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Travel Tip Tuesday: Finding Cheap Flights!

Travel Tip Tuesday: Finding Cheap Flights!

In today’s travel tip Tuesday, we will be talking about the upcoming “Travel Tuesday”, and how to get the best deals on flights and hotels!



Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

What is Travel Thursday?

On today’s travel tip Tuesday, we will be talking about Travel Tuesday.  Here’s how you can find some Travel Tuesday Deals!

As we all know, Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving. What is lesser-known, is the glorious day that is Travel Tuesday, the following Tuesday after Black Friday.

Airlines only started Travel Tuesday in 2017, but since then many travel sites have joined in.

With traveling in general, flights are typically cheaper on Tuesdays, since airlines post most of their deals on Monday evenings. But Travel Tuesday is even better, as airlines jump on the bandwagon of posting amazing deals!

Last year, we scored some awesome tickets to Santorini, Greece on travel Tuesday for mega cheap!


How should I prepare?

One of the best travel tip Tuesdays  hacks to prepare ahead of time. Before Travel Tuesday, try to search some flights to locations you are interested in, so you get a general idea of what prices look like. This way you will know what is actually a deal on Travel Tuesday!

Also, find some blocks of time you are available, so you have some dates to be flexible with.

It is also helpful if you have multiple airports near your location to fly out of. More options = more opportunities for cheaper flights.

Be flexible, and give yourself plenty of options to search!

While you’re at it, start getting some top carry on items you might need for your new adventure!


Where should I look?

For flights, I have found the cheapest options to be from

I have also used,, and

Keep in mind, not all airlines use these websites, so be sure to check major airline sites for deals as well!

For hotels, we ALWAYS use

Hotwire has an awesome feature where you can book extremely cheap 4+ star hotels (I’m talking under $100 a night). The only catch is you don’t know what the hotel is until after booking. You can choose the location your hotel will be guaranteed to be located in, and Hotwire will give you examples of what the hotel brand could be. We recommend not going below a 3 star hotel while doing this. We have used this for most of our trips, and have only been disappointed when we went 3 stars and below.

Our other favorite tip is using Airbnb. It is SO much more fun staying in someone’s home, especially if you are in a new country. It definitely adds to the experience and gives you a sense of the culture in the area.


Other travel tip Tuesday hacks:


When searching for flights, you may notice that most websites give you similar rates. You might check back in an hour and even see that the rates increase. What’s happening?

Fear not- just clear your cookies, and the rates should return to normal.

Act quickly

If you see something that is truly a deal, book it NOW. If you wait, it’ll be gone by the time you decide. Just be sure it is actually a deal and worth buying at that moment.

Flying to Europe

If you are planning a vacation to Europe, we have found the cheapest way to get there is to fly into London. From there, you can pretty much fly anywhere in Europe for super cheap (under $100).

Find the cheapest way there (usually London), and the cheapest way to fly out. Plan your vacation around getting there and coming home. Once you are in Europe, you can get anywhere cheap.

Recommended Airlines

We use Frontier for travel domestically and usually end up using TAP Portugal and EasyJet for international flights.


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