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The Ultimate Flight Sleep Checklist

The Ultimate Flight Sleep Checklist

We all know sleeping on planes is not the best rest you will ever get. It is really hard to get quality sleep during a flight. Sleeping on an airplane can be very difficult, but is extremely important for surviving long flights, mostly to pass some time! Here is the ultimate flight sleep checklist, so you can actually get sleep on an airplane!

On some flights, you might unfortunately get stuck behind a crying toddler, or a kid kicking your seat every five minutes. Maybe you got the miserable middle seat next to two strangers. Whatever the circumstance, we are here to help!

With these tips, you will find sleeping on an airplane to be much easier than you thought, and you will learn the best ultimate flight sleep checklist!

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Airplane Sleeping Hacks

Choose the Right Seat

people sitting inside airplane

Choosing the right seat is super important to actually sleep on an airplane! This can be subjective though, as everyone seems to have a different preference of where they like to sit on an airplane. 

I suggest either the aisle seat or the window seat. Let’s face it, the middle seat is just no good, especially between two people you don’t know!

The aisle seat is good if you know you will want to get up frequently, as you won’t need to disturb anyone or wake anyone up to move. You can also get a little extra legroom here to stretch your legs into the aisle.

The window seat is good to prop your pillow up against the window, giving you different sleeping positions. Plus, the window seat is fun! You can get some extra entertainment by just looking out the window. In the end, it’s up to you!

If you are unhappy with your seat, you might want to talk to the travel attendant at the flight desk prior to boarding. Sometimes there might be empty rows or seats with empty seats next to them. These are always good to snag up if you can!

No matter how long your flight is, choosing a good seat is key to a successful flight. 

Be prepared with the right products

If you want to actually sleep on an airplane, you are going to need some of these top carry on items

The most important things to have are (click for more info):

These four products are sure to allow you to get some quality sleep, even in a cramped airplane, or at least make you a bit more comfortable and relaxed. 

If you are feeling really ambitious, get some compression socks to keep your feet from falling asleep. I use them on every flight, and they really help keep your feet and legs from getting swollen during long flights. Think of a consistent hug on your calves, they are pretty comfortable! You could also bring your own packable blanket to feel right at home!

Comfort is key here, so don’t worry about looking ridiculous. Chances are, your fellow passengers are going to be jealous of your get-up!


Stick to Routines

toothpaste being put on yellow toothbrush

Try to stick to your normal bedtime routine. Follow as many of the same bedtime rituals as you would normally do at home.

Pack a personal pouch and use the airport or airplane bathroom to freshen up and complete your nighttime routine. Include all your favorite products and items you use at night time. 

Read our guide to self-care on an airplane for more tips to show yourself some love! 

If you typically wash your face, brush your teeth, and take meds before bedtime, it should be no different just because you are on a plane!

In fact, your skin will dry out easier while in an airplane, so make sure you continue to moisturize before, and during the flight. 

Following routines will help your body recognize it is time to wind down and get ready for rest.

Additionally, you will feel more refreshed and like yourself when following your personal routines.

This will most likely be the last thing you will want to do at an airport, but it is so important! While waiting for your flight, try not to sit as much as possible. Instead, do some light stretching, take a few laps, peruse the gift shops, anything that keeps your body moving. 

Here are some simple exercises for any long flight! Don’t worry about looking silly- you will never see these people again! You can always find an empty gate or quiet part of the terminal if you are worried about others staring at you. Additionally, some airports now have fitness centers or yoga studios, which is a great option to get your sweat on. 

Getting your body moving will exhaust your muscles and entice them to want to relax. The last thing you want is feeling restless on the airplane. Get your movement out while you can!

Eat a balanced meal

Finding healthy food at an airport can be a struggle, but try your best to find something somewhat healthy, yet filling.

Think grilled chicken salad, a yogurt parfait if it is the morning or a fresh fruit smoothie. Check out this website for some more suggestions.  

You want to eat something that will fill you up so you are not hungry one hour into the flight, but also something that will not make you feel sluggish and bloated. Stick to what you know works with your body, and don’t be too adventurous. Wait until you get to your destination before trying some new foods. No one wants tummy troubles on an airplane!


woman with sliced cucumbers on eyes

The last item on our ultimate flight sleep checklist is to take it easy, and just relax! If your body isn’t ready to sleep yet, that is ok! Take it easy, give yourself some grace. Sleeping on a plane is hard! 

Take a half-hour and read a book, watch some television, or listen to music. Then when you’re feeling ready, try sleeping again. 

Relax, take deep breaths. You will fall asleep at some point, try not to worry so much about it, it will only make things worse! 

Here is a great guide to self-care on an airplane!

Thank you for reading the ultimate flight sleep checklist! If you have any additional tips, feel free to leave them in the comments below! Travelers need all the help they can get when it comes to sleeping on an airplane, so feel free to leave even your craziest advice and tips!

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Thursday 16th of May 2024

Thanks for the tips. I appreciated the tip on making sure to keep moving before you get on the plane to wear your body out a bit.


Saturday 23rd of March 2024

These are the dumbest "hacks" ever. Really? Is it a "hack" to not pic the middle seat. Ridiculous reading.

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