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Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers!

Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers!

We all know the feeling: What on earth do I get him/her?! Look no further because here is a well researched and comprehensive list of gift ideas for travel lovers!

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

When buying gifts, we all want to give something thoughtful, as well as useful. If you have frequent travelers on your list, chances are they will love gifts to help them with their future traveling!

From traveling with children to long road trips with pets, to solo international travel, you are sure to find something perfect for that traveler on your list! Continue reading for more on gift ideas for travel lovers!

actually useful gifts for frequent travelers

1. Gift Card

Let’s begin with the obvious gift ideas for travel lovers. A gift card is a wonderful gift for frequent travelers, but where should you get one?

Simply ask around to see what booking sites they usually use!

This is a great gift for frequent travelers. I mean, can it get any better than this?!

Long flights can be draining. Most travelers already have a neck pillow, but I have yet to see anyone with one that massages your neck

I would use this on the couch at home, to be honest! This gift will definitely be a hit for any traveler! 


This is one of my all-time favorite travel items, so I HAD to include it on this list.

We use this ALL the time: vacations, hiking, family photos, you name it!

This was a life saver on our honeymoon when we wanted to take cute pictures. Therefore, no need to ask random people to take your picture! Here are some more suggestions for what to pack on your honeymoon!

It is so easy to use, and the fact that it has a remote to take pictures is amazing! No more timer needed!

This gift is perfect for those travelers on your list who bring their precious pooch along with them everywhere!

This bag can hold everything your pup needs: 13 cups of food to put in collapsable bowls, a water bottle, pockets for toys, and so much more!

Having all your pup’s items in one place will take the stress off of traveling with your dog!

This is a perfect gift for those who love to take road trips with their dog!

Long flights can often make your feet fall asleep. This footrest can take some pressure off your legs, so you are ready for anything upon landing!

The footrest hangs off the tray table in front of you, providing your legs with instant relief!

Travelers on your list will thank you for this gift!


We all know you can’t bring water through airport security. Many people bring empty water bottles and fill them up at water fountains. However, they can be bulky and difficult to pack.

This water bottle is easy to fold up and pack away. Any traveler will know the importance of staying hydrated while vacationing, so this will be perfect for them!


This is a perfect gift for anyone who loves traveling. 

This map includes all countries in the world, along with each country’s flag. Travelers can keep track of where they have visited in a fun way! 

This gift is perfect for camping trips or long road trips. 

The kettle will heat up to 4 cups of coffee or tea on the go! 

Additionally, it folds up into a flat disk for easy packing. 

Traveling can be exhausting, but this gift will allow the travelers on your list with a useful tool and a hot cup of coffee when they need it most!

Anyone knows traveling with kids can be stressful. 

This travel tray will help those travelers on your list get a little more peace and quiet! 

No more need to fumble around looking for your child’s favorite toy or coloring book. This tray helps keep all your child’s items in place!

It can be used in the car, on a plane, on the couch, or practically anywhere! 

Here are some more top airplane hacks with kids!

This clip is compatible with both iPhone and Android and connects perfectly to the tray table on airplanes. It can also be used on any surface to hold your phone up.

Travelers will appreciate being able to use their phones on long flights without needing to hold it upright. 

This gift will allow travelers to watch movies, play games, and use their phones even on a bumpy flight!

This lightweight duffel bag is easy to pack, and super strong.  It can be easily packed into a small bag attached to it. 

It also includes a pocket to easily slip onto your suitcase handle, making running through the airport much easier. 

Additionally, It can also double as a gym bag, an overnight duffle, or a carry on for flights. 


This hanging toiletry bag is super useful for frequent travelers. 

It has 17 compartments and is small enough to fit in your carry on. 

When you are at your destination, this bag is easy to hang in the bathroom, giving you easy access to all of your toiletry products! Great product to keep all your items organized while traveling. 


This set is perfect for airplane or car travel. 

It can be used as a pillow, blanket, or for extra lumbar support. 

It can easily fit in your carry on or carry it with the strap. This product also includes a side pocket for extra storage. 

These hangers are super easy to pack in your suitcase, and are very useful if your hotel or Airbnb closet does not have enough hangers! 

They fold up easily for optimal packing space. They are also made with anti-skid grooves, to keep all your clothing from falling off. 

These hangers come in a pack of 10 in many fun colors!


Travelers will often use multiple forms of travel: airplanes, boats, buses, etc. I personally have gotten sick on almost every vacation I’ve been on. These are a lifesaver! 

Plus, there is zero medicine involved, giving you a natural way of beating motion sickness. 

I don’t know how many times I’ve unpacked my hairdryer for lack of space, praying that the hotel would have one for me.

A lot of hotels do not have hairdryers, which can be catastrophic for some women! 

This hair dryer will be perfect for all of those women travelers on your list!

Umbrellas are one of those things we often forget about when packing. But many top destinations are often rainy! For example, Paris and London are often known for getting a lot of rain. Don’t get caught in the rain without an umbrella!

This tiny umbrella can fit easily in your purse or carry on so you are prepared for any weather you might come across!

Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings can get very tangled when traveling. This travel jewelry organizer will make sure this is a thing of the past! 

Plus, it is super cute and fashionable! Any frequent traveler will love this useful gift.

This inflatable foot rest will be very useful among frequent travelers. 

The foot rest can be used on a plane, car, or practically anywhere! It folds up easily into a carrying pouch so it can easily fit into a carry-on. 

Thank you for reading gift ideas for travel lovers. If you have any other items you think should be added to this list, please let us know in the comments section below! 

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