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Hidden Gems in Paris: Secret Bars!

Hidden Gems in Paris: Secret Bars!

Paris has a lot of history, and with that comes what we all know and love: speakeasies! This list has all the best hidden gems in Paris!

This guide contains a mix of different speakeasies from around the city, with different atmospheres and cocktails.

Speakeasies are one of those places that just makes going out even more fun and unique! The harder to find and get in, the more rewarding and fun it is once you get inside!

We will provide you with the most up to date information on how to find the speakeasy, and what you need to do or know to get inside. If you are looking for a unique night out, you have come to the right place!

Continue reading for our full list of the best hidden gems in Paris!

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Enter through the Italian Restaurant called Pink Mamma. Go through the restaurant all the way towards the back, and through the cooler. You will find a secret doorway in the back, and a staircase leading you to the bar!

There are no windows because it is completely underground, so you may just lose track of time down here! The bar is covered in red velvet giving you that ’20s vibe for a true authentic speakeasy feel! Check out the unusually shaped bottles that line the walls, and have the bartender whip you up something delicious!

Lavomatic is a functioning laundromat by day and a buzzing 20s style bar by night! From the outside, it looks like a regular, boring laundry mat. The only indication it is something different is the neon sign on the front door. 

To get into the bar, you first need to find the correct washing machine and push a secret button. Next, behind the washing machine is a hidden door leading to a spiral staircase that will take you into the bar! 

Le Syndicat is one of the best hidden gems in Paris. There are no secret passwords or codes, because it is hidden behind layers of old posters and flyers, and looks like not much is going on behind those walls. Essentially, the atmosphere hides the bar itself! 

But don’t be fooled by its appearance: This bar has rated among the top 50 bars in the world, so it is a must-see!

This bar looks like an apartment building. But, don’t be fooled! The red door is not actually the entrance! A lot of people get frustrated or think the bar is closed when they cannot open the door. That’s why were here to help!

Hint: lean to your left of the door. That’s where you will find the actual entrance!

There is often a doorman, so dress appropriately. 

The ’20s vibe isn’t as present here as in others on this list, however, the secret entrance makes it a fun place for a night out, and a unique spot on our list!

To get into this bar, you must go through a clothing store located at 24 Place des Vosges. Get some shopping done before you head to the back of the store. 

Next, go through the stone staircase that leads into the basement. 

You will enter into a ’70s style bar, complete with white vinyl sofas and velvet. 

Some nights might even include a jacuzzi! You never know what you might find down here!

This one ranks among the top 50 bars in the world and the top 10 bars in Europe, and is one of my favorite hidden gems in Paris!

Candelaria is a Mexican restaurant in the front and a secret bar in the back!

First, go through to the back of the restaurant, and you will find a secret door leading you to this secret bar!

Mixologists use the Mexican Mezcal in many of their cocktails here. Some consider this bar to have the widest selection of Mezcal around!

To get inside, you will see a tall gate that is marked “Vous private”. It will look like a private alley, but it is in fact the entrance!

Then, you will need to buzz the intercom and the hotel staff will let you enter. You will walk through a garden and will see a nice view of the Eiffel Tower on your way there. Finally, you will find the bar to the right of the hotel steps and down a few stairs. Good luck!

Upon arrival, you will find a pizzeria. First, go towards the back of the restaurant, and into the kitchen’s freezer. Here, you will find a secret doorway in the back that will take you into the bar!

The bar is open every day from 6 pm to 2 am, and plays a mix of blues and jazz music to set the 20’s vibe.

This is one of the best hidden gems in Paris. Secret 8 is located inside the Buddha Bar.  To get inside, you must solve a riddle which becomes the monthly password into the bar. You can find the monthly riddle of their social media pages (Facebook and Instagram). You also need a reservation to get inside. 

Once you know the password, head up to the buddha bar library, give them the password, and they will open the door for you! 

This speakeasy is hidden behind Hotel1K kitchen, and contains the largest selection of Mezcal in Paris, and has a South-American vibe! Wait staff can help take you to the entrance if you need it, but have a little fun finding it yourself first!

The bar has a glass ceiling to view the star lit sky, and Mexican inspired decor surrounding the walls, including a giant, lit up cross on the ceiling. 

Thank you for reading the Best hidden gems in Paris! If you have any additional speakeasy type bars in Paris, please leave suggestions in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!

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