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Flying Errors to Avoid Making

Flying Errors to Avoid Making

When traveling on an airplane, travelers want their flight to be as easy and smooth as possible. Many passengers, however, are new to flying and don’t know the social norms on an airplane just yet. That is why we have put together the top flying errors to avoid making!

Additionally, other passengers are frequent travelers and choose to ignore these rules, making the flight much more stressful for other travelers and flight attendants.

This list will give you some of the top flying errors to avoid making, so you are not that guy on the plane making everyone miserable. Some of these might seem like common sense, but you would be surprised what you will find people doing on the plane!

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11 mistakes you're making on airplanes

Taking your time getting on/off the airplane

aisle in airplane

Top airplane travel mistake number one!

Many passengers like to take their sweet time getting on or off the airplane. Getting passengers seated quickly is key to keeping the flight on time, and getting you to your destination as quickly as possible.

Have your ticket out and available, so you know exactly where your seat is. It should not take you 5 minutes to find your seat. The rows are numbered. Come on people. Find your seat and sit down.

A tip for getting on the plane quickly is to carry your luggage instead of rolling it through the aisles. Suitcases easily get caught on the armrests or don’t fit perfectly through the aisles.

If it is too heavy and you cannot carry it, roll your suitcase in front of you, instead of dragging it behind you. This way, you will be able to see it get caught or stuck, and fix is quickly!

Here is a list of top carry on items to keep all your things together!

Same goes for getting off the airplane. Many passengers will have connecting flights they need to catch, and they don’t have time to wait around for you!

Once the plane lands, you have a good 10 minutes before you can actually get off the plane. Use this time to make sure you have all your belongings together, and are ready to go!

You knew the plane landed. You know you are getting off soon. Be ready, and get off quickly!

Cutting the exit line... Unless you have a connecting flight

inside airplane

While it is advised passengers leave the aircraft as soon as possible, please do not cut the line. Typically, when the doors open, travelers will leave the airplane one row at a time, from front to back.

Don’t try to get off quicker, or quickly stand in the row to “claim your space” in the line. This only complicates the process.

However, if you have a connecting flight that is quickly approaching, you can violate this rule. But, kindly tell those around you that you have a flight leaving in X amount of minutes, and you need to get off the plane. Most passengers will understand and let you cut the line.

However, we have found these rules to be different around the world. This rule tends to hold true in the US, but many international flights we have been on as been chaos. Everyone fends for themselves, and runs for the exit. If this happens to you, stay calm. Everyone gets off the plane eventually! 

Misusing the overhead bins

overhead bins on airplane

Don’t be that guy who puts all their belongings spread out in the overhead bin.

The overhead bins should really be able to hold 3 small suitcases. There is no need to put your jacket, your purse, etc. in there. Those things can go under the seat in front of you.

This is very important because if there is no more room in the overhead bins, some passengers might have to pay extra to check their bags, and that only slows down the boarding process. 

Additionally, do not place items in the overhead bin that you will need access to throughout the flight.

No one likes someone getting up 5 times during the flight to get something from the bin. There are exceptions to this, of course, like if you have children. 

Also, refrain from closing the overhead bin, even if full. The flight attendants know the best way to pack the bins, so they may do some rearranging. They will close the bins when they are done rearranging. 

Additionally, try to place your items in the closest overhead bin possible to your seat. Sometimes you will have to break this rule, but if this happens, look for a bin towards the front of the plane. This way, when leaving the plane, you won’t have to go backward in line to get your bag. 

Using bathroom during boarding/landing/takeoff

airplane bathroom sign

I understand maybe you have small children, you got to the airport later than expected, or you had a short layover.

Sometimes you just gotta go! However, try to refrain from using the bathroom during boarding, takeoff, or landing.

Especially during the last two, as it can be dangerous. Boarding is also a poor time to use the bathroom, as you might be trying to push past people going the opposite direction in the aisle to get to the bathroom. This will slow down the boarding process, inevitable making you late to your destination. 

Use the bathroom at the airport before you board the airplane. The bathroom will be cleaner, anyway! If you can, make sure to use the bathroom at the airport before getting on the plane!

Asking to switch seats

seats on airplane

Asking to switch seats is not a huge problem during flights, but it can annoy people. This happened to us once, where we were lucky enough to have a row of 4 seats to ourselves on an international flight- jackpot right?! This mom and her tween bratty daughter kept eyeing us up wanting our seats the ENTIRE flight, and it got to be quite annoying. 

This problem can be easily solved by booking your seat ahead of time- duh!

Most airlines will provide you will a map of the seats, and you can select where you want to sit. However, there is often an upcharge. But, most of the time the airlines try to keep you and your party together, so be sure to check in early for the best possible chances of this.

You can also use this website which gives you airline seat maps for any flight!

This is especially annoying for flight attendants and other passengers during the boarding process.

