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Unique London Restaurants

Unique London Restaurants

Not sure where to eat in London? Tired of all the tourist traps? Look no further! This list contains all the most unique London restaurants!

Eat something new, dine in style, or become a kid again! Don’t settle for a typical night out. London has so many amazing attractions, be sure to check out this guide on 10 things you should do in London!

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Keep reading for more unique London restaurants! Don’t forget to read this guide on common mistakes in London!

unique restaurants in London

One of the best unique London restaurants is Circolo Popolare. 

Circolo Popolare is a 280 seat Sicilian inspired restaurant with 20 thousand spirit bottles covering all the walls, and plant life growing from the ceiling. See what interesting bottles you can find!

The restaurant is packed with knick-knacks, candlesticks, wax fruit, vintage film posters, and fairy lights throughout the entire restaurant. 

Cocktails come in fun glasses, one including a boob mug for a laugh! 

The menu includes various dishes from carbonara, to crab, to lasagna. There is something to satisfy anyone’s tastes.

A definite must-visit place with an amazing atmosphere!

Another one of my favorite unique London restaurants is Sketch!

Sketch contains 4 different restaurants, each with its own unique design and menu. 

The Gallery room is everything pink! Chairs, walls, ceilings, pink galore!

The Lecture Room is Michelin Rated and looks like a giant sunset full of reds and oranges. 

The Parlour room is for more casual dining, serving cocktails, and all-day breakfast.

The Glade resembles a mythical forest complete with fluffy animal print carpets and bright colored seats and tables. 

What visitors find the most interesting though, is the egg pod bathrooms, which get seasonal makeovers! Even using the restroom is an adventure in this place!

This is hands down one of the MOST unique London restaurants! 

Ballie Ballerson is a dream for any adult who is still a child at heart!

Think retro cocktails and drinks, and ONE MILLION BALLS

Yes, you read that right. 

Adults can play in over a million lit-up balls for a night of fun! I mean, need I say more?!

Tickets into the ball pit are pretty reasonable, running at around 8 Pound per person for 2 hours of fun! Sounds like a fun night out!

The Elan Cafe is another perfectly pink restaurant! This is a great spot to stop for coffee, to have a pastry, and of course, take some pictures for your Instagram!

Elan Cafe serves breakfast and middle eastern-inspired daytime meals. 

They also have a shop selling cute products like tote bags, water bottles, journals, and cards. 

A definite must visit to feel swept away to a pink and flower-filled paradise! A very unique restaurant in London!

Coppa Club is one of the more popular unique London restaurants. Coppa Club is part of the Tower Bridge. Reservations are very hard to snag, so book early if you can!

Prices at the Coppa Club are surprisingly pretty cheap, as well. For example, their 3 course Christmas meal cost only 35 pounds! 

Igloos have candles, lights, cozy blankets, evergreen trees, and beautiful river views! 

So romantic and cozy, and a great way to spend date night with your significant other, with great views of the beautiful city of London and a starlit sky!

There afternoon tea bus tour takes you to all the main attractions in London including Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and the London Eye. 

You can choose to sit on either the upper or lower deck of the bus, where you will be served fresh cut sandwiches, lemon meringue tart, cupcakes, wine, and more! They even have special dietary menus as well like gluten-free and vegan dishes. 

A great way to see the city without hurting your feet, and enjoy a delicious English meal along the way! 

inside sky garden restaurant in London

The Sky Garden is another one of my favorite unique London restaurants. The sky garden offers amazing views of London on the 43rd floor that are breathtaking!

Inside, there are multiple restaurants, some cafe style, and some sit down. You do need a reservation to eat at one of the restaurants, but you can visit just for the view! Additionally, you do need a reservation to get to the top via the elevator. 

Inside, there are plants and flowers everywhere, leaving you feeling like you are in a different world! Step out onto the sky deck to get a full panoramic view of the entire city of London from 43 floors above! 

People often refer to this restaurant as the treehouse restaurant, due to its multilevel booth seating arrangements, and ladders to climb. 

This is a great place to take the kids, and a fun way for adults to act like kids again!

The Jam offers a unique way to eat a meal, and offer various Italian dishes! 

Waiters will climb the ladders to deliver your meals! A very unique restaurant in London!

Annabel’s is a private membership club, with a starlit dance floor, flowers in every corner, silk across the ceilings, and animal print scattered about. 

There are 2 floors to ceiling chandeliers, lit-up palm trees, and a nightclub in the basement. 

A wonderful place to visit if you are feeling boujee on your trip to London!

The archipelago is a unique restaurant in London, known for its unusual food options. They offer many options such as kangaroo, crocodile, zebra, scorpion, and more!

If you are an adventurous eater, this is the place for you! If not, test your limits and try something new!

Definitely one of the more unique London restaurants!

We hope you enjoyed reading unique London restaurants! If you have any other unique restaurants that could be added to this list, please leave a comment below! 

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Wednesday 15th of January 2020

This makes me move closer to London, and not live in not so entertaining Poole! And I'm not even a foodie :) great selection of really groovy places :)


Thursday 16th of January 2020

Worth the ~3 drive though I'd say :)

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