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Essential Packing Tips Every Traveler Should Use

Essential Packing Tips Every Traveler Should Use

Packing is one part of a vacation that many people dread. That is why we put together these essential packing tips every traveler should use, to make your life a little easier!

Step one is figuring out what to pack. If you need help with this, consult our packing lists:

Once you have all your things together, it can be daunting trying to figure out how to stuff it all into a tiny suitcase. 

With these expert packing tips, you will be able to fit all your essentials into your suitcase, and it won’t be a nightmare trying to unpack once you get to your destination!

Check out our ultimate packing checklist for any vacation!

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Continue reading for more on essential packing tips every traveler should use!

Essential packing tips

Plan your outfits

clothes on wood floor

Planning outfits is so important to not overpacking. If you don’t plan what you will wear each day, you will most likely end up packing way too many clothes. 

Take a look at your schedule for your vacation, and plan out what you will wear each day. Consider weather (look at the forecast a few days ahead), any attractions you are going to that may have dress codes, and any activities you will be doing. 

I lay my clothes out on my bed, in piles for each day of the trip. Put a sticky note on each pile and label what day it is for. Then, pack a couple of extra outfits, just in case. 

Make sure each pile has everything you will need to wear that day: socks, undergarments, camis, etc. 

Try to plan for only 2-3 pairs of shoes that will match with most of your outfits. 

Take a picture once your clothes are laid out, so you can remember what outfit was for what day, in cause they get mixed up in your suitcase. 

Once you have your piles completed, continue to the next tip!

Roll it up!

suitcase with clothes
Unrolled takes up more space
suitcase with clothes
All your clothes in one little roll!

Once you have each pile of clothes completed, its time to roll it up! 

We personally love to use ranger rolling, but a traditional roll works well as well! Make sure socks and other undergarments are in the center of the roll, with the biggest item on the outside of the roll. 

When completed, you will have a single roll that contains all your clothes for the day, easily found in your suitcase!

Rolling your clothes not only saves space in your suitcase, but it keeps wrinkles away too! 

Keep your clothes fresh

Other packing tips every traveler should use include packing dryer sheets in your suitcase.

In between rolls or layers of clothes, put in a single dryer sheet. 

This will help keep your clothes smelling fresh throughout your trip and will help keep static at bay.

Dryer sheets will also come in handy when you start to have dirty laundry in your suitcase and will keep other clothes smelling fresh!

Packing a hat?

Person Holding Brown Straw Hat

Packing hats, especially floppy beach hats, can be tricky. If packed incorrectly, they can get bent and lose their shape.

Instead of stuffing it into the suitcase, place it on the bottom before any clothes are packed.

Find small items such as scarves, socks, etc. to stuff into the head of the hat. Then, continue packing other items around it. 

This will help the hat keep its shape, and essentially take up no room in your suitcase!

Packing shoes

We suggest wearing your bulkiest pair of shoes on the plane, but it is understandable if this just won’t happen.

Protect your shoes from dirtying your clothes by using these awesome shoe bags. This set comes with 12 bags, so you can use them for other things as well such as makeup/toiletry bags, storing cords and electronics, or bathing suits.

If you don’t have these shoe bags, you can also use regular plastic bags. Additionally, you can use shower caps from the hotel to store your shoes. 


When packing liquids, less is more. Most of the time, your hotel will have shampoo, soap, conditioner, and lotion, so don’t worry so much about these items. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a hotel that didn’t have these things. 

I use a liquids bag similar to this one, and it is perfect! The different sized containers are perfect if you only need a small amount of a product.

Additionally, consider using contact cases to store small amounts of liquids, if you need more small containers. 

Leaky Liquids

orange shampoo in bottle

Another technique on our list of essential packing tips every traveler should use involves liquids leaking all over your clothes and bag. This happened to me pretty much every time I’ve ever traveled. 

Apparently, the air pressure in the plane causes air to expand in the liquids bottle, leading to the leaks, so there’s really no stopping that part of the problem.

You may have tried putting a zip lock bag around the bottle, or taping the top shut. This sometimes works, but usually doesn’t.

Instead, place a piece of plastic wrap under the cap to prevent leaks! You can also tape the top and place it in a plastic bag as well, just in case!


If you wear a lot of jewelry, you have probably heard of the packing tip to store earrings in buttonholes, and necklaces in plastic straws. While this works, I favor this way:

Simply buy a jewelry travel case. There are many different kinds on Amazon, and they are all small, and easy to pack! 

All your jewelry will be safe in one space, and easy to pack away. 

Pills & Medicine

Bringing all your medicine bottles can take up a lot of precious room in your bag. Instead, buy a round pill holder

I’ve been using this 2 pack for years, and never have any problems with the caps opening up on their own. It saves a ton of room instead of lugging around those big bottles.

Take a picture of your pill bottles just in case you need to consult the instructions, or you need to go to the doctor. 


With all the tossing and turning that goes on during a flight, it is easy for your makeup to crack and break. To prevent compacts and eyeshadow from cracking, simply place a cotton ball inside. This should prevent the powder from breaking!

For other makeup, consider getting a makeup travel case to protect all your brushes, bottles, and tools!

Packing glass bottles

Wine is precious cargo! Sometimes you just need to bring a bottle back with you, but what if it breaks? Say no more:

These leak-proof wine sleeves will protect your sacred wine from breaking, so you can enjoy the sweet taste of your vacation when you get back home. 

These could even be a great useful gift for frequent travelers and for any wine lover on your shopping list!

Thank you or reading essential packing tips every traveler should use. We would love to hear your packing tips! Leave a comment below!

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