If you want to switch seats, wait until everyone has settled down, see if there are any empty seats, then move there if you wish. 

Abusing the call button

airplane buttons

Just a rule of thumb: the flight attendant call button should be used only for emergencies.

Flight attendants are very busy and do not have time to attend to every passenger’s tiny needs. Especially during boarding, take off, or landing- do not use this button unless it is an absolute emergency. Your need for a pillow or blanket can wait until a more safe and calm time. Or, just bring your own!

If you really need something, wait until the plane has taken off, and the pilot turns off the seatbelt sign. This doesn’t take too long, and it is a courteous thing to do for your flight crew. Chances are, the flight attendants will come around at some point with whatever it is that you are asking for!

Another rule of thumb, refrain from asking flight crew about the weather or time at your upcoming destination. If you really want to know, just look it up on your phone before or after the flight! Plus, the pilot or flight crew will typically tell you this information towards the end of your flight.

Not putting your phone on airplane mode

Person Standing While Using Phone

Using airplane mode during flights may be becoming a thing of the past, however, many planes still have this as a rule. Don’t try to sneak an extra few minutes of phone time.

Chances are what you are doing is not important anyway, like checking in on Facebook, or uploading your airplane window wing picture to your Instagram. 

When you are on an airplane, you need to follow their rules. The flight attendant should not have to come around and tell you 3 times before you comply.

Plus, it is rude and disrespectful to the flight crew! Follow the rules, so you can get to your destination on time! 

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Walking around with no shoes

kicking shoes off

I get it, I take my shoes off on the plane too. However, if you need to use the restroom or just get up to stretch- put your shoes on!

There is no reason you cannot put your shoes back on. Plus, it is gross! The airplane floor has probably seen every type of bodily fluid and germ imaginable. If you want to stay comfy and its the middle of the night on a red-eye, at least wear some comfy slippers

Another note about not wearing shoes: if you can smell your feet, so can the entire plane. Be mindful of your odor and be respectful of those around you. No one wants to sit next to a smelly person on a long flight!

Using the armrest in front of you as a footrest

shoes on table

This might be the first on the list of top flying errors to avoid making.

First of all, gross! Second, this is very disrespectful to the passenger in front of you. The armrests in front of you are NOT yours, and you should not use them for your feet.

Some people think they can put their feet on the back of the armrest since the passenger isn’t using it anyway. No one was a stranger’s foot next to them. Just don’t do it.

Instead, consider getting one of these airplane footrests! It fits over the tray table at your seat and gives your feet a little hammock to rest on. It is small and easily packable, so there is really no excuse for your feet to invade others areas.

Not wiping your tray table

airplane tray table

Airplane tray tables are full of germs, as they rarely get cleaned. In fact, they are one of the grossest parts of airplaneseven more than the bathroom!

Flight crews do a quick clean of the plane in between flights, but they do not have the time to sanitize every tray table.

Before you eat on the table or you put your belongings on it, consider using your own disinfecting wipes!

Additionally, you can get these tray table sleeves so you don’t have to worry about cleaning the tray!

Eating smelly food

airplane food

This is a top airplane travel mistake. It is very common to bring your own food and snacks onto an airplane, and I am not telling you not to do this. In fact, you SHOULD bring your own food!

However, be mindful of the food you are bringing. Think fish, onions, tuna, eggs, bananas… That will easily stink up the entire plane and create some angry passengers!

Additionally, be mindful of bringing peanut butter on an airplane. If you are eating something with nuts, it might be a good idea to ask those sitting near you if they are allergic!

Speaking of smells, be mindful if you are a smoker as well. Many people do not like this smell or are allergic. Do a quick wash up before boarding the plane to be respectful of those around you!

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Let's Connect!

Thank you for reading the top flying errors to avoid making. By following these unofficial rules, you will make a better neighbor on your flight, and keep those around you happier! Traveling can be stressful as it is, so try not to make it worse by breaking one of these rules! If you have any additional tips, please leave them in the comments section below!

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Sunday 28th of April 2024

If someone is consistently coughing wear a mask or cover you mouth


Thursday 30th of November 2023

I was on a plane yesterday, and the man in the window seat of my row got up ELEVEN times in 14 hours. It was really frustrating.

Debra L kimberlin

Tuesday 18th of April 2023

Don't spray yourself with perfume. I am very sensitive to strong smells and sometimes they even make me sick to my stomach. A passenger sitting behind me sprayed herself with perfume before we landed. The smell was so strong I could hardly breath.

Trish Allen

Friday 17th of March 2023

Just to add Don’t think everyone is going to love your child climbing all over them or asking endless questions especially on long flights


Thursday 16th of February 2023

I’d like to add a comment! Don’t talk too loudly on plane— and don’t intrude on other passengers private conversations! Don’t force others to hear you and your companions’ vacation experiences, complaints, etc. Pretend you’re at a civilized dinner party with a lot of strangers, PLEASE.

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