap! It can be very difficult to sleep on an airplane, but we got you covered! Just read our article about how to actually sleep on an airplane to get some expert tips and advice!

Where ever you are headed, we hope you find ways to pass some time! We hope this list gave you at least a couple of ideas of things to add to your airplane boredom list! Comment below some of the crazy things you’ve done to help pass time!

